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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars: The New Frontier, Star Wars: An Advancing Darkness, and Star Wars: Flames of the Galaxy. Caution is advised.

The galaxy's turned out a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
—Calen Solayr[src]
Calen Solayr was a Human male Force-sensitive and later Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. Orphaned on the Unknown Regions planet of Aranya, Solayr spent his early years making a living as a street peddler, and even built his own personal droidRV-V, during this period. His life was changed, however, when he discovered a mysterious object, something that later turned out to be an ancient Jedi holocron. In his retrieval of it, he also encountered a young Jedi apprentice named Anhri Claynes. He joined her in a mission to bring the holocron to the Triumvirate Subversive Intelligence Service, pursued by warlord Raixan Fauth and his forces.  At the end of a race and several battles throughout the Unknown Regions, they and three new companions (including Claynes' masterRend Arcturius) arrived at the world of Hideaway, where a massive battle was waged that ended in the warlord's defeat and Arcturius' death.

He was a major combatant in the New Jedi Purge, helping to ferry Jedi away from combat zones, and began his official Jedi training on the planet New Tython shortly thereafter. Experiencing visions of his parents during a mission to rescue an escaped Jedi, he later encountered Fauth himself as he infiltrated the world, beginning the Battle of New Tython. Throughout the conflict, Calen engaged the warlord in a lightsaber duel, being soundly defeated after the truth of his parents' connection to Fauth was revealed. He was later picked up by his friends in the Kitehawk, but would later depart to hunt down the last owner of the holocron: Tuné.

Two years later, Solayr was 'missing', having spent that time training with the ancient master, before reemerging during the events of Operation: Homefront.


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Full appearance (Jedi uniform).


Full appearance (Aranya and casual).

He was the sort of person who, even after being through the refresher twice, still looked as if he'd come in from a desert storm.
A Breath from the Void
Tall and lean, though not entirely unmuscular, Solayr was noted to constantly appear windswept, no matter how formally he dressed or how fierce an activity he was engaged in. This occasionally had the effect of him appearing completely out of place in certain settings (especially in later affairs of state and similar gatherings). He had short and unruly hair the color of straw, with a notable cowlick near the center front. Beneath this lay lightly-defined eyebrows and emerald eyes posessing a unique focus. Calen had a sharp chin and was regarded as having a slightly above-average appearance.

During his time on Aranya, he wore a simple yet practical outfit that only allowed the smallest concessions to vanity. It consisted of a rather plain, dark green shirt with a slightly low-cut collar. While it had long sleeves, they were most often hidden beneath a voluminous leather jacket he had managed to salvage once upon a time. Taking great pride in this garment, Solayr would keep it on as much as possible for both its aesthetic pleasentness and the greater aura of toughness it lent him (always a boon when dealing with unruly customers). It was complimented by only slightly lighter pants, which extended down to his multipurpose black boots. Occasionally, the peddler would wear some of the valuable items he collected on his person (such as an oddly luminescent stone in the form of a necklace, and later on the Aranyan holocron). A belt was occasionally seen on him, generally used to store excavation tools and other odds and ends that could help him acquire merchandise. Calen had a great fondness for this outfit (being his only set of clothes for most of his time before the Fauthian devastation) and would often change back into it, even after becoming a Jedi proper. The colors and articles themselves would often become encorporated into later looks of his.

When he and the Kitehawk met up with Ilse Emery and various other Triumvirate forces, Solayr updated his outfit to make it more combat-ready, into a look that would stick with him for most of his career. It consisted of various pieces of armor formerly worn by various fallen soldiers in the area (including at least one Mandalorian), each one generally white in color with various kinds of trim and symbols along them. They were all held together by various mechanisms, including standard connecting pieces and the occasional bit of black/brown leather. His original clothes still lay underneath and were in some areas visible; most notably, the back of his jacket and front of his shirt just above the end fo his breastplate, and his sleeves could often be seen between the other pieces of armor. During his time training with Anhri and fighting against the New Jedi Purge, Calen would replace his original outfit with similar garments more befitting of a Jedi-in-training, which he described as overall more stiff and formal than his casual wear. The most notable addition was a kilt-like object covering up his leg armor, and a dark emerald hood he could pull over his head in harsh weather or when in dark moods. Where once there had been a blaster holster on the side of one of the armor pieces, there now set a container specifically for his lightsaber.

After his two years of training, he wore an outfit that appeared to combine elements of his previous two uniforms. While the modifications to his armor remained, they appeared a bit more worn and less layered, clinging tightly to his form and making him appear even more lean. The kilt and hood remained, though the rest of his inner clothing was replaced with clothing more akin to his original casual outfit. Even the hood itself was now black, as if it had melded with his jacket. Him wearing his old long shirt and jeans following his climactic duel with Fauth appeared to confirm that he had simply combined his casual clothes with his Jedi ones. Overall, he appeared a bit more wild and bedragged.


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Lightsaber SkillsEdit

As to be expected with his background, Solayr was initially completely unfamiliar with the lightsaber, having not even seen one or gotten a clear idea of what one was before his first clashes with Fauthian forces alongside the Jedi. Despite this, he managed to show a surprising proficiency when the weapon after undergoing some training. While his initial instruction on the Kitehawk didn't involve dueling much, if at all, his first use of a lightsaber was more than those around him had expected. Following the slaying of Rend Arcturius at the hands of Fauth himself, Solayr managed to acquire his lightsaber, reaching out through the Force for the first time in order to do so. Once he grasped the weapon, Calen noted to himself that it felt more familiar than he had first thought it would, being a comfortable fit for his palm and hand, allowing his initial battle to feel more natural than normal. However, he lacked any style or fines in his premier duel, with his strikes being wild and makeshift, easily predictable and avoidable. They were rough things, aimed more to simply drive his opponent back than attempting to outmaneuver him or deal any major damage. While his opponent, Saedus, would have initially been able to easily defeat him in a one-on-one battle, he was already suffering from exhaustion from his prolonged duel with Solayr's companion, Anhri, and the wounds that he had taken during it made his own strikes sluggish and ineffective when compared to him at his full strength. Despite the advantage given to the comparatively fresh Calen, the general still managed to drive him back with every blow and proving capable of deflecting many of his attacks with not any great exertion. Solayr proved himself capable of blocking, however, and that combined with the aforementioned weariness on the part of his opponent allowed him to successfully parry an attack that temporarily left the darksider immobilized in a way, giving him the chance he needed to deliver a blow that, while not killing his enemy, did put him out of the fight for the time being. Raixan Fauth recognized elements of his fighting style from that used by his father, Lucen, but refused to allow himself the chance to believe that he had found the traitor's son until he learned of his name.

After being adopted into the New Jedi Order, Calen received official training on the use of a lightsaber in combat. With Anhri acting as his main instructor in that field, he initially specialized in the use of Niman, but continued practice showed that he was unsuitable for the form, with Claynes judging that he was one more suited for continuous attack. Not wanting to leave him vulnerable, she shifted his studies to that of Form V, having him gain a level of experience in both the Shien and Djem So disciplines when he proved much more adept at this particular style. It would become Solayr's main form of lightsaber combat during his time on New Tython, being especially highlighted in his duel with Fauth shortly thereafter. Despite the strengths that he had gained during his Jedi training, Fauth was still able to overpower him several times and overwhelm his defenses with intense bouts of Juyo, though the two managed to remain on a somewhat even keel for the majority of the duel, with the dark side warlord dominating the fight. Ultimately, Raixan's form of battling would prove superior, as he managed to disarm Calen twice before finally defeating him through the use of Force lightning. After the battle, his weakness in dueling was one of the reasons that the ex-peddler sought more advanced training.

Under the tutelage of Tuné, Solayr's skills as a duelist rose significantly. Aiming for a more balanced fighting style, she allowed him to retain his skills with Form V, but also began heavily instructing him in the use of Shii-Cho, the style that she favored herself. Teaching the young Jedi how to allow his emotions to flow through him without allowing the darker ones to influence his actions, she encouraged him to incorporate it into his fighting style if he truly wanted to match his nemesis in another battle. Agreeing, Calen made good use of the Determination Form, and it took over as his main fighting style, being supplanted with the Perseverance Form in order to provide a greater edge against lightsaber-wielding opponents. By combining these, he managed to become an incredibly skilled fighter, and proved this fact upon returning to the war, using his knowledge and improvisation with the first style combined with the aggressive strikes and counters of the fifth in order to easily overwhelm and defeat a Dark Jedi opponent whom he faced upon his reemergence. Analyzing his new fighting style after the battle, Anhri noted that he was using a variety of other styles mixed in with his two main as well, though these newer additions where few and far between and only seemed to occur when he sought to destabilize or surprise the opponent, and potentially when pushed into a corner as well. The new fighting style proved its worth in his second battle with Fauth, though despite managing to hold his own and at times overpower the dark warrior, he was eventually forced back and knocked down. During the second half of the fight, he began thoughtlessly introducing elements of the more aggressive Juyo into his strikes, managing to briefly overpower the warlord several times during the duel. Throughout all his various duels, most have noted that Solayr's style, despite being hardened with technique, still retained a rough exterior, and most of his attacks lacked any real finesse or flair to them.

In his last battle of the war, Solayr relied entirely on his own instinctual skills, barely managing to keep up against an opponent who was giving their all in order to slay him.

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Solayr's lightsaber.

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