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The Conqueror-class Star Destroyer was a Star Destroyer class built by Admiral Grekins's navy. There were only three of this type produced, the Conqueror, the Ravager, and the Vanquisher.

The ships in this class were about ten thousand meters long. Distinguishing features were the command bridge, which was small compared to the rest of the ship, and blocky. The bridge was also out of proportion with the sensor/shield globes mounted on top of it. Although it was small compared to the Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts and other Super Star Destroyers, the ship was very strong and durable, with thousands of guns, powerful shields stemming from multiple generators, and a hull partially constructed of quadanium steel.

The hangar was also special. Grekins chose to renew and improve the Venator Star Destroyer's ventral hangar. The hangar had backup shield generators for when the doors were opening, as well as missile turrets to keep incoming enemy starships away from the scrambling TIEs. It had a capacity of 342 TIEs, the default configuration was fifty-four TIE Bombers, ninety-six TIE Interceptors, and 192 TIE Fighters, however Fighters, Interceptors, and Defenders were interchangeable. There was also a very small ventral hangar that could hold three Lambda-class shuttles or three Upsilon-class shuttles.


A Conqueror-class Star Destroyer's open dorsal hangar bay.