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Dalthos Bloodstorm
Biographical information

Kroma'tae (alleged)




36 ABY

Physical description





1.85 Meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

New Jedi Order Era

Dalthos Bloodstorm (almost certainly an alias) was a Force-sensitive mercenary.

Not much was known about his early life. He claimed that he was born on the planet Kroma'tae, however this claim was disputed. Certainly nobody had ever heard of the planet, making it hard to substantiate. At some point, he learned of an ancient race known as the Dalthos and apparently became obsessed with them.

Already Force-sensitive and a skilled fighter, he schooled himself in the fighting styles of the Daltos—or at least his interpretation of them. Focusing on melee combat, he developed his skills with what he believed to be a traditional Dalthos weapon, a massive two-handed vibrosword. Using his skills, he turned to the life of a mercenary as a way to fund further research into this race.

In 36 ABY, he came into contact with Forjj Blackblade, a Dark Jedi. Interested in what the man had to offer, Dalthos chose to enter his contest to become his apprentice. Confident in his abilities and training, he chose not to assassinate any of the other contestants, rather waiting to face them in the arena. Once there, however, he found a surprising kindred spirit in one of the other contestants, Lucille Ravenwind. The pair of them teamed up to defeat the others, leaving them as the last ones standing.

Moments later, both of them were killed by an assassin who had entered while they were distracted.

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