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I love my brothers, and I'll do everything I can to protect them even if it means something bad.

CC-2122 nicknamed Cranker was a clone commander during the Clone Wars. He was nominated for Advanced Training on Kamino with his close brother and best friend CC-3121 nicknamed Alpha 2 by Lama Su. At the end of his training Cranker passed but Alpha 2 was framed for cheating and was demoted to CT and was required to take the CT level of training. Devastated Cranker protested but was not listened too. Cranker participated in the Battle of Geonosis and was offered a position in the 501st Leigon but refused and returned to Kamino to oversee Alpha 2's training and make sure he passed. Cranker later saw Alpha 2 pass along with Riot Squad cadets, CT-3333, CT-4316, CT-4641 and CT-2036. Cranker was assigned to Riot Squad and was happy to be back with Alpha 2 and pleasured to meet the new members. They participated in many battles but however during the Battle of Kamino and Coruscant they lost CT-4641 and Alpha 2 which upset Cranker and the other members of the squad. In 20 BBY the squad was disbanded after CT-3333 became a Sergeant and was reassigned along with the other members of the squad. Cranker thereafter joined the 501st Leigon as Commander replacing CC-7567 nicknamed "Rex" who had left the leigon. When Order 66 was issued, Cranker was on Coruscant and participated in Operation: Knightfall killing many Jedi. However after coming across a Youngling, Cranker was reluctant and killed 2 fellow clones and told the Youngling to flee telling him a safe rout. Cranker was punished severely and reassigned to Kamino on guard duty with Commander Cody's Group. After helping stop the Anti-Empire Rebellion Cranker was shocked to have killed fellow brothers and when reassigned to Kashyyyk, left his post. Cranker later found and married Letra Soonn but was separated from her after returning to the Empire. In 17 BBY Cranker was contacted by his wife telling him that she had had a baby boy named Adrian Soonn. In order to be with his wife Cranker headed to Onderon where Soonn currently lived. After joining the Onderon Resistance, Cranker fought in one battle against the Empire on Dxun, Onderons moon. Cranker was later captured by the Empire for deserting and was forced to watch as Imperial Shocktroopers killed Letra and captured Adrian. He was later executed on the Holonet in front of all of Coruscant by a firing squad which consisted of CT-2036.


Early lifeEdit

CC-2122 was a clone commander born on Kamino in 32 BBY. Nicknamed Cranker for always cranking the droids, Cranker trained on Kamino with fellow clone troopers including his best friend and close brother Alpha 2. Cranker and Alpha 2 were recommended for advanced training by Lama Su himself even considered
Unidentified clone cadet

Cranker as a clone cadet

by Jango Fett. So they were placed in Advanced Training with 3 other clones. Cranker and Alpha 2 passed all tests and assignments and they even aced the Citadel Challenge Advanced Training Version with the squad! After being proclaimed Commander, Cranker was present when another clone framed Alpha 2 of cheating. Unfortunately there was no evidence that he didn't cheat so Alpha 2 was demoted to normal training level and was required to retrain there. Heavily griefed by this event Cranker refused a position in the 501st Leigon and instead, commanded a squad of 8 people.

Battle of GeonosisEdit

Cranker and his squad participated in the battle of Geonosis to rescue the Jedi Strike Team. During the battle, Cranker and his squad helped Mace Windu and fellow Jedi take down Separatist ships. However Cranker was injured by
Clone 1

Cranker and his squad during the battle of Geonosis

a battalion of droids but was rescued by his squad and carried him to safety. They also as a team took down the remaining ship. After that, Cranker was awarded a medal for his bravery, but his squad were offered an Advanced Recon Training Course which they accepted.

Overseeing Alpha 2's TrainingEdit

After his squads departure for Kamino, Cranker followed them in order to pick a new squad which Chancellor Palpatine had approved of. After being showed a variety of squads, Cranker found Alpha 2's new squad Riot Squad, and chose to oversee it wanting to be with his brother once more. Alpha 2 and his squad members CT-3333 nicknamed Ace, CT-4316 nicknamed Charger, CT-4641 nicknamed Leader and CT-2036 nicknamed Gunner. At that time they were almost ready for the final test. When all of them passed the final test and boarded the Republic Star Destroyer, Rebuke. Cranker then requested to Anakin Skywalker that Riot Squad be assigned to him and Skywalker accepted.

Early MissionsEdit

Cranker and Alpha 2 were relieved to be with each other again and Cranker was also pleased to have a fine squad. Cranker and Riot Squad were called on their first mission to Bespin to investigate a crashed Republic Star Destroyer, a mission Legion of clones and a Separatist involvement. After landing, Cranker sent Ace and Gunner, who were the stealthiest, to do a recon of the area ahead which looked very quiet and mysterious. After they did not return, Cranker, Alpha 2 and Charger went investigating and found Aces helmet ruined on the ground. After scanning the area Charger was able to find a holorecording from Gunner which showed that the Separatists were not involved and that a secret Sith was turning everyone into monsters. The recording was cut off when Ace yelled out and monsters swarmed Gunner. Finding the area where Gunner was, Cranker was able to find out that the Sith wanted revenge on a certain Jedi. However Charger triggered a trap revealing their position to the Sith who ambushed them telling them to surrender or he would kill Gunner who he held up as a hostage. While Alpha 2 and Charger surrendered Cranker noticed Ace in a corner his blaster rifle aimed at the Sith and fired killing him while Charger grabbed Gunner and they fled the monster remains of the Legion chasing them. After reporting to the Chancellor of the mission he and his squad were told to relax before heading out again. At one point Cranker and his squad traveled to Tatooine to stop a smuggler uprising and even made a surprise mission to the Unknown Regions and when they returned, were shaken and refused to report of their mission which caused them to be suspended from further missions their.

Battle of JabimmEdit

Later in 22 BBY Cranker and the rest of Riot Squad was assigned to Jabimm with Anakin Skywalker and his master Obi Wan Kenobi along with their clone trooper legions, to try to persuade Jabimm to join the Republic. They were also joined by the first Alpha, whom Alpha 2 had always had a quarrel with. However the negotiations turned into a full out battle because the planet had joined the Separatists. The battle was taking a lot of turns until the last AT-TE walker went down. Cranker contacted Alpha 2, who had been suspended from duty temporarily for brawling with Alpha, and told him to prepare to move base but at that moment, the walker exploded and Cranker, Skywalker, two other Jedi, Leader and Gunner were thrown back from the explosion. Skywalker grieved because he thought his master, who had been in the walker, had died. Cranker, Leader and Gunner were also angry and shocked since Ace and Charger had been with Kenobi. After freeing Jabimm Cranker and the remains of Riot Squad parted ways with Skywalker and Alpha (to Alpha 2's pleasure) and headed for Coruscant to report to the Chancellor.

First Battle of KaminoEdit

A year later in 21 BBY, Riot Squad was called to Kamino after Skywalker and Kenobi, who had escaped revealing himself to be in Asajj Ventress' captivity, had intercepted a message between Ventress and General Grievous about attacking Kamino. Like Rex, Cody and all other clones, Cranker, Alpha 2, Leader and Gunner were outraged and wanted to take a stand. For being the most eager, Kenobi assigned Cranker and Riot Squad to the main plaza where the attack was most likely to be placed. However when the attack began, Alpha 2 was most concerned for the cadets and left his post to protect them. Cranker, who was worried for his friend, also left his post and as he was running through the hallways the attack began and he was ambushed by aqua droids led by Ventress. Cranker was able to escape just barely and a
Defense of Kamino

Cranker, Ace, Charger, Leader, Gunner and Lucky during the Battle of Geonosis

rrived to see Alpha 2 protecting a bunch of cadets from General Grievous, who had just arrived. Cranker joined the battle instantly and the two brothers fought like a real team and killing machine until, Grievous made a move for Cranker and a cadet who was brave enough to fight. Alpha 2 saved Cranker and the cadet by breaking Grievous' hand and shooting the other one. He then kicked the cyborg down and turned to Cranker happily! However Grievous recovered and another arm shot out of his shoulder and impaled Alpha 2 with the lightsaber. Cranker watched horrified and grief-stricken as Alpha 2 opened his mouth in shock and as Grievous beheaded him Cranker fled terrified. After the battle, Cranker met with Leader and Gunner and told them about Alpha 2's death. Both were at loss of words and said nothing.

The Anti-Squad Removal MovementEdit

After the battle of Kamino, Cranker was approached by Jess, a clone general and was told that if Alpha 2, Ace or Charger didn't show up, Riot Squad was going to be disbanded and Cranker, Leader and Gunner would be reassigned to different Clone Groups. Cranker was outraged but didn't show it. So the three of them, each time after and before missions and battles would get clones and some Jedi to sign a petition. However the petition didn't work and Jess separated the three of them.

Skirmish on VjunEdit

As their last squad mission, Cranker, Leader and Gunner traveled to Vjun to destroy a Separatist base rumored to conceal Count Dooku himself! First, they landed on the outskirts of a cliff overlooking the base. While planning, the cannon shot the cliff and Cranker fell along with Gunner while Leader managed to grab on to the clone pilot's hand. As Gunner was knocked out, Cranker took his jetpack, grabbed Gunner and flew toward the base avoiding stray debris. Cranker and Gunner (once he was revived) managed to sneak into the base through an underground tunnel fighting many monsters on the way. When inside the base, Cranker and Gunner planned to split up. Cranker would rescue any prisoners and Gunner would plant the charges to blow up the base. When Cranker reached the control room blasting through the droids with his blaster rifle he found out that a bunch of refugees and surprisingly three clones were in the cells. Releasing them Cranker went to rendezvous with them but was stopped by Count Dooku! Dooku told Cranker he had anticipated this attack and was ready for it. Pinning Cranker to the ground with the Force, Dooku detonated the reactor room but at that moment, the base exploded! The double explosions collided and Cranker was thrown into the inferno by Dooku. Unable to see or move because of the pain Cranker was thrown around and hit many things until he landed near the destroyed cliff.


Cranker was rescued by Leader and taken to the medical facility on Voss along with 12 refugees and Gunner, and the other three clones who were in the cells on Vjun who turned out (to Cranker's surprise) to be Ace, Charger and a clone named CT-3612 nicknamed Lucky. After recovering Cranker greeted Ace and Charger with joy and the 5 of them approached General Jess and told him that they had found Ace and Charger and that he, Jess couldn't remove Riot Squad. Jess retorted that their squad was one man short in which Riot Squad protested by yelling. They were silenced and told to await further instructions. While being stationed by Jess to Riot Squads surprise, Lucky came in the room and claimed he was Riot Squads new recruit. When Jess asked for proof, Lucky showed them the squads insignia which revealed to Cranker that Lucky was wearing Alpha 2's armor. Therefore angrily, Jess stated that Riot Squad was official again. After the ceremony, Riot Squad thanked Lucky and made him part of the squad.

20 BBY EventsEdit

In 20 BBY, Riot Squad had many surprises. They were given the clone trooper phase 2 gear and were sent on ARC assignments! Most of the squad became sergeants in which they could barely spend much time together. After the Battle of Saleucami in which they lost many men, Riot Squad was disbanded sadly due to the final member, Ace becoming a Sergeant. After this, Cranker joined the 501st Legion as Commander along with Lucky, who wanted to follow Cranker and Leader, who thought it the best place to pick some rookies to be his squad. This reassured Cranker a little but he would still ponder in the night if Gunner, Ace and Charger were all right.

Battle of Coruscant (19 BBY)Edit

In 19 BBY, the Separatists finally attacked Coruscant led by General Grevious, Count Dooku and maybe even the mysterious Sith Lord. After hearing of this after a mission with Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, Cranker requested that they go to defend the planet and Skywalker agreed. After arriving at Coruscant, Cranker oversaw all troopers into their fighters then climbed into one of his own. Cranker chose to follow Leader and his squad with Lucky as a guest. They were pebbled with laser blasts and in mere minutes, Leader's squad was all dead. At that time, little tri droids began attacking Lucky's fighter, Leader tried to shoot them off but it disabled his shield. Lucky was forced to flee leaving Cranker and Leader to fight off the droid fighters. At the end of the battle, Leader was shot and crashed into Grevious's flagship, leaving Cranker devastated at the loss of his second squad member.

Order 66Edit

By the time of Order 66, Cranker was with his fellow Commander, Appo when Skywalker arrived and proclaimed Order 66 was in play. Cranker was able to recall the Kaminoians mentioning this and was outraged that the Jedi had betrayed them. He then told Skywalker that the 501st would follow Skywalker to the Jedi Temple and destroy the Jedi! Skywalker agreed and Operation: Knightfall was put into play.

Operation: KnightfallEdit

Skywalker led the clones into the Jedi Temple, killing the Gate Master on his way. They then attacked, and Cranker, along with Lucky killed many Jedi until reaching a place where Younglings hid. Lucky and a fellow clone killed all except one which they waited for Cranker to kill. The Youngling started to cry and Cranker promised he would tell him where to go. Lucky objected saying that their orders were to kill ALL Jedi including the Younglings. The other clone then stated that Emperor Palpatine would punish Cranker severely if he didn't do it. Cranker told them that he was just a boy merely 5 at the latest and Lucky reminded Cranker that he himself had said all Jedi were traitors to the Republic! Crannker then told Lucky
288px-Clone Jet Trooper with EMP Launcher

Cranker during Operation Knightfall

that he hadn't meant it and the discussion turned into an argument in which Cranker could feel Lucky's fond of him dropping. Lucky then said that is Cranker was to cowardly then he would kill him in which he pointed the blaster at the Youngling's head. Cranker responded by shooting Lucky in the head and knifing the other clone. Cranker was sad and pitied Lucky as he saw the clone's surprise at being shot by a close friend. Then he died. Cranker told the Youngling where to go and handed him a blaster. The Youngling thanked Cranker and hugged him then fled. At that moment Skywalker, Palpatine and the 501st came in and saw the two dead clones. Palpatine was angry so he tortured Cranker with Force Lightning and reassigned him to Kamino with Commander Cody.

Anti Empire First RebellionEdit

While on Kamino, Cranker helped fight the Anti-Empire Rebellion. He was paired with Cody and together they infiltrated the secret cloning facility, destroyed the data, killed the cloners and killed many troopers. After shooting a trooper he was unmasked and Cranker was shocked to find another clone of Jango Fett under the mask! Cody said that this was Alpha 3, Alpha 2's son, the leader of the clones. Cranker was shocked that he had killed his best friend's son but everyone congratulated him and he was given a medal and reassigned to Kashyyyk.

Meeting Letra SoonnEdit

At his post Cranker was still horrified and decided to leave his post and think things through. He was gone for a couple of months when he met a beautiful woman named Letra Soonn. They spent lots of time together and even got married! Then after a wonderful night, Cranker was forced to return to the Empire but promised Letra that he would return one day! Letra then told him that if he got the chance, to go to Onderon

Deserting the EmpireEdit

In 17 BBY while recovering from an ambush on Ossus, in which the clones had killed dozens of innocents making Cranker despise them even more, Letra contacted him and told Cranker that she had had a baby boy with him. Cranker was shocked and overjoyed and asked for his name. She replied that it was Adrian. He promised to leave the Empire to go to them. After packing he set off a poison gas bomb in the dormitory leaving a note that said For freedom of you monstrous people, From Cranker. He then traveled to Onderon to be with his family.

Joining the Onderon Resistance and Battle of DxunEdit

After meeting his new son, Cranker joined the Onderon Resistance to fight for freedom. They drove the Empire off Onderon it self and later traveled to Dxun, Onderon's moon to drive the Empire off once and for all! Cranker killed many stormtroopers and was honored by the Resistance.

Captured and Letra's DeathEdit

A month later Cranker was out collecting berries when stromtroopers ambushed him led by, to Cranker's surprise Charger. Charger laughed and told Cranker that this was the punishment for deserting but when he noticed that it was Cranker his jaw dropped. Cranker pleaded with Charger to see sense, that the Empire was evil but Charger turned away and said that he was sorry but Palpatine had ordered them to do this. He then boarded the shuttle while shocktroopers came out with Letra who was yelling for Cranker's help and Adrian who was crying. Troopers put Cranker in front of Letra who said that she loved him. A hologram of Palpatine laughed at Cranker and told him he was a fool, and that his family would pay for it. He then cut transmission and was forced to watch as shocktroopers killed Letra right in front of him. They took away her body and Cranker cried and told them that they had no heart. They ignored him and a trooper put his blaster on Adrian's head ready to shoot. Cranker desperate for his son to live a long life instead of dying like Letra and himself soon he yelled that Adrian was not his son just a child that Letra had been taking care of. They therefore captured him and took Cranker to Coruscant.


Cranker was tortured and tortured for weeks until he was approached by Charger who said that a firing squad would execute him in a public square in front of all of Coruscant on the holonet. When he turned to leave Cranker pleaded with Charger who said that he knew the Empire was evil, but he was being watched. When Cranker asked if the squad was planning revenge all he said was, "Gunner thinks you deserve it, and Ace has already left with my help." Cranker then said that he would never forget Charger, Ace and all of Riot Squad and Charger smiled and finally took Cranker to the public square. Cranker was left to stand in the middle of the square while Palpatine claimed that this is what happened if you betrayed the Empire! As Palpatine counted down Cranker looked at Gunner who was a part of the firing squad and told him with a stare that he was making the wrong choice. He then thought of Adrian, Letra and Riot Squad. When the firing squad fired, it was Gunner that killed Cranker out of all ten shots.


Cranker would be remembered as one of the Republics heroes, and the Empires Most Wanted and traitor. Ace honored his memory by naming his second son, Crean, which was Cranker's preferred nickname. To honor his memory, Charger and Gunner destroyed half of Imperial Palace and were punished severely. The three of them later joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic along with Cranker's son Adrian who had escaped the Imperial Academy he was at. When the New Republic controlled Coruscant, Ace made sure there was pictures of Leader, Lucky, Alpha 2 and Cranker in the new version of the Imperial Palace called, The Republic Palace.


Cranker had various types of equipment during the Clone Wars. In early 22 BBY Cranker wore Phase 1 Clone Armour with commander stripes. As the war progressed Cranker adopted armour with orange stripes. This became his trademark. When Phase 2 Armor was introduced, Cranker (like all other clones) switched to that type. For a while he wore gray clone commander Phase 2 Armor but later adopted blue commander armor to signify his role in the 501st. Around 18- 17 BBY, Cranker was one of the clones who got to wear experimental stormtrooper armor. Cranker despised the armor so he mixed it with his Phase 2 clone trooper Armor. After deserting he still wore parts of his armor but mostly resistance gear.


Cranker's Armor in early stages of the Clone Wars

Boil In Phase 1 Armor

Cranker's Phase 1 Armor

Phase 2 Commander Null

Cranker in Phase 2 Armor during the last year of the Clone Wars

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