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Caltive was a temperate planet in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Its year was about a half of a standard year on Coruscant. Caltive had no ice caps, for they melted over 2 million years ago, flooding two whole continents, and only three remained.


Erhu was the upper continent, and home to the aquatic, sentient, Wuhalla. It was the second hottest part of the planet.

Artill was the central continent. It was not inhabited by any of the three sentient races, as it was seen as the place where the gods lived, and was reserved for spiritual pilgrims.

Enrall was the lower continent. It was connected to Erhu by a massive land bridge that spanned 5,632.7 kilometers long. Passage between continents was rarely done on land because of the savage pass, where the warlike Arle' lived. Enrall was inhabited by the sentient Entilla. The Entilla were a true wonder because they were one of the only sentient quadrupeds in the Galaxy.

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