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Celeste Ial was a female Human soldier in the Galactic Empire and later, the Imperial Remnant. She was also the childhood friend of Echon Tarkin.[1]

History Edit

Early life Edit

Celeste was born in 11 BBY to Governor Ial on the planet Eriadu. After an accident took her father's life, she and her mother served the Tarkin family. One day, Wilhuff Tarkin's son, Echon, approached her and asked to play. The two became close friends. [1] After her mother's death in 5 BBY, she was allowed to stay at the Tarkin Mansion with the Tarkin family. [2][3]

Imperial life Edit

Two years after Governor Tarkin's death, Echon and Celeste joined the Imperial Academy. Celeste would serve the Galactic Empire until it's fragmentation in 4 ABY.[4] Soon after that, a list was published of all the casualties of the Battle of Endor. Celeste found Echon's name amongst the dead. She then joined the Imperial Remnant. During the Elsian blitz, Celeste and her squadron charged into the enemy combatants and captured the rebel leader, Kilbasa, but suffered severe losses. Nearly losing all but a few of her squadron forced the Remnant to retire her without honors.[1][2]

Mission to Voltar Edit

Emil, now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
—Celeste, upon meeting Echon's attention in Eriadu by calling him Emil.[src]

In 7 ABY, Ysanne Isard sent her on a mission to enter the No Fly Zone as New Republic emissaries in order to force the Volta, the inhabitants of the area, to battle the New Republic. Celeste stopped in Eriadu to stock-up before the mission, only to run into her old friend Echon.[1] The next day, her second-in-command, Evan Zenete arrived at the Tarkin Mansion and kidnapped Echon. He lied, saying that he saw nobody, which convinced her that Echon had left without saying good-bye. She continued on her mission. While on board the Frayed Hunter, she learned that Aurea Hali, a friend of Echon, had stowed away on the ship. Attempting to abort the mission, Evan sedated her. The Frayed Hunter arrived at the planet Voltar without a hitch. The Frayed Hunter was attacked by Volta forces. Celeste, Echon, and Aurea, escaped onto the surface of the planet.[3]

After they landed, they were captured by Nationalist forces. Before they could be taken, a witch by the name of Mila attacked the soldiers. Believing that they were from the Galactic Republic, she captured them.[5] While being held at the Refiek farm, she accidentally attacked Echon thinking he was Mila.[6]

Personality and traits Edit

At the time of her Mission to Voltar, Celeste was described as an average 1.6 meter, 74 kilogram eighteen year-old female with enough suicidal tendencies to put a disgraced Mandalorian to shame. This could be attributed to her losing her parents at an early age. Upon learning that her childhood friend had survived the Battle of Endor, Celeste's entire demeanor seemed to shift away from the depression.[1] Evan Zenete realized this and twisted her emotions by kidnapping Echon Tarkin. [3]

Behind the scenes Edit

Celeste Ial was first designed as an enemy to Echon Kenobi in the first draft of Imperial Treachery, where she was written as a male and stalked Echon in a jungle on Caamas. He was then rewritten into Celeste Morgan, a jab at Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Due to the fact that the name bared too much of a resemblance to Celeste Morne, it was changed to Celeste Ial, which came from the word celestial. She was based on the appearance of Celes of Final Fantasy VI. [7]

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