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The name's Rex. But you can call me "Captain" or "Sir".
—Rex to his new troopers

CC-1919, nicknamed Rex was a clone trooper captain in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was a leader of the 501st Legion under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. He was a clone of Captain Rex.


Early careerEdit

Rex was one of the many clones of bounty hunter Jango Fett,[1] bred on Kamino by the Galactic Republic to fight in the Republic's clone army. The soldiers were bred to fight against the separatist planetary and sectorial governments seeking to leave the Republic, known as Confederacy of Independent Systems, in the coming war. Rex served on Geonosis alongside Denal and was promoted to the rank of captain, he was also in command of 501st Legion. Rex was assigned to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and would participate in many missions alongside the Jedi Knight. Rex also developed a friendship with fellow clone trooper Commander Cody.[2]

The Clone WarsEdit

Bombing of SullustEdit

Rex served Anakin Skywalker during the Bombing of Sullust [3]. Rex led the 501st Legion into the battle. after discovering evidence that the people of sullust were developing a new offensive technology intended to oppose those who were spreading the New Order. Black Eight Squadron, Anakin's personal fighter wing, was assigned to bomb the Callosian defenses.

Once the military objective had been neutralized, Captain Rex was ordered to continue the assault.[3] Rex protested, saying that maintaining the bombardment would amount to genocide, since Sullust was already defenseless. Anakin offered Rex an alternative, stating that if she disabled Sullust's planetary reactor, he would consider the mission complete. Captain Rex was initially relieved, believing that a precision strike upon a single target would cause much less collateral damage than blanket bombing the entire planet, and carried out her orders.

Although the bombing run on the reactor was a success, it came at a high cost: immediately following the attack, the damaged reactor began spewing pollutants into the atmosphere and flooding the planet's river systems with poisonous chemicals, triggering a chain reaction that would ultimately destroy Sullust's biosphere.

Evacuation of FeluciaEdit

The Galactic Republic launched an attack on the planet Felucia[4] but defeated by the huge number of Battle Droids, they outnumbered and called for help. The reinforcement under General Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived to evacuated the republic forces on the planet. Rex and Commander Bly evacuated their clone troopers from certain defeat. Before escaping to Coruscant, the Republic had to evacuate Commander Ahsoka Tano's forces to their command ship, the Resolute.[5] After that, Rex was moved to Coruscant for a while.

Battle of MalastareEdit

A T-series tactical droid led the Confederacy's invasion force—consisting of B1 battle droids and B2 super battle droids supported by LR-57 combat droids, Armored Assault Tanks, LM-432 crab droids, Vulture-class droid starfighters, and Hyena-class bombers [6]toward the Doge's Imperial palace, where Windu, Urus, Boll, Rex and Ponds.

As clone troopers, led by Commander Ponds and Captain Rex, and supported by All Terrain Tactical Enforcers that included artillery, went on the defensive, several Y-wing bombers and ARC-170 starfighters escorted by V-19 Torrent starfighters took off from the Doge's palace under orders from Mace Windu.[6] While the ARCs began strafing the Confederate army, the bomber carrying the superweapon—piloted by clone pilot "Hawk," the leader of Red Squadron maneuvered over the target area and dropped its load. The ensuing explosion and electromagnetic pulse damaged and deactivated the droid army, along with several Republic vehicles and pieces of technology.

Attack on the ResoluteEdit

Rex and his troops under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker were stationed on the Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute around the planet of Teth, unaware that Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla sent a group of elite members of Death Watch. Many boarding ships jumped from hyperspace, attacking the Resolute. Rex was ordered to defended the main control room. However, Rex and his men forced to retreat which allow the Death Watch to disabled the ship. Then the Resolute was disabled, cutting off the communication. When Rex was at the bridge, informed his Jedi General that the ship has been disabled.

The Separatist fleet arrived at Teth, firing at the Resolute. Rex was ordered to evacuate while Anakin held back the droid forces. Fighting the droids on his way, Rex managed to escape from the Venator-class Star Destroyer.

Mission to BehpourEdit

Rex, alongside with four Advanced Recon Commandos were sent to Behpour in order to destroy the Confederacy of Independent Systems "secret weapon" called the Laser. When their ship landed on the planet surface, they made their way to the nearest entrance of the Separatist base. Upon their arrival, Rex ordered his men to make a distraction. They did so and the droids investigated, and remained unaware that Rex and his team made their way in the base. Rex and his team disabled the base and make their way to the weapon. The Laser was destroyed with the base but Rex and his team managed to escaped.

Retake FeluciaEdit

The Galactic Republic launched another assault on Felucia,[7] hoping the recapture Felucia. Rex, along Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Plo Koon, returned to Felucia to neutralize an enemy outpost that had been reinforced by Grievous. While Ahsoka and Plo Koon's teams infiltrated either side of the outpost, Rex, Anakin Skywalker, Felucian scouts, and the rest of the clones held poisition so that Turbo Tanks and AT-TEs were able to open fire on the droids camped at the base. Rex, Skywalker and their men then ambushed the droids, assisting in Master Plo Koon's mop-up operation.

Raid on Cato NeimoidiaEdit

The Galactic Republic discovered a separatist base on Cato Neimoidia, The Republic dispatched Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano. Upon arriving at their intended destination, Captain Rex and Ahsoka followed their instructions to the letter and immediately began testing Droid's defenses by dispatching a squadron of BTL Y-wing starfighters and ARC-170 starfighters to engage a small group of Vulture droids. As General Skywalker executed his own objectives planetside, Rex covered up the Jedi's activities by dismissing them as a local insurrection to her crew, all of whom were oblivious to Anakin's involvement in the raid.

However, it soon became apparent that Republic Intelligence underestimated the planet's Droid defenses as additional Vulture droids began to swarm the Republic fighters. Outnumbered and caught by surprise due to misinformation on the Republic's part, Rex was pressured into considering a hasty retreat from the fighting, especially to avoid risking the safety of his flagship, Then Anakin Skywalker and Rex retreat to Coruscant.

Defending KaminoEdit

What?, the Separatist will attack Kamino?
—Rex to Anakin Skywalker

Several months later after the attack on Rishi Moon, Dooku assigned Asajj Ventress and General Grievous to lead the attack on Kamino, Home of the cloning facilities.[8] While The Jedi intercept the transmission between Ventress and Grievous, after knowing that the Separatist will attack Kamino. Rex and the 501st Legion were moved to defended Kamino with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Upon their arrival, they were greet by Shaak Ti and Lama Su.[8] Rex assigned to defend the ground forces. Exiting from Hyperspace, Grievous's Fleet entered Kamino. When the Republic engaged the Confederate Fleet, Master Kenobi discovered that Grievous joined his aqua droids and B1 battle droids in the re-entry capsules, and they fell from orbit, through the atmosphere of Kamino, and straight into the waters surrounding Tipoca City, where they were received by Ventress.

Separatist forces now, have entered the Tipoca City and prepared for their assault, Rex was at the Command center. The droid finally reached the command center, Rex using his skill- Destroying all droids. Rex was ordered by Shaak Ti to eliminated all remaining droids and the separatist have been repel.

Battle of Mon CalamariEdit

After many battles, Rex was assigned to Mon Cala by deploying LAAT Gunships from the Venator-class Star Destroyer. The Republic forces led by Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano, prepared to defend Mon Cala from the Separatist.[9]

First Battle of ToolaEdit

Later in War, Rex was assigned to Toola in order to captured it from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Upon their arrival, Rex commanding the invasion forces with Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka by dispatching BTL-B Y-wing starfighters to make a distraction for landing the invasion forces.

When Anakin and Rex landed on planet surface by An Acclamator I-class assault ship entered the planet's atmosphere, and LAAT/i and LAAT/c gunships were used to deliver clone troopers, All Terrain Recon Transports, and All Terrain Tactical Enforcers to the surface. The Jedi and Rex then led the ground assault on Separatist base. Riding BARC speeders, they managed to destroy many BX-series droid commandos on Flitknot speeders before they were confronted by a pair of Armored Assault Tanks, backed by more commando droids and B1 battle droids. After cutting through the infantry droids, Rex was able to destroy one tank with a well-placed shot from a missile launcher, while Tano dispatched the other AAT by tossing a pair of grenades inside it. With the tanks out of the way, the area around the separatist base. Overwhelming the separatist, Rex and Ahsoka led the final assault by attacking the separatist from all directions, forcing the CIS to retreat and the planet was taken by the Republic.

Clone Trooper CommanderEdit

Around 21 BBY, Rex was promoted to Clone trooper commander and received more ARC training by Alpha-17 on Kamino but he didn't earned the rank of ARC Commander.

Battle of JabiimEdit

Rex was once again served under Obi-Wan and Anakin to accompany them on another important mission. This time, the three were to lead the assault on the obscure Outer Rim world of Jabiim, which had recently declared its allegiance to Count Dooku's Confederacy.[10] The initial days of the assault saw victory after victory for the Republic,[10] but, as the rain continued to pour, their assault vehicles became bogged down in the mud and became an easy target for the Jabiimi guerrillas. As Galctic Republic casualties mounted,[10] the rebels, their forces now bolstered with the addition of Separatist battle droids, stepped up their attacks [10]-Forcing the Republic to retreat from the planet.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

Rex's armor used the color design that the entire 501st Legion had in 19 BBY [11]., though the armor itself was still Phase I armor.[11] He also wore a kama and pauldron, and his helmet displayed Jaig eyes. He carried twin DC-17 hand blasters but also utilized the more standard blaster rifles. His helmet featured a rangefinder, which was a tool more common among Advanced Recon Commandos. When required, Rex would also wear jetpacks or other mission-specific gear, such as customized clone cold assault trooper armor.[12]

Notes and referencesEdit