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Castol Dalgota was a Sith Inquisitor that was active during the Cold War. After the conclusion of the Cold War; Castol left the Sith Empire to live with his wife in peace. Castol and his allies were declared traitors and deserters of the Sith Empire. Castol's ship was shot down over Orriban. Castol crash landed and spent the rest of his life on Orriban.




Castol consults with the Dark Council via hologram

Castol was apprenticed to a Sith Lord called Darth Thornax during the Cold War.

Dueling a JediEdit

Castol dueled with many Jedi, but none were as special as his first, Castol barely survived.

Leaving the SithEdit

Following the spectacular conclusion of the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Old Republic, Castol left to live with his wife as they were expecting triplets. The Sith Empire caught wind of Castol's departure and declared him and those that had left with him deserters and traitors to the Sith Empire. The Sith were somewhat reluctant to issue this order, but realized that Castol knew many of the Empire's secrets. Forces of the Sith Empire caught up with Castol and shot him down over Orriban. Most of Castol's allies were killed upon impact when they crash landed on Orriban. Castol would spend the rest of his life questioning his service to the Sith Empire.


Even after death Castol still lingered on Orriban as a Force Ghost. Nearly four thousand years after Castol's death, he would be sought out and rediscovered by one of his ancestors, Darth Luvidicous. Darth Luvidicous would ask Castol for guidance, Castol attempted to turn his ancestor away from the dark side of the force claiming that it only led to "destruction and absolute betrayal". Darth Luvidicous would soon find himself trapped in Castol's resting place, Castol would teach him a force power that would allow him to escape.
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Castol Dalgota instructs Darth Luvidicous

Personality and traitsEdit

Castol is the most loyal man I've ever met.
—Unknown Sith Trooper

Castol Dalgota possessed unwavering loyalty to the cause of the Sith Empire. He also upheld his Master's orders to the letter, and would allow no exceptions in that regard. However, his loyalty, though unyielding, was not blind. Castol eventually defied the orders of the Sith Empire to start a life with his pregnant wife. Castol Dalgota was not a power-hungry manipulator, but rather a man devoted to establishing lasting order and peace, at all costs.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Castol was skilled with Force Lightning. He was also extremely skilled in the use of Force Speed, implementing it into his own personal fighting style and allowing him to move so quickly that his opponents would often find themselves unable to react in time.It can be speculated that Castol could use the force to release waves of fire from his fingers, as he taught this technique to Darth Luvidicous.



Castol Dalgota's lightsaber

Castol used a red-bladed lightsaber of unknown origin.

Behind the scenesEdit

Castol Dalgota was created by Darth Void for Bioware's upcoming Star Wars game; The Old Republic. User:Darth Void decided to be bold and put the character in his series: Power of the Force.