Jasca Ducato's lightsaber
Statistical Information
Length of hilt

30 cm

Length of blade

2.8 ft

Date constructed

24 ABY


Jasca Ducato


Blue, Red, Silver

Chronological Information

Legacy era, Unity era


Jedi, Sith Order of Decreto

That? Oh, it's nothing special.
—Jedi Master Jasca Ducato

Darth Abeonis' lightsaber was the weapon of said individual throughout his entire life as a Jedi, and later, Sith.

One warrior, one weaponEdit

Jasca Ducato was unique amongst the Jedi of the New Jedi Order in that he was the only Jedi who had not needed to replace his weapon. However, during his rule as a Dark Lord, during the Sith Crusade, he could be seen to be wielding multiple lightsabers.

Following Darth Abeonis' death in 121 ABY, his weapon was hidden within his tomb with an encrypted description given on the tomb itself.

Constant modificationEdit

Throughout its life Abeonis' lightsaber had undergone constant modification, ranging from a firmer grip to a longer blade. He modified it to such a degree that by 66 ABY, the lightsaber he was holding was in no way the same as the one he received from Luke Skywalker in 24 ABY.

List of notable modificationsEdit

  • Firmer grip
  • Extended grip
  • Increased plasmatic power
  • Longer blade
  • Finger-print identifaction grip system
  • Dual-phase technology
  • Crystal color changed

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