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We all fight hard to end this war, no matter how long it is gonna take!!!.
—Oil on Hazor

CT-0972, nicknamed Oil was a clone trooper born on the water planet of Kamino.


CT-0972 named "Oil" is a clone of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett born on the ocean planet of Kamino.

Early lifeEdit


Oil on Hazor

When the Clone Wars started, Oil was a cadet in training, after he finished his training he was enlisted to fight in the war, during the battle of Hazor he suffer an injury on the back of his head, two months later when the battle was still going on, Oil was back in the fight again, when the battle ended, he was awarded to be a sergeant and got put in the Coruscant Guard.



Oil as a shock trooper

As a part of the Coruscant Guard, Oil's job was to make sure all of the prisoners were put in their cells, another part of his job was the cafeteria watcher every day at lunch, both jobs were at the Coruscant Detention Center on Coruscant.

Personality and traitsEdit

Oil was a nice clone trooper. He had a scar from the battle of Hazor. His weapons were a sniper rifle, blaster rifle, and an Electrostaff as a shock trooper.

Behind the scenesEdit

CT-0972 is User CT 44-8803's favorite clone trooper.

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