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Darth Amaas was a female Pureblood Sith Lord who sat on the Shadow Council for more than twenty years (the third-longest tenure at the time). She was a powerful and ambitious woman, and she openly displayed her status. She lived, at the time of her death, in a well-protected citadel on the western edge of Clou City, filled with treasures and opulently decorated. Her house emblem was a four-pointed star inside a wide circle. Darth Amaas appeared to have undergone premature aging as a result of the powerful dark side rituals that she chose to delve in.

Amaas was among a group of co-conspirators on the Shadow Council who planned to destroy the Lord Emperor, although she never took action. She, along with her powerful ally Sith Lord Darth Colak, the Emperor's apprentice and Supreme commander of the Grand Military. Colak loyal to his master until she convinced Darth Colak to join the conspiracy by taking him to the planet Wylok, too see the Emperor's destructive nature.

One of the soldiers in Amaas's squadron betrayed Amaas to the Supreme ruler of the Sith, who immediately launched a vicious attack on the traitors. Amaas was confronted by the Emperor's bodyguard. Amaas barely just managed to overpowered her opponent at first and was prepared to strike him down with all of her power, but the bodyguard had a special connection to the Emperor and Amaas was confused on how a non Force Sensitive, he could draw on the Emperor's power to aid him. Amaas unleashed lightning attack. The Dark Lady was burned to death when her lightning bolts were redirected back at her.

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