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The Corvolt Imperium was created in 1740 ABY from the remnants of the Blackwing Resurgence.


The Blackwing War

The discovery of an anomalous structure known as the "FutureTech Bioweapons Division" on Korriban in 1502 ABY led to a shocking revelation. The team investigating the site found evidence that the anomalous artifacts that had been turning up since the 1420s ABY were not part of their universe at all- rather, they came from another dimension entirely. Within the complex, one of the Galactic Alliance security team soldiers accidentally sparked off the worst disaster in galactic history when he dropped a container full of a far worse strain of the Blackwing virus. Within 3 weeks, the virus had infected a masiive wave of galactic alliance and imperial starship crews, decimating navies and preventing the usual mehod of bioweapon containment (sterilizing infected worlds with orbital bombardments) due to a lack of effective capital ships. The so called "Blackwing War", a desperate last stand against the undead hordes, was the bloodiest war ever recorded by galactic historians.

Fall of Anaxes

After the Blackwing War ended in 1503 ABY, trillions of lives were lost, 99.9999% of galactic population having been killed or zombified by or as a result of the virus. The majority of survivors, 5,000 adults and children of various species, banded together on Anaxes, swearing to rid the galaxy of the infection. Eventually, the settlement was overcome by a hungry, infected Yuuzhan Vong worldship, but a single Eclipse III-class dreadnought escaped from Anaxes, carrying the few artifacts that remained, including an anomalous ancient recording disc, and the few hundred humans who were now among the last uninfected life in the galaxy.


Neural interface

This allows a living being to transfer their consiousness, via a secure link, to the processors of a computers. This is used instead of AI on machines that require a degree of sentience for their set roles. A modified unit, the neural uplink/meld device, is installed in Kirov's massive Orgasmatron tank, and lets him fuse his mind with Rommel to create the ultimate controlling system for the ultimate war machine.

Military forces

The Corvolt military force is large and well-equipped.


Stormtrooper Corps

Corvolt stormtroopers wear armour similar to that of old Empire stormtroopers, and are armed with Blaster rifles, Shotguns and Laser Chainguns to employ against infantry, plus multi-purpose Rocket Launchers mainly used to destroy vehicles and shoulder-fired ion cannons for anti-droid use. The new Heavy Stormtrooper force wears large, heavily armoured suits, based on the phase III dark troopers of the Galactic Empire, and use heavier weapons like Slugthrowers and Arc Casters. The old concept of pyromaniac clones forming the incinerator trooper corps was also revived early on, and this task force remains an integral part of the Corvolt army.

Grenadier Droid

Remote-operated robotic infantry, known as Grenadier Droids, have always made up at least 2 percent of Corvolt infantry. They are not self-operating; an operator using a neural interface controls each droid from a prefabricated remote control center. Normally droids will be dropped onto the planet in pods to clear a landing zone for other ground forces, while the operators remain in the control center inside orbiting transports. When a suficient area is cleared, the transports carrying the control centers will head planetward with the first wave, and drop the control centers in one of the established bases before moving to their respective staging areas to deploy their remaining forces.

Ground Vehicles

XR-87 Tank Droid

An improved model of the old Imperial XR-85, similar in appearance to the original but carrying more modern armament and controlled by neural interface rather than AI. The design quickly proved it's worth during the conflict with the Rakata and has served well throughout the Zidrii War.

Scarab Assault Tank

A 50-ton tracked tank armed with a 66mm calibre railgun, designed during the war with the Rakata.

Superheavy assault vehicle/ wheeled A10 Juggernaut

The pinnacle of Corvolt ground warfare, second only to the Orgasmatron for armour and firepower. The A10 is basically a 13,000 ton wheeled tank, usually known as a "Continental Siege Unit". A10s are powered by massive nuclear fusion reactors; at the time the A10 was entering the design stage, this method of power generation was deemed safer than hypermatter-annihalation reactors as nuclear power requires no hypermatter and so is unaffected by Zidrii Hypermatter Detonation Devices.

Mark XXXIII Siege/Assault Tank

Weighing no less than 32,000 tons, the Mark XXXIII is a massive tracked tank, commonly referred to as a "Planetary Siege Unit" as a single Mark XXXIII can effectively occupy and garrison a whole planet. Kirov posesses the only Mark XXXIII ever built christened Orgasmatron, which only he is allowed to command in combat. Orgasmatron's functions are controlled by a sentient AI named Rommel, which can perform any calculation ever comprehended within a few picoseconds and even fuse with Kirov's mind using a unique neural uplink/meld.

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