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The Dark Blade organization was a group of bounty hunters who specialized in hunting members of the Imperial Security Bureau and were stationed in the Auril Sector. They were allied with Grand Moff Ozzaris Vlanc, a disillusioned Imperial who wished to be rid of any spies in his sector. Their symbol was the silhouette of a sword with thorns wrapped around the blade, which was often tattooed onto their member’s arms.


The group was founded in 1 BBY by Saberan Qe-kora, after his parents were murdered by members of the Imperial Security Bureau. Swearing revenge, Saberan took his younger sister Sakira with him in order to find others who despised the ISB. However, they ran into the Grand Moff of the Auril Sector, Ozzaris Vlanc and were taken away for questioning. They believed that they were going to be executed, until Vlanc surprised them by revealing that he shared their hatred of the ISB. He revealed to them that he was starting a resistance movement in the Auril Sector by swaying his forces to share his views while systematically murdering all of the Imperials in the Auril Sector who were loyal to Palpatine. He agreed to let the two go on the condition that they would help him by aiding him in hunting and killing any imperial spies. After months of searching, they found several others, and they formed the founding members of the Dark Blade. They soon recruited others to their cause and soon they had managed to create bases all over the Auril Sector. Saberan honored his agreement with Vlanc by regularly contacting him and collected information on his soldiers, aides and commanders. When one was judged to be a spy or a member of the ISB, the Dark Saber would have them killed. As a reward for their services, Vlanc provided them with an abandoned Zann Consortium space station as a base. The Emperor deemed them to be terrorists and ordered their executions, but very few were captured due to Vlanc’s involvement. Following the Emperor’s death at Endor, the Dark Saber openly admitted their connections to Vlanc and were enlisted as part of his new army. They served alongside Vlanc’s separatist group until 10 ABY, when Vlanc attempted to destroy the Galaxy Gun and kill the reborn Emperor Palpatine, only to have his fleet destroyed, and his citadel on Taspir III demolished. The forces loyal to Vlanc were forced into hiding or joined the New Republic. Following the treaty between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, the Dark Saber organization dissolved. It was restored however, when the Fell Empire unleashed an attack on the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Following their defeat, they allied themselves with the Galactic Alliance Remnant.


Founding membersEdit