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A magnificent creation that shows the true genius of Erenian
—Darth Cronus' mentor

The Colossus-class Star Dreadnought was considered one of the greatest and most powerful starships in the galaxy. It supported thousands of troops and had heavy weaponry. However, only one of these ships was ever created.

Weapons SystemsEdit

The Colossus-class Star Dreadnought had much weaponry, ranging from enhanced turbo-lasers to enhanced ion cannons and 5 super lasers. However, the Colossus-class Star Dreadnoughts were unique in that they only required one pilot with cybernetic interface, allowing more soldiers to be used for pure fighting.


The sheer power of the Colossus surpassed even the mighty Death Star, armed with more powerful weaponry.


Usually, there was a specially-designed intelligent droid that piloted the ship. However, on some occasions, Darth Cronus himself had been known to pilot it.

Ships of the lineEdit

Only one Colossus-class Star Dreadnought, known as the Juggernaut, was created. This was due to the massive amount of funds required to create a Colossus. However, even one of the monstrosities was able to overpower the average fleet.


The ship also had a large hangar, although the Watchers only used it to store Cronus' personal starfighter, the Inanimate.

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