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CT-325, better known by his nickname of Grey, was a clone trooper who served the Galactic Republic during the clone wars, but perished during the first month. He was a member of the 179th Legion, which was commanded by General Echuu Shen-Jon and Clone Commander Torch.


Battle of SarapinEdit

Grey and the other members of the 179th legion were sent to the Republic world of Sarapin, in order to reclaim it from the Separatist general, Sev'rance Tann and her forces. Grey and the others managed to capture a Separatist mining facility under the leadership of Echuu Shen-Jon. Grey and his fellow clone troopers were prepared to execute the captured Geonosian workers, but were stopped by their general, who instead captured them. While trekking to a Separatist stronghold, Grey and another trooper, Moss, were ambushed by a vaapad and killed.