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Crusade Of Delta-3530: The Clone Wars
General information






Chronological and political information

Season 1, followed by Season 2


32 BBY (Series Starting Year)


Rise Of The Empire Era

Crusade Of Delta-3530: The Clone Wars is the first season of a fan-fiction series created by Delta-3530 which portrays the adventures of a rebel Force-Sensitive ARC-Trooper named Gohan, the main character of the series. The series follows his experiences in the Clone Wars and later his crusade to overthrow the Empire, creating and commanding the Clone Rebellion to rebel against the Empire, and involving themselves in the Galactic Civil War.

Season One, the first part and prequel of the series, will focus on the development and growth on the character of Gohan before and during the Clone Wars, as he slowly takes steps in reaching and achieving his destiny in the galaxy and becoming a key player in shaping the fate of galaxy. The series will include cameo appearances of many of the main and minor characters of the Star Wars series, and the Expanded Universe. The series' plot will delve into a much different alternate version of history, rather than the current history as seen so prominently in the series. This was done by Delta-3530 to see the after results of how one inadequate, unimportant man could affect and make a difference in the fate of the galaxy, by his own point of view.

Season 2, will take place after the Clone Wars, and during the rise of the Great Jedi Purge and Rise of the Imperial Era. It will deal with the formation of Gohan's Clone Rebellion and their war against the Galactic Empire.

Coincidentally, the name of the main character of the series, is also the same as the user Delta-3530, as the user wanted to see how he himself, as a clone trooper in the Republic Army, combined with his Force abilities, would fair and survive, while finding balance with his duties as a solider and learning how to conceal his "true nature" from everyone else; ironically, forming a double-identity, similar to that of a superhero in order to cover-up his mishaps whenever he found himself in mysterious, unpredictable circumstances that would involve him using his abilities to save his life or others around him.

The main character of the series would also have similar personality traits that the user would have, as Gohan basically would be similar to the user himself.

Plot SummaryEdit

Taking place during the Prequel Era approximately forty-four years before the Battle of Yavin, the series begins when a mysterious Jedi Master named Sifo-Dyas, secretly commissions a clone army on Kamino, ostensibly to defend the Galactic Republic, as followed in the Star Wars timeline. Less than a week after his commission to Kamino, Sifo-Dyas would later travel Vohai to place another order for a clone army.

However, as a plot twist, Sifo-Dyas foresaw his death at the hands of his former closest friend Darth Tyranus, as well as the fall of the Jedi and rise of the Empire, and begins formulating a countermeasure back-up plan to alter the future he foresaw from coming to past.

He makes another secret commission; this time privately, with the Kaminoan Taun We and arranges a Force-sensitive clone to be created, endowed with all his memories and knowledge. Sifo-Dyas then arranges Taun We to raise the clone and see that no one discovers the clone's origins or the plans he has set for him, to which Taun We agrees. It is here, that Gohan, is born.

The following list events will detail the events of Gohan's early life on Kamino and his later life during the Clone Wars.

List Of EventsEdit

Pre-Clone WarsEdit

"The following events take place less than a decade before the start of the Clone Wars"

32 BBYEdit

30 BBYEdit

27 BBYEdit

25 BBYEdit

24 BBYEdit

Clone Wars (First Year)Edit

22 BBYEdit

"The following events takes place during the outbreak of the Clone Wars, on its first year."

Clone Wars (Second Year)Edit

21 BBYEdit

"The following events takes place during the outbreak of the Clone Wars, on its second year."

Clone Wars (Third Year)Edit

20 BBYEdit

"The following events takes place during the outbreak of the Clone Wars, on its third year."

Clone Wars (Fourth Year)Edit

19 BBYEdit

"The following events takes place during the outbreak of the Clone Wars, on its fourth year."

List Of CharactersEdit

Clone Troopers

Galactic Republic/Other Characters

Jedi Characters

Sith/CIS Characters

Jiuzkariya Characters

CC-4135/Oden's Rebellion Characters

Kyrian Rebellion Characters

Mandalorian Characters

Kaminoan Characters

List Of PlacesEdit

List Of Military OrganizationsEdit

Republic Military Units


Still in production. Could take several years, as the user desires to carefully reveal the series piece by piece, and not rush it out. This will be the user's fourth attempt to bring out the series.

Most recently, the user-producer of this series has developed three seasons that will transverse the character's epic life on three major events in the galaxy: the Clone Wars, Great Jedi Purge, and the Galactic Civil War. Production of these series will vary for several years, with the first season being in the works.