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You will soon find out that I never make the same mistake twice.
—Camulos Abistus

Camulos Midir Abistus was born on Kashyyyk from two rogue Jedi. Both of his parents were decent Jedi, manifesting advanced powers of the Force. They were both skilled lightsaber combatants, and were rather famous throughout the Jedi temple for their skill. Camulos had two brothers, one he did not know, but the other he did. His known brother's name was Devon Abistus, and was 25 years old at the time Camulos commenced training as a Sith.


Birth of a dark oneEdit

I call upon thy holy power to heal our offspring from untimely death.
—Camulos' mother, referring to the Force
Water baby

Camulos being bathed in the oceans of Kashyyyk

Deep within the depths of Kashyyyk was a child, born from two Jedi lovers who lived near the ocean. The two Jedi went rogue after discovering they beared a child. The child they conceived was born weak, and near death.

After trying several ways to save him, they came to a final solution. They took him to the oceans of Kashyyyk and bathed him in it, immersing him with the Force. The Force eternally entered his body and healed him, giving him the gift of life. Little did his parents know, Camulos was dark by nature, and was not a happy baby. Though the Light side of the Force healed him, he detested it.

Early childhoodEdit

He doesn't show any emotion towards you.
—Devon Abistus, speaking to his mother

While he grew up, his parents would often use the Force to aid them in everyday activities, such as chores. Camulos hated it, and having the simple mind of a child, he hated them. With each day that passed, his parents would continue to use the Force, and so his hatred grew. His parents obviously sensed that he was not the normal, loving son that his brother was.

After reaching the age of twelve, his parents introduced the Force to him. They took a blood sample from him, and were shocked to find that he had a Midichlorian count of 13,800, well above the average Jedi. However, they treated them just as they had treated his older brother, and taught him the very basics of the Force. As he learned of this 'magic' power, his interest grew. He still detested the light-side of the Force, but embraced the power it presented. As rogue Jedi, his parents would often be attacked or harassed by others. Therefore, they taught him how to detoxify various poisons with the Force. This basic knowledge of the Force helped lead him to the quest for more power.

Quest for darknessEdit

You got skill, kid.
—Taron Al'beit, speaking to Camulos

Camulos atop his apartment complex

After feeling old enough to carry on his own life, Camulos left home at the age of sixteen, in search of a darker force to prove that he didn't need the light side of the Force to live. He became obsessed in this search, driven to disprove his self-proclaimed weakness. He took a transport to Correlia, where he lived in the unused basement of a middle-class family who owned a restaurant. They never discovered of his presence, but often saw him near their house. Their suspicion grew, and they searched their house to find Camulos napping in their basement. They kicked him out, but,sympathetically, did not call on the law.

Camulos, now homeless, needed a place to stay with food to eat if he were to survive. In order to earn money, he performed acrobatics at the streetside. People felt very sorry for him, and always threw him a little bit of cash after his performances. He found an apartment nearby, and rented it. He still, however, had to perform his acrobatic street shows to pay the rent.

One afternoon, a smuggler took notice of his performance. He stayed and watched the show, at the end giving Camulos an enormous handful of credits. He introduced himself as Taron Al'beit, and talked to him about the Smuggler faction he was in, telling him of the riches and glory of the mercenary-type job. He persuaded Camulos into joining, and presented the newly-discovered acrobat to the rest of the faction.

Across the galaxyEdit

Creating a mercEdit

You will learn absolute obedience through punishment.
—Leader of the Ulterior Fox

Upon joining the smuggler faction, called The Ulterior Fox, he had to undergo a rather strenuous initiation. They had made a different initiation for each member that joined, training them to be fearless. Because of the risks often involved in their jobs, it was obligatory that they did not fear death. Camulos had always had a fear of being totally defenseless and lost. Therefore, the smugglers, who Camulos recognized to be mercs, bound him in ropes, blind-folded him, beat him, and threw him in the wild to have to survive and find his way back.

His first trip was to Anaxes, where The Ulterior Fox had an underground base, both literally and figuratively. They had a large plain which they had created by cutting down a portion of the forest. However, they left the tree tops intact in order to prevent aerial reconnaissance. This was the area in which most people were trained in combat. The field consisted mostly of shooting ranges, to hone the accuracy of their members. Here, Camulos became a pistol marksman, demonstrating lethal and accurate shots from 600 yards, which was quite impressive for even a sniper with a rifle. For the work they intended Camulos to do, the mercs created a type of compact pistol that would fold. They topped off his training with teaching him escape tactics. They would build simulations that he would have to find a way out of, undetected if possible. They even included fake henchmen in these simulations to add to the challenge.

First of the campaignEdit

Fralthi nose edge

The Karim, The Ulterior Fox's ship

Upon completing his initiation and training, the faction put him to immediate use. Their primary base was a large attack carrier called The Karim. They had many missions in which they needed to steal an object without being caught. As many important objects even worth stealing had sensors and detection systems, Camulos was perfect for the job. He was small, strong, and incredibly acrobatic. The other mercs would take care of everything he needed, but once Camulos was inside, he was on his own.

His first mission was to steal the flight data of a political transport. They wanted to know who was flying where. However, unlike most ships, this data was separate from the ship, being kept in a heavely guarded base on Kuat. It was the property of the Galactic Republic, so many soldiers were located inside of the base. A small group of members from The Ulterior Fox infiltrated the base and took care of whatever Camulos might of worried about, including lights, security systems, and soldiers. His path was paved, apart from the room that actually contained the data. After punching in the security code to open the door, he noticed that the security systems were still online. There were lasers that were set to be absolutely random per movement. There were also cameras on parts of the walls and ceiling. Camulos took out the cameras with his pistol and jumped to the corner of the room, keeping his distance from any nearby lasers. He climbed up the corner of the wall, wedging himself there with his legs, and climbed onto an overhead pipe. He was then able to switch out the data from their systems with a fake, and exited the room the same way he had entered. The other mercs who accompanied him were impressed, and told the story to the rest of the faction after boarding their ship.