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Born in 132 BBY and died in 42 BBY. Dannk lived in a small house on the planet Quion. He was a slave to the gang "ST-Killers". In 103 BBY Dannk found a viroblade in a wagon full of metal. Dannk used the blade to kill the ST-Killers gang. He killed all 100 of them. Dannk stole all the weapons and ships . He even clamed all their money and became a very wealthy man. He gave most of his money, weapons and ships to the Sith army. The Sith army hired Dannk to be a trooper in the army, Dannk accepted the offer. He was in the Sith army from 102 BBY to 42 BBY. Dannk became a Sith commander in 50 BBY. Unfortunately Dannk was killed by a republic commander called Arav . There was a huge funeral for him on the planet Hoag's Peble.

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