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36 ABY

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1.65 Meters

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New Jedi Order Era

Chu'unda was a Dathomiri Force Witch and Nightsister.

Trained in the Nightsisters' dark arts, she proved to be exceptionally violent and power-hungry. Mastering the art of the deadly Wiffle Bat, a much feared Dathomiri weapon spoken of only in legend, she proved to be a deadly foe. After several violent confrontations, the rest of her clan learned to fear her. None would dare challenge the master of such a weapon, instead grunting and getting out of her way. This skill enabled her to claim the most desirable mates, as well as the last of the after-dinner mints. (After dinner mints are very rare on Dathomir).

At some point she fled the planet, feeling that the world was "not enough" for her. That and, well, she didn't like it. Convinced of the superiority of her powers, she believed that she could use her peers to carve out a chunk of the Galaxy and shape it into her own empire. To this end, she began to delve further into the Dark Side, researching its lore while searching for Sith artifacts.

Chu'unda came into contact with Forjj Blackblade, entering his contest to find a new apprentice. Confident in her ability to best her rivals, she entered the arena on Desevro without resorting to assassinating any of her rivals. Unfortunately, the opponents were too much for her, Chu'unda being the first to fall after being double-teamed by Dalthos Bloodstorm and Lucille Ravenwind.

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