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Cavern Spider


Height of average adult

30 centimeters

Average length

25 centimeters

Skin color


Hair color



carnivorous diet, green abdomen, black head, eight pointed red star on abdomen, scorpion like tail, ten yellow eyes

Cavern spiders were large spiders native to the planet Acra.


Cavern spiders were larger than normal spiders due to their bizarre diet, Cavern fish. Cavern spiders had a scorpion like tail with a stinger on the end, a green abdomen with a red eight pointed star on the back, eight sharp legs with razor like claws on the tips and equally sharp mandibles. They could fire a green poison from their abdomens or just inject it to paralyze pray. The tail also functioned as a tool to lay eggs into unsuspecting victims that off course had to be paralyzed first. They mainly prayed on cavern fish and injured Deep eels, although they could fall pray to healthier deep eels, intent on making snacks out of them.


Cavern spiders laid a sticky green form of webbing over places where Cavern fish jumped to catch falling leaves. When a fish was caught they moved to the fish, paralyzed it with the venom in their tails and laid eggs inside of them before cutting of the tail with their long pincers and scuttled off to feed. Rarely another host such as a Deep eel or injured Kegan could be chosen but the favored host were cavern fish. Twelve days later the eggs hatched and literally ate the host from the inside out. The young then either ate the parent or scuttled off to deeper caverns to mate. Cavern spiders were not actually aggressive but just looking for ways to survive and were curious beings by nature

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