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Speedo, was a clone commander who loved piloting vehicles, but, unfortunately got stuck with engineer duties at the beginning of the War. He was always partnered with CC/7120587. He became a commander and led many great battles. Then, he and his partner were assigned to go to Rhen Var and join SARC Squad.

He had a special modified DC-15s which could switch modes, very similar to the DC-17, and had high power/low


Jerin SharrEdit

Before he joined SARC Squad, he and CC/87 were sent to capture General Taa. They fought long and hard in his flagship. Taa was nowhere to be found. "I'll check on General Sharr" He shouted. Then 94 ran down a deserted hallway, guided by the sound of a lightsaber and vibro-axe. When he reached the control room, a Geonosian had an ax to Sharr's head. He quickly stunned the Geonosian. 87 walked in the room. "Good job, 94, now we only have to eliminate Fac!" exclaimed 87. Then he realized he had just shot Fourso Taa.

Fac's endEdit

At the end of the Third Battle of Rhen Var, SARC Squad was assigned to infiltrate a Trade Federation Core ship. He helped a lot, but his true heroics was at the very final battle, between him and the enemy. The SARCs could hardly hold out. As they burst into Juc Fac's headquarters, he came out with his Battle Droids and defeated all of them, most of them living, but hardly. As he stalked his foes, CC/94 leapt up and fought him. Juc was hardly alive when another blast shot across the room and knocked him away. OOM-9 emerged from the shadows. After a long fight, he defeated OOM-9. An antenna shot up from the droids head, and it died. Suddenly another Battle Droid got up and announced itself OOM-9c. He about killed it when Juc leapt on him. Then SARC Squad got up and engaged the rest, leaving Juc Fac for 94."Now, we play this fair. " Fac let out a series of clicks, and broke the window with his spear. After a long vibroblade duel, with several surprises from Juc's B-2 Arm blaster, 94 had him. SARC/12164's voice came from his speaker: "That last sentence, translated was 'I don't play fair'". As Juc let out a series of wails and shrieks, and the bolt pierced his skull, several missiles rained on SARC Squad through the broken glass. Although Fac died.

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