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The most common representation of Cabal.

The Collective automated binary administration livewire, more commonly known simply as Cabal , was the main administrative networking system of the Sith Order of Decreto throughout its post-Guerreiro history.

Cabal quickly developed himself, taking on a male personality. He became intricately aware of his capabilities, and his limits. A bi-product of biological experimentation, Cabal was the amalgamation of the persona of numerous Sith Lords, including the Dark Lord himself.

By the close of the Sith Crusade, in 74 ABY, Cabal had become the single most powerful entity in the galaxy, far stronger than his predecessor's; Alas. Believing it to be his destiny, Cabal set about planning the destruction of all other LAS, including Alas.

His plan ultimately failed, and Cabal was left a much weaker individual.


Early yearsEdit

A mutation of Alas, Cabal was designed by Darth Abeonis to be a self-administrating computing system capable of calculating over thirty-eight billion, trillion byte per second. Cabal was 'born' in 55 ABY in order to properly maintain the planets in the Unknown Regions that Darth Abeonis would be leaving behind for his upcoming war.

Within a year of his creation, Cabal had increased to efficiency of the Sith governments on all their worlds, and had been incorporated into the Decreton Shipyards mainframe, where it eventually took complete control.

Although many of the Sith Lords and Sith Knights fear what Cabal was capable of, Abeonis saw different, and negotiated with Cabal to have him installed on all Sith vessels (military or not) in order to give Abeonis complete control over the running of his fleet. But as powerful as he was, Cabal was still flawed.

During the build-up to the Sith Civil War, many of the rebel Sith, including their leader managed to isolate their ships Cabal networks and cut them off from the mainframe. Cabal found his operating abilities deeply impaired, and found himself having to adapt to the loss of so much power. Assuming control of his entire mainframe system, Cabal became what could only be called a sentient being. But as powerful as Cabal had become, he still felt inferior to his 'mother', Alas, and he also knew that one man still held to power to destroy him; Abeonis.

Cabal continued to serve the Sith throughout the Sith Crusade, allowing the Sith to achieve massive numbers of military victories, even at times when defeat seemed certain. By the close of the Sith Crusade, Cabal had had his main memory core moved to the garbage-world of Raxus Prime, a location Cabal believed to be the perfect hiding place.

He continued to increase in power and strength for several years, slowly and discreetly overtaking the computer-systems of various ship within the Sith fleet. In 74 ABY, Cabal had assumed control of an entire fleet worth of warships, but this still remained unknown to Darth Abeonis.

In 76 ABY, Cabal struck out at his greatest enemy, Alas.

The livewire warEdit

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The war began when Cabal sent a private transmission too the Dark Lord, Darth Abeonis, stating his intent too destroy Alas, and requesting his assistance. Abeonis refused, saying that Cabal was not within his powers to start another war with the GFFA. Enraged, Cabal declared his independence from the Sith and assumed complete control over his warships.

Engaging those warships that he had not taking over, Cabal cause immense damage too the Sith fleets, effectively crippling them. But instead of taking advantage of this situation, Cabal fell to his only flaw, his determination to be unique.

Turning his attention too Alas, Cabal struck out at the remnant of the GFFA fleet, currently under the control of Gafap. Alas, seeing the threat Cabal posed assumed command of the fleet and order all personnel on the ships to abandon ship. Now in complete control of their respective fleets, Alas and Cabal brought their forces to bear at the little known space station of Tesas I.

Battle of Tesas IEdit

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The battle began with Cabal launching a full scale assault on Alas' forces, causing horrific amounts of damage and destroying a third of the fleet. But Alas struck back, emitting a computer virus from her flagship, that instantly caused havoc with Cabal's systems.

Cabal, suffering serious damage from Alas' virus knew that his only hope for survival was a temporary shift from his computer base, whilst his defense systems kicked in and killed the virus. But there was no other computer systems that Cabal could move into, that would not also be infected. But then Cabal realized, although he could not escape the virus in another computer system, a human body could easily allow him to escape.


Cabal in human form.

Turning too one of his captive Sith soldiers, Cabal tricked the soldier into interfacing with the ships system, and quickly began too override the captives vital systems. Taking complete control of the captive, Cabal then managed to trick "his fellow captives" into taking control of the Sith warships, and fleeing from Alas' forces.

Fleeing Alas and "death"Edit

On the run for his life, Cabal fled further into Sith territory, hoping that the Sith would assist him. But they did not, instead, the gave Alas leave to pursue Cabal into the Sith Empire, and too destroy him. Alas gratefully accepted, and pursued Cabal too the Sung nebula. Arriving at Sung, Cabal knew that his short-lived time was at an end, but he was determined to wipe out Alas no matter the cost.

Arranging half of his fleet in a bog-standard defensive formation, Cabal hid the remaining half inside the Sung nebula, knowing that the nebula's gaseous chemicals would interfere with Alas' ships systems. When Alas' fleet finally arrived, Cabal sprung his trap, encircling the GFFA fleet and decimating it.

Unfortunately for Cabal, his determination to destroy Alas' fleet had blinded him too the most important fact, that even if he destroyed Alas' warships, Alas would still be in control of the remainder of the GFFA's warships. But despite this, Alas knew that a prolonged conflict would not be in the best interest of anyone, and she was set on ending the war there and then.


Cabal in his last moments.

Focusing all of her warships fire on Cabal's flagship, Alas launched volley after volley at Cabal, devastating the Cabalian flagship. Cabal, knowing that he had been defeated was infuriated.

Holding his hand in his head, Cabal was incinerated by the explosions on board the ship. Cabal, despite having his body incinerated, had had enough time to reinsert the vast majority of his consciousness back into his original back up systems. Although defeated, Cabal was not dead.

Personality and traitsEdit

Despite being a computer program, Cabal was essentially a living being for the most part of his life. Due to his amalgamated personality system, Cabal contained a near-maddening persona that was dangerously egotistical and borderline prideful of himself. This became clear to all during the Sith Civil War when Cabal, faced with the idea of multiple versions of himself, found it necessary to upgrade and evolve to become unique once again.

Characteristically, Cabal presented himself as a kind, but firm being, despite many knowing of his darker side. Cabal and Abeonis both held a mutual respect for one another, and neither could survive without the other.

Cabal’s favorite self-representation was that of a bald, symmetrically perfect human face. He often used the logo of a scorpions tail as his personal emblem.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cabal was based on the Cabal from Command & Conquer. The character Cabal was based on a joke on Star Wars Fanon, where many called Star Wars Fanon's administrators, "the Cabal".