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Our immediate concern is the Confederate Navy, since the Confederacy receives Separatist military assistance their military forces far outnumber and outgun our own, the Confederate Navy is vastly superior to our own navy, they blockade Unionist planets and practically keep our fleet bottled up deep in Union-held space, practically every push we make is repulsed by overwhelming numbers, technology and firepower, we won't have a navy for much longer at this rate!
—Union President Richard Williams to Jedi General Maksi Hikar shortly before the First Battle of Earth

The Confederate States of Earth Navy (CSEN), also known as the Confederate States Navy, Confederate Navy, Separatist Navy, Confed Navy, Confederate fleet, Separatist fleet, Western States Navy, Western Navy, Rebel Navy and the Traitor's Navy, were the naval forces of the Confederate States of Earth, with ships both in space and on the ocean. The C.S.E.N was founded shortly after the founding of the Confederate States of Earth as the Confederate States of Earth Fleet, the C.S.E.F was created from the part of the Union Navy which was based in the Confederate states which had seceded, the reason that the Confederate Parliament gave to justify the internment of Union ships was that the Union Navy had no place in the Confederacy, and thus they were within their rights to impound and use the ships, the crews of the impounded ships were sent back to the Union at Confederate expense, the Confederate Navy also made use of ships turned over to the Confederacy by former Union crews who were born in seceded states, and decided they owed their allegiance to their home states, rather than the nation they gave their allegiance to.

The C.S.E.F was made up primarily of ocean-borne vehicles, though with a few space shuttles, the C.S.E.F was very short lived, and was the name for the combined naval forces of the original 10 Confederate nations, following the acceptance of new nations in the Confederate States of Earth the C.S.E.F was renamed the C.S.E.N, after the signing of the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance the C.S.E.N was supplied Separatist warships, which greatly strengthened its space-borne fleets, following the renaming the rank of the commanding officer was changed from Admiral of the Fleet to Grand Admiral, Admiral of the Fleet was renamed to Admiral of the Grand Fleet, who commanded the Confederate Grand Fleet, the prime fleet of the navy, and that rank became the rank of the second-in-command of the navy. Most prized amongst Separatist-supplied ships was the Subjugator-class heavy cruiser Velociraptor, which became the flagship of the navy, as well as the personal flagship of President Jane Zarkan, as well as the Confederate Grand Fleet, the prime fleet of the C.S.E.N, and Force A as well.

The Confederate Naval Air Service was the branch of the navy in charge of naval aviation. The anthem of the C.S.E.N was Sailing to Liberty. The popular quick march of the CSEN was Rivermouth, a traditional Zarkanian naval march and dance tune dating from 972 BBY. The Starred Banner March was the navy's popular departure tune, the ship's band would play the tune on the ship's deck when departing a friendly port, the march was named after the "Stars and Bars", the first national flag of the Confederacy, and the first Confederate naval ensign.

The C.S.E.N made use of many different ship types, from captured Republic ships, Separatist ships supplied to them by their Separatist Navy allies, ships captured from the Galactic Empire and the Earth Empire puppet state, Imperial ships supplied by the New Republic, ships supplied by the Rebel Alliance, New Republic and the Confederation as well ships purchased from the black market and ship dealers. A purchasing commission purchased old Vainglorious-class cruisers, an ageing cruiser from the time of the Stark Hyperspace War of 44 BBY from the Rendili StarDrive, Rendili was only too happy to sell off the obsolete craft, which the CSEN used to bolster their cruiser forces.

The C.S.E.N's ship classification system distinguished between ocean and space-borne ships, e.g. there were two different "Destroyer" classifications - the standard "Destroyer" classification for ocean-borne destroyers and "Space Destroyer" for space-borne destroyers, additionally ship types in different classifications in other systems where often brought together under a single classification if they similar to each other in size, armament, firepower, intended mission profile etc for simplicity, e.g. the Tartan-class patrol cruiser, Carrack-class light cruiser, Lancer-class frigate and the Victory II-class frigate were all referred to as "Space Destroyers" by the C.S.E.N

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