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The Crash on Csilla was the main event behind the start of the Chiss War in 71 ABY. A New Republic star destroyer was making a landing on Csilla to drop off several dozen troops at the Republic embassy in the capital city. A mechanical malfunction would change everything.

Early in the morning, when most citizens were asleep, a New Republic star destroyer entered the atmosphere. As it slowed, the friction increased and the ship could be seen from everywhere in the city. The ship slowed more and cooled off, letting the pilots gain control of its landing. One flap on the left side vital to its successful landing, however, had burned up when it entered the atmosphere. As the pilot and the other crew on the bridge attempted to turn, the ship stayed where it was, heading straight down towards a military district of the city. They attempted everything they could but it still would not turn. In just seconds, the star destroyer collided with two barracks and many neighborhoods containing hundreds of citizens. The western part of the city, where it crashed, lit on fire killing even more. The Chiss government put out the fires by dusk but didn't know what to think. They knew it was the New Republic and took this as a terrorist attack. They declared that all New Republic citizens in Chiss space will be taken prisoner and prepared for a declaration of war.


387 Chiss citizens, 143 Chiss marines, and two non-Chiss lost their lives in the crash. The list of notable deaths are as follows:

Colonel Wris'en'dwo -- veteran of the Yuuzhan Vong War and hero for Chiss people during the time following the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Senator Triq'uond'oa -- Chiss representative in the Imperial Senate.

Sergeant Fan'ij'as -- Commander of the only Chiss super soldiers

Entire Chiss super soldiers battalion.

Darth Yurk and Westi Drason -- Imperial ambassadors and representatives to the Chiss.


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