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Commander 001, born Jadon Tarr and also known as First to his fellow SpecOps, was the leader of Sith SpecOps during the Sith Crusade.

Biography Edit

Joining SpecOps Edit

Born Jadon Tarr, Tarr was assigned to The Soiyo for its exploratory expedition in 38 ABY, and following the capture of Jasca Ducato was assigned by Pantene to form the Special Operations Executive. Choosing just forty-nine others to join him, Tarr relinquished his family name and assumed the title of Commander 001, alongside his closest friend Commander 039 progressed through the training program. Whilst training, the two also developed a level of friendship with Commander 113 unusual for members of the SpecOps.

At the outbreak of the Sith Crusade in 58 ABY, all fifty members of Sith SpecOps found themselves being withdrawn from certain areas of the training complex and slowly isolated from the galaxy. Determined to find out why, both 039 and 001 broke out of the complex, hijacked a Sith transport vessel and headed for orbit. Unfortunately for them a Sith warship was in orbit at the time and they were quickly captured.

They were brought before the commanding officer of the complex who debated executing them for breaking out, but he was stopped by the very same man who had discovered them years earlier. It was then that he revealed himself to be none-other than Darth Wyyrlok, personal assistant to the Dark Lord Darth Abeonis. He told them both that they had been isolated so as to limit their exposure to the coming war and that, following its fall, they would be stationed on Yavin IV to defend the planet.

And so, as promised three years earlier, both were among the SpecOps chosen to be stationed on Yavin IV after the moons capture in 61 ABY, 001 was placed in command, with 039 as his lieutenant.

Commanding Yavin IV Edit

As soon as he arrived 001 was ordered to the office of the moons commanding officer, Darth Dimicatio to receive orders. He was quickly informed of the planet's importance to the Sith cause, but not what it was he had been sent to protect.


001 examines the ruins of the Sith facility during the Jedi attack

And so he and 039 spent many months on the jungle moon doing nothing as they saw it, but "…guarding a few old pyramids that survived the Vong…" and guarding a "secret weapon" that, as far as they were concerned, was not needed. That was until a few days later.

Jedi infiltration Edit

During the closing stages of the Sith crusade in 62 ABY a Jedi Knight by the name of Ben Skywalker lead a force of six Jedi to infiltrate the Sith complex on Yavin IV. Their mission; to discover the importance of Yavin IV to the Sith.

Commander 001 and 039 were among the first to engage the Jedi infiltrators, achieving the first Jedi kill during the battle. They were later ordered to retreat when the Sith Knights arrived.


001 and two Elite's find the retreating Jedi

To their horror, however, they soon discovered that the Jedi had eliminated many of the Sith Knights and were making their escape. So, 001 ordered his SpecOps to pursue the retreating Jedi and eliminate them.

Many SpecOps lost their lives and 039 was injured during the engagement but the operation was a success. Three of the four total Jedi Knight kills had been thanks to the SpecOps and only eighteen SpecOps had lost their lives.

Promotion Edit

Satisfied with the actions and bravery shown by the SpecOps Darth Abeonis granted 001 and 039 both promotions to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. With these new powers and responsibilities 001 and 0039 made it their mission to find, and eliminate the Jedi Knight that had led the infiltration of the facility and killed so many of their friends.

Coruscant (74 ABY) Edit

001 would later lead the SpecOps advance during the Battle of Coruscant and survive the battle. It is believed he retired after the battle.

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