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The Chair of the Senate was the head of government of the New Republic, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, and many other political entities in the galaxy.

List of Chairs of SenateEdit

Old RepublicEdit

See Supreme Chancellor (AH2000)

New RepublicEdit

Image Name Term Specie Sex Home Planet Party
Sian-1- Sian Tevv 6-11 ABY Human Male Sullust Republican Alliance
Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh-1- Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh 11-12 ABY Elomin Male Elom Republican Alliance
Garmgarmgarm-1- Garm Bel Iblis 12-15 ABY Human Male Corellia Independent
Behn Behn-kihl-nahm 15-22 ABY Cerean Male Cerea Republican Alliance
Kaysil Verwood 22-23 ABY Bothan Male Kothlis Alien League
Typia 23-24 ABY Muza Male Muzara Daysong
Fyg Boras 24-25 ABY Vor Male Vortex Galactic Social Union
Behn Behn-kihl-nahm 25-26 ABY Cerean Male Cerea Republican Alliance
Viqi Shesh 26-27 ABY Human Female Kuat Anti-Jedi Alliance
Pwoe 27 ABY Quarren Male Mon Calamari Alien League
Releqy A'Kla(1) 27-28 ABY Caamasi Female Kerilt Democratic Party of Kerilt/Federalist Party

Galactic AllianceEdit

Image Name Term Species Sex Homeworld Party
Chelch Dravvad 28–37 ABY Human Male Corellia Federalist Party
Besl Fird(1) 37–40 ABY Human Male Alsakan Federalist Party
Jacen Solo(Darth Caedus) 40–41 ABY Human Male Coruscant Sith
Besl Fird(2) 41–45 ABY Human Male Alsakan Imperialist Party
Triebakk 45–46 ABY Kashyyyk Male Wookiee Wroshyr Party
Nek Bwua'tu(Triumvirate) 46–47 ABY Bothan Male Ruweln
Cha Niathal(Triumvirate) 46–47 ABY Mon Calamari Female Dac(Mon Calamari) Galactic Action Party
Leia Organa Solo(2)(Triumvirate) 46–47 ABY Human Female Alderaan Jedi

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