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Droid? No, you could not be any more incorrect human. I am far superior to any mere machine.
—DB-29 to Epin Lanmaw

DB-29 was an android programmed for assassination and abduction. It was built to resemble a human male, and was programmed with realistic reactions to a variety of scenarios. It was one of the Empire's finest models, and was used strictly as an assassin. Information pertaining to its missions remains unknown, however, it is known that it was sent to capture Leia, the daughter of Bail Organa.


Gathering IntelEdit

I am far superior to any flesh and bone creation...

DB-29 would attempt to carry out it's mission, but would never have the correct opportunity, as Leia was more often than not, accompanied by a boy of about the same age. Through various methods of persuasion, 29 was able to discover that the human's name was Epin Lanmaw, and that he was the Princess' supposed love interest. It was also able to find out that the two frequented a fight club where Epin regularly fought. 29 tracked Epin and Leia to an underground cave, which served as the site of that week's fights.

Battle ModeEdit

Step aside now human, and perhaps you will be spared. I have come for the female.
—DB-29 in reference to Leia Organa

Just as Epin's fight ended, 29 attacked him, calculating that it had the advantage. 29 blasted Epin with a punch straight to the face, sending him into the wall with such force that he left an indent. Stunned by the sudden developments, the spectators remained still. 29 called out Princess Leia, who hid amongst the crowd.

29 was then caught off guard by Epin's Force Push, which was followed by a punch to the face. 29 laughed at the attempt, and told Epin that if Leia Organa was not brought to it, that it would kill every one of spectators, one by one. When Epin refused, 29 grabbed the closest being, and quickly twisted their neck 360 degrees, killing them. 29 then tossed the body aside like mere refuse.

Leia then revealed herself to 29, as she did not wish for anyone to die because of her. 29 reached for her but it's hand was grabbed by Epin who followed up with a throw, sending 29 to the ground. 29 returned to its feet and attacked Epin with 100% power output.

The two didn't battle for long, and Epin soon became winded. 29, however, due to its mechanical parts, remained fresh. It then took the opportunity to beat Epin about the arena as the crowd roared in approval.


How can this be happening? It is illogical for you to be able to defeat me in combat. How can a mere mortal defeat a unit such as I?
—29, before it's destruction

DB-29 battling Epin

When Epin was again knocked into the wall, 29 came over, grabbed him by his face, twisted Epin over its own head and smacked him onto the floor. As Epin slowly tried to get up, 29 ran and swiftly kicked him in the stomach, sending Epin rolling to the other side of the cave. The crowd really got into it at this point, as the man who had rose in the ranks so quickly was now being decimated by someone they've never seen before.

29 then lifted Epin into the air with one arm, looked him over, and brought it's fist back. When 29 finally let loose the punch, it came with such force that it looked as if it would pierce through Epin's body. Epin landed on the floor with a thud, and remained motionless.

When 29 was satisfied Epin had been taken care of, he turned his attention on Leia. Grabbing her, he attempted to rip her in two. Leia, however, would not give in so easily, as her dormant Force abilities came to the surface. Glowing with a white light, Leia thrust 29 away from her, and ran to Epin's side, who had regained his composure, and was ready for combat. Leia then collapsed, possibly due to her lack of training.

Epin and 29 then engaged in a brutal fight that brought several sections of the cave down, and sent the Manka fans running for their lives. Under the pressure of Epin's relentless assault 29 was slowly broken down, pieces of its frame separating from each other. Eventually 29 was brought down, and was terminated when Epin crushed it's main processor.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • DB-29 is portrayed by Android 17.
  • DB is the name of the Manga, "Dragon Ball".
  • 29 is the issue of the Manga in which Android 17 first appeared.