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The Corellian warship was an spurt off the well known Corellian corvette built on Corellia.

Development Edit

The original plans for the warship called for a completely new design, looking oddly like a tiny Death Star with hyperdrive engines where the superlaser should be. But, to Corellia's advantage, the Havis Mining Corporation destroyed all of the unpopular prototypes while doing a "research mission". After that, the CR100 warship was re-launched as an upgraded CR90 corvette.

What's new, again? Edit

The CR100 warship was widely unknown to the public until Havis Mining announced it with much fanfare of Havis, a Corellian colony. The ship was described as a miniature Star Destroyer equipped with many new weapons that were not going to be released for decades. The weapons included a new ion cannon that generated a blast powerful enough to knock all the Death Star's power systems offline, and a new type of laser that allowed the weapons droid to actually hook into the computer and divert all its attention to only that laser, which proved useful in destroying squads of TIE fighters.

Launched starships Edit

The launched starships were:

  • Stranded Star
  • Newborn Naboo
  • Old Corellia
  • The Republic
  • CR100 prototype
  • Imperial Crusher
  • Corellia Twelve

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