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Dansa'olma Kan, nicknamed Dansa, was a Jedi in the New Jedi Order.



Dansa'olma's parents were killed when he was ten. He was a slave on Csilla until he was seven, when he and a group of Chiss slaves escaped and moved to Yavin IV. When he was sixteen he taught himself the ways of the Force. Later on Kyle Kataran took him as his apprentice.


By age twenty Dansa was a Padawan. He then crafted his double-bladed green lightsaber. He was then given the mission to go with Luke Skywalker and fight the New Galactic Empire.


Murunua TiloEdit

This was his first romance when he was Kyle's apprentice.

Nayla WintanoEdit

This was his last romance which he had asked Nayla to marry him, she accepted. They then had two children, Kara Kan and Dansa Kan.


Dansa'olma's personality was sometimes stubborn and mean, but mostly self-centered.



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