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Consumer Provider Sales Corporation was by far the largest corporate entity in the entire galaxy. Founded in about 32,540 BBY on the then flourishing planet of Gyiff, the Galactic Economy Guild stated (14 BBY) that "the company Consumer Provider makes up approximately 97% of the entire galactic economy, unknown civilizations withstanding" (Note; the Galactic Economy Guild was a subsidiary of Consumer Provider Economies Limited.


The company was founded by Syrvill Chanoar IV approximately five centuries before his planet began the Space Exploration Age. Originally a small, family owned store selling local goods and foodstuffs, Syrvill, having inherited the store, began to rapidly expand the business to, at the time of his death in 32,403 BBY, the company had over 120,000 locations in more than 890 sovereign states.

After his death his son, Syrvill Chanoar V, vowed to become the first man to enter space, and subsequently started the former subsidary company Consumer Provider Space Travel. He would not accomplish his goal, but his great-grandson Syrvill Chanoar IX would, in 32,349 BBY.

In 32,266 BBY, Varnyxx Chanoar II started the former subsidiary Consumer Provider Asteroid Mining, to better make use of the raw ore located in the asteroid belt that neighboured the planet. The new company would prove to be very succesful, and increased the Consumer Providers' revenue by 78.095%. The subsidary survived for more than four hundred years until it was absorbed into another subsidiary, Consumer Provider Mining Corporation.


There were a number of subsidiary companies for Consumer Provider.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The company Consumer Provider Sales Corporation is based off of the real life company Samsung. The acronym CPSC coincidentally happens to be the contraction for the United States Consumer Product Safety Comission

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