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Cerys Odé
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Cerys Odé, originally known as Cerys Eola, was a female Twi'lek Gunslinger and smuggler who worked for the Hutt Cartel as an explorer and treasure hunter during the Cold War. During a mission to Dromund Kaas, Cerys' team was captured by Imperial forces and tortured for information. Cerys was one of the only two members to survive interrogation when a young Sith, the Blood Lord Darsun, happened by. Stating that he wanted the young Twi'lek for himself, the sympathetic Pureblood took Cerys as his slave, forcing her to accompany him while on Dromund Kaas.

Upon their departure from the Sith capital, however, Darsun removed her shock collar and told her she was free to leave. Having failed to complete the objective she had been paid in advance for, however, Cerys decided she was safer traveling with a Sith than trying to avoid the Cartel's wrath by herself.

Ally of the Sith Edit

Youth Edit

Unlike most Twi'leks, Cerys was not raised as a slave. In fact, her family spent most of their lives in relative comfort, working in the Anchorhead spaceport and living just south of the settlement. When Cery's mother was forced to leave her job at the spaceport due to the effects of Jundland Pox, money became scarce for the family, and Cerys decided she was a liability. Just fourteen years old, Cerys smuggled herself onto a merchant ship bound for the Core Worlds, eventually ending up on the urban world of Ator, where she encountered a group of thrill-seeking explorers. Cerys joined the group, working as a treasure hunter and part-time slicer.

For the next six years, Cerys was a solid part of the crew, learning to handle a blaster pistol and subsequently discovering her talent as a Gunslinger. However, when the crew were hired to acquire a certain relic from the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas, their adventuring days came to an end.

Slave Edit

Captured by expeditionary forces on Dromund Kaas, Cerys and her crew were passed along to Imperial Intelligence for interrogation. Cerys was fortunate, suffering torture at the hands of an Imperial interrogator. A number of her companions, however, were tortured by Inquisitors; their minds were decimated from the techniques used to extract information, leaving only Cerys and a fraction of the team alive by the time her savior came along.

Awaiting Darth Baras' orders, Lord Darsun, a minor servant of the Empire who was most famed for his surviving of Terentatek poison, happened by. Hearing Cerys screams as he strolled through Imperial Intelligence HQ drew Darsun's curiosity, and the young warrior came to investigate. Much to Cery's surprise, the so-called Blood Lord ordered the torturer to cease his activities and report to his superior for new instructions, stating that he wanted the prisoner for himself. The interrogator objected but, after a brief show of power, quickly elected to follow the orders, allowing Cerys and Darsun to walk out of Intelligence HQ.

Feelings of freedom were soon replaced by feelings of terror, as Cerys quickly realized she was the 'property' of a Sith. Cerys silently followed Darsun on his walk around the city, waiting for the moment when she looked at someone or something the wrong way and the shock collar around her neck activated. But it never did, and when Darsun was finally called to service by his master, Cerys remained unharmed.

Within the heart of the Imperial Citadel, Darsun and Cerys entered the Sith Sanctum, walking the lifeless hallways until they came to the chamber of Darth Baras. Querying Cerys' role, Darsun assured Baras that she would be a useful ally, citing her obvious talent—having infiltrated the Sith capital, entered the Dark Temple and killed a dozen or so Imperial soldiers before finally being apprehended—as adequate reason to keep her. He did, much to Cerys' horror, offer her as a gift, should Baras want her, but the elderly Sith declined, clearly satisfied with Darsun's reasoning.

He proceeded to give Darsun his orders; travel to Ziost and rendezvous with local Imperial forces. When the pair arrived at Darsun's ship, the 'Blood Lord', as his Master had called him, removed Cerys' collar, stating that she was free to leave and that he would drop her off on a planet of her choosing, assuming said planet was near his destination.

En route to Ziost, Cerys thought over her choices. Ultimately, she came to the grim conclusion that failing a job for a Hutt meant a price on her head. With great reluctance, the young treasure hunter approached her Sith pilot, asking if she could accompany him in his travels. To both her disdain and pleasure, Darsun agreed, stating he would be happy to have some company.

Ziost Edit

Better stick close. This is a Sith world, historically, I mean, as well as a world we control now. A Twi'lek walking around alone is a target most people here won't be able to resist—Darsun, to Cerys, regarding the anti-alien mentality on Ziost.

After landing on Ziost, Darsun and Cerys met with an officer controlling local forces who briefed them on the orders Baras had sent through. According to the officer, Baras was setting up an ambush for a Republic SIS agent who had repeatedly caused problems for Baras' network of informants, primarily by tracking down and arresting Baras' agents.

Darsun and Cerys were given living quarters to use during their time on the planet. Before they could visit their new home, however, Darsun had to deal with the SIS agent. Despite wanting more information, all the pair knew was that they were expected to head to the uninhabited wastelands not far from the outpost, camp there and await the arrival of their target.

Cerys slept while Darsun remained up all night, unwilling to let his guard down; it paid off. As the sun rose, Darsun was approached by a shady-looking figure who asked him for 'the package'. Knowing the man had obviously been tricked into venturing out into the wasteland, Darsun attempted to use the element of surprise to dispatch his foe quickly and painlessly. Unfortunately, the agent was well-trained, swinging a cortosis-weave vibroblade into the path of Darsun's lightsaber.

The pair fought, and though Darsun was a far greater duelist, the agent had more than a few gadgets concealed around the armor plating he wore, enough to steal away victory when Darsun thought he had it.

Regardless of his skill as a fighter, Darsun's lack of sleep and his opponents exhaustive array of weaponry was too much for him to beat. A spring-fired paralysis dart brought him to the floor, at the mercy of the SIS agent. Unlike Darsun, though, the agent lacked the Force- he did not sense Cerys wake up and leave the tent, nor did he sense her when she opened fired with her blasters, sending two precise and fatal bolts of energy into the agents chest, preventing him from executing her new ally.

Darsun was surprised by Cerys' actions, thanking her and promising he would return the favor when the time came. Content that she would survive longer than she'd expected, Cerys accompanied Darsun on his journey back to the outpost.

Behind the scenes Edit

Cerys Eola's appearance originated from one of the in-game customization kits available for the character Vette, one of the Sith Warrior class companion characters.

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