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The Cutting Snark was a Tof battleship under the command of Cap'n Grimhaul. The ship was used in the unsuccessful Attack on Bugurup where it was destroyed.

Comparable in size to the Merriweather, the Cutting Snark appeared to be more heavily armed then the standard Tof Bulk Cruiser. Each flank carried numerous Turbolaser Cannons, while a pair of Triple-Barreled Turbolasers were concealed within the bow. The lower part of the hull carried numerous launchers for missiles or torpedoes. In addition, the ship carried a small compliment of Tof Starfighters. Its upper hull was dominated by a pair of large sensory arrays, the purpose of which were unclear.

For all its strengths, the Cutting Snark suffered from several distinct flaws. While well-armed, the ship lacked point-defense and anti-starfighter weapons, leaving it rather vulnerable to being swarmed by enemy ships. Its drives were also rather underpowered, leaving it very sluggish and hard to handle, especially under atmospheric conditions. Together, these two flaws would be the ship's downfall.

During the attack on Bugurup, the ship was caught out by the Allied ambush; having expended most of its missiles on a pointless attack, it lacked adequate defenses against the swarm of ships fielded against it. Unable to escape, the ship was relentlessly bombarded until its main drives failed and it crashed to the ground in the planet's capital.

Following the battle, the Bugurup government stripped the ship of anything they could salvage. The hulk was turned into a tourist attraction.

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