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Powerful Jedi, he was. Remember of his knighting ceremony, I do.
Yoda to Luke Skywalker

Dark I'Then was a Senator and General in the Galactic Republic.



He was born on Coruscant in 40 ABY to Darth Maul and the human Maul raped. He was always getting in trouble with the Coruscant Guard. In one situation, he ended up fending for himself against a local gang. He was saved by Supreme Chanchellor Finis Valorum. The Chanchellor immediately knew he had Jedi potential. He sent Dark to an unknown Jedi Master to be trained.


Little is known about his training. Many do know that he had few problems with his training as he created two light sabers, and mastered Form VI by the time he became a Jedi Knight.

Jedi TrialEdit

Like most Jedi before the Jedi Purge, he completed each trial that initiated him from Padawan to Knight.

  • Trial of Skill: He faced off against Darth Maul, his father, eight days before Maul was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Trial of Flesh: He overcame sorrow and pain when he learned that Darth Maul raped his mother and was his father.
  • Trial of Courage: He fought at the Battle of Nelvaan where he lost an arm (it was replaced by a metal version).
  • Trial of Spirit: He resisted the dark side at his duel with Darth Maul.
  • Lightsaber Trial: He created two blue lightsabers.
  • Jedi Code Test: He memorized the Jedi Code and passed a small test with flying colors.
  • Victory over the Sith Trial: He survived a second encounter with Darth Maul.
  • Quest of Purity: He fasted for 21 days on Tatooine. He was almost dead by the time someone found him. He survived the incident.

Yoda, himself, cut off Dark I'Then's Padawan braid.

Clone WarsEdit

Dark I'Then was made general during the Clone War conflict by Yoda. However, he only fought at the Battle of Geonosis where he was killed by Jango Fett.

Battle of GeonosisEdit

I'Then was put in charge of an unknown clone regiment and was one of the first Jedi to enter the battle. His troops were outnumbered, but still fought boldly. Just after his troops went onto the battlefield, he went into a minor duel with Jango Fett. I'Then slashed at Fett's right arm which weakened (and made him more vulnerable for his fight with Mace Windu where he was killed). However, I'Then was no match for Fett's guns and was quickly shot down and left to die.


If he had survived, he would have been given a Special Medal of Services On the Battle and would have also have earned Jedi Masterhood. However, if he had lived, he could have been killed by order of Order 66. Still, many Jedi went to the funeral where his body was burned because he had asked for it just before he died.

Family TreeEdit

Most that Jedi scholars know about his family was that his father was Darth Maul. However, the mother died at child birth and I'Then was forced to fend for himself. No one knows anything about the mother except that she was raped by Darth Maul and was also a Human.