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CT-42/13-8038, or Jurkad, was a clone trooper and later senior clone commander in the Grand Army of the Republic.

He was originally a generic trooper, hence the CT-designation. Sometime during the war, he made a bold, selfless maneuver that gained him both his nickname, which stems from jurkadir—to mess with—and his promotion to a clone officer. He eventually was made the senior commander of the 36th Kom'rk Legion, part of the 15th Defense Corps which specialized in defending key Republic planets. He shared command of the legion with Jedi General Nim-Adko.

Although he was considered a competent commander, Jurkad suffered a crushing defeat at Leziquk, during which the 15th Defense Corps lost the equivalent of one and a half legions. After the battle, the remnants of the 36th Kom'rk Legion were merged with other forces, and Jurkad was reassigned from defense duties for the remainder of the war. After the rise of the Empire, he assisted in leading the occupation of several worlds, including Eniam.

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