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Crystal was the wife of Matteo Corlaso and the mother of Kira, born in 26 BBY A Dathomiri Witch from Dathomir, she was a warrior for her clan and a commander for the Rebellion.

While she was on a hunting party with sisters of her clan, she met Matteo and instantly tried to catch him to be her mate. When her wild use of The Force put her in danger, Matteo saved her life. Falling in love with the ex-Jedi, she married him on Matteo's own decision, though he was free. When Matteo swayed to the Dark Side of the Force after killing in anger, she took him to Ossus to give him time to turn back. She stayed on Ossus with him for seven years, where they had their only child, Kira.

Immediately upon returning to the known Galaxy, Matteo and Crystal found themselves in the middle of the Galactic Civil War, where they joined the Rebellion and became commanders. After Dathomir was freed from Zsinj in 8 ABY, she and Matteo returned there and raised Kira until she left Dathomir in 24 ABY. Crystal was killed in 27 ABY by Voxyn during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

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