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Clan Kal is an ancient Mandalorian clan that originates from the planet Mandalore. Drawing its name from the Mando'a word for knife. It is unknown when the clan was first formed but it has been traced to before 7000 BBY. The clan migrated to a moon of Bonagal which they named Kal Prime. It was one of the first clans to allow non-Taung's into their fold, mainly only allowing humans to join with them.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Cla Kal began before 7000 BBY and before the Mandalorians conquered a planet in the Outer Rim which would become Mandalore. When the Mandalorians started conquering other planets in the Mandalore Sector the Clan decided to conquer a series of moons around the gas giant planet Bonagal. After they took one of its moons they named it Kal Prime and migrated most of the clan to it.

Great Sith War (3996 BBY) Edit

In 3996 BBY with the leadership of the clans first human leader, Adenn Kal, they followed Mandalore the Indomitable's call to invade the Deep Core searching for more challenges. When defeated Mandalore the Indomitable and he swore fealty to Qel-Droma and his own Sith Master, Exar Kun Clan Kal followed him until his death and then followed his successor Mandalore the Ultimate.

Prelude and Mandalorian Wars (3996-3960 BBY) Edit

After the Great Sith War Clan Kal followed Mandalore the Ultimate and prepared from the next war for the next twenty years until all the clans were called upon to start raiding the Outer Rim. They followed the main Mandalorian force, participating in every raid and conquest during the war. They participated in the Battle of Malachor V and suffered heavy losses from the Mass Shadow Generator. After the war ended they were forced to be stripped of their weapons and armor, and their basilisk war droids by the Republic. Unlike many Mandalorian clans, Clan Kal remain united and when they returned to Kal Prime they went to work creating new armor from the beskar mines on the moon.

Forming House Kal (3960-3955 BBY) Edit

Shortly after the end of the Manadalorian Wars Adenn Kal learned of Clan Wuko's lose of territory and invited them to live within theirs.

Inviting Clan Zellol (3959 BBY) Edit

Being convicned by Clan Wuko, Kal invited Clan Zellol to join them in House Kal.

Inviting Clan Skojac (3957-3956 BBY) Edit

Clan Kal personally invited Clan Skojac to join them and the other clans in House Kal after hearing of them becoming nomads in their shuttles after losing territory to the Republic, they would join a year after the offer.

Bringing In Clan Voul (3956 BBY) Edit

Clan Kal eventually adopted Clan Voul into their territory as they wondered across Mandalorian space, they did not resist and accepted being brought into the House.

Search for Mandalore's Mask (3954 BBY) Edit

Adenn Kal lead a small expedition on Rakkiad to try to local Mandalore Mask like many other Clans did. They stopped their search when word of the mask and a new Mandalore and would follow Mandalore the Preserver to Duxn, but kept hold of Kal Prime.

The Great Galactic War (3681 BBY-3653 BBY) Edit


House Civil War (3643-3642 BBY) Edit

Near the end of the Cold War both House and Clan Kal fell under attack by the Sith Empire. Darth Haran, who once used to known as Teroch Kal, arrived on Kal Prime and murdered the Minu Kal, the clan leader, and took over. When Darth Haran took over a civil war broke out. He planned to take over the clan and secretly give the Sith Empire a foothold in the Mandalore sector. The opposition to Darth Haran was lead by a young warrior Runi Kal. Most of Clan Kal, Wuko, and Zellol aligned themselves with Runi. Members of Clan Kal would raid Haran Kal and free Clan Skojac and others imprisoned by Darth Haran. In 3642 BBY Runi Kal faced Haran and killed him and became the new leader of the clan and house.

Mandalorian Civil War (60-44 BBY) Edit

When the Mandalorian Civil War broke out clan Kal became a safe haven for members of the True Mandalorians and decided to remain in their territory to protect it from the Death Watch. But in 56 BBY a detachment of clan Kal, lead by Ruus and his brother Kandosii gathered up members of all five clans and went out to aid on the front lines. Throughout the war members of both sides on the clan served their purpose until the end. When Ruus Kal returned he was made leader of the clan and house by his father.

Death Watch Raid (34 BBY) Edit

In 34 BBY they suffered an attack by a remnant group of the Death Watch. In both the space and ground battles they scrambled to mount a proper defense. Haran Kal was protected from the Death Watch as they tried to land to extract captured Death Watch soldiers. Kal Motir suffered the heaviest attack. At the end of the raid members of all clans had died, among them Ruus Kal. With the passing of Ruus leadership switched over to his brother Kandosii.

Military Restoration (34-22 BBY) Edit


Clone War (22-19 BBY) Edit


Battle of Sundari (20 BBY) Edit


Traditions Edit


Armaments & Vehicles Edit


Astrography Edit

Clan Kal inhabit and series of moons around the seven planet, Bonagal, in the Mandalore system. They inhabit nine of the 34 moons. The three most famous are Kal Prime, Kal Motir, and Haran Kal.

Kal Prime


Kal Motir


Haran Kal


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