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Commander, we need to take out the gun towers!"
"Give me a minute to finish mowing down these droids, General.

Kara Jinn and Commander Jax

CC-2278, also known as "Jax," was a clone commander during the Clone Wars. Jax went though the ARC training program so he was very independent and extremely intelligent.

Jax and his forces were assigned to Jedi Knight Kara Jinn during the conflict. Commander Jax was a "top notch" trooper. He went through many battles and learned to hum. While he was stationed on Raxus Prime one of his men had blown cover and got one of his squad killed Jax threw him out for him to defend himself. He became close to Kara Jinn. They worked in many missions. In 19 BBY, Jax killed Kara Jinn due to Order 66.

Personality and traitsEdit

Is he humming?"
"Do any other commanders do that?"
"None among the living.

—Kara Jinn and Sergeant CC-2695

Jax was a stern commander who took no nonsense from his men. His plans were almost always precise and he always made sure his army worked as a single unit. He had a craving for action and was suspected to be addicted to adrenaline. He always until the last moment before acting and was well known for unorthodox attacks.

When the shooting started, Jax got himself into a "zone". His body seemed to react instinctively to any attack from the advancing armies. When things got really tricky, Jax would subconsciously hum to himself to keep from panicking and help himself stay focused.

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