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Cotati's Blueprints office building was owned by none other than Cotati, who ran the company Cotati's Blueprints. The company, and it's office building, were based in Alderaan's Business District. It was amongst a cluster of tall, industrial buildings along the main street through the District, just north of the Thranta Region. The building also had the owners name "COTATI" written across it in large letters.


In 42 BBY, CarbonEye had raided the building and stole blueprint holos for submersible vehicles. Luckily, no one was killed, but he left his calling card for MI5 to find.

Investigating the theft, MI5 team leader Markus Carfax took his team to the building only to be attacked by Draco Gant and his Zachos Dakkan clones. While the agents rescued Cotati and his secretary from the building, the place was pretty much gutted during the battle, due to the explosions, blaster bolts, ion cannons, and lightsabers.

Five years later, after having rebuilt the destroyed office building, MI5 operative Jace Bont ran his speeder directly through the building while he was chasing the murderer Bozak, thus damaging the structure again.