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Never underestimate the enemy, Vader, for what they are. If you need an example CC-19 is the best one.
—The Emperor to Darth Vader

CC-19 was the clone designation of Andrew Makal, a clone who was known for his study of genetics. He was able to rewrite his DNA without killing himself so that he would not die when he was only 25 years old. He also inadvertently removed the programming that made him follow the Chancellor's orders. When Order 66 was issued he helped the Jedi Ryas Finn escape and told his troopers that it was a Separatist trick like another clone unit did elsewhere. He and Ryas were able to gather up other clones and adjust their DNA and removed the genetic programming. They became Sigma Squad and began a small fighting force against the newly formed Empire at their new base of operations known as Command Post 98. While they never fought alongside the Rebellion both parties respected each other greatly because of their actions.

CC-19 designed Freedom Fighter when his intelligence discovered the original plans given to Count Dooku by Poggle the Lesser. He also was the first human to last more than ten seconds against a Zacklan soldier in hand-to-hand combat. While serving at CP 98 he fought alongside his troops in defense against the Yuuzhan Vong. While they were taken by surprise about their ships and weapons they fought with as much determination as their enemy. Utilizing Zacklan weapons and other technology they were able to defeat five worldships and their coral skippers.

Biography Edit

Clone Wars Edit

CC-19 fought at the battle of Geonosis destroying a remarkable 784 super battle droids by himself. He was a part of the 501st legion but did not participate in Operation: Knightfall because he was offworld at the time. He also participated in the battles of Coruscant, Muunilist, and Tyos.

On a small break he had while stationed at Kamino he met Taun We, a Kaminon geneticist, who gave him his first lesson on genetics. He became interested in genetics and had more lessons from Taun We until he was called to duty at Muunilist. After the battle he read a lesson on engineering from one of the ships holobooks. He began thinking and discovered that through the use of Talcite crystals, a computer, and an interface, he could actually adjust his DNA.

However he had to learn more about DNA than his lessons had given him and it took another year for him to identify the exact genes that could be affecting his aging. He did a procedure that removed and replaced the genes he wanted with the adjustments necessary. Later, while hearing an order directly from the Chancellor, he discovered that he no longer felt the urge to do exactly what he was told to do by his superiors told him. He continued to follow their orders though out of respect instead of need; he thought of it as a side effect of the procedure.

From a number to a nameEdit

The only reasons that they have to look at you as different is your obedience and rapid aging. Now with those gone you're human by definition.
—Ryas Finn to CC-19

When Order 66 was issued by the Emperor, he disobeyed and instead ordered his troops to board a transport, with the Jedi Ryas Finn. Unlike the other commanders he was not genetically obedient to him anymore and never respected him again. While the others were sleeping CC-19 performed the procedure to adjust their DNA like his. They awoke the next morning and reported to him that they felt funny in a way. CC-19 then revealed to his troopers that they had had their DNA changed so they wouldn't die earlier than regular people. At this Ryas said that they should think of themselves as humans not copies. Each soldier took different names, CC-19 chose Andrew Makal.

Overcoming challengesEdit

Andrew operated the base (codename and common name: Command Post 98) for the first two weeks with only nine people before finally gaining more people to command. They began upgrading the base's defenses and armament. They began commandeering Star Destroyers and fighters to build up their fleet. Andrew held one election for command of the base. Andrew won. He decided to prove his ability to fight to the other commanders who thought that a clone shouldn't command them in battle. Andrew proved them wrong by fighting at the Battle of Malastare and defeating several stormtroopers in combat. His Sigma Squad quickly proved that they too, were worthy of their positions.

Command Post 98Edit

The command post was based in an asteroid field near Hoth. In fact it was the same one where Han Solo and company would fly through years later. It was from here that he commanded his fleet. Freedom Fighter was built and stationed here from 18 BBY to 2 BBY.


The command post had its own cloaking device for stealth. However, like virtually everything else owned by CP 98, this was modified. The cloaking device allowed their sensors to operate with some interference. The asteroid had hidden engines for propulsion throughout the field. Many times they had small fighters pass through on patrol of the region and the occasional smuggler. The base had two hangers filled with Eta-2 interceptors, ARC-170s and transports. Turbolasers were tucked away inside craters on the base's surface. The base could support 2,000 people at a time and had food for three months. Shield generators and fusion reactors were located at the center of the asteroid. These shields were able to withstand superlaser attacks for hours.


CP 98 had a sizable personal fleet with the majority of the organization's ships hidden in bases scattered throughout the galaxy. Freedom Fighter was stationed here for several years until being called to duty later on. He was prideful about his fleet’s technology and bragged to captured Imperials about how advanced the fleet’s technology was. The Emperor spent trillions of credits on ship technology but always lost in ship-to-ship battles. Unknown to him, Andrew's technology came from the Zacklans, who provided technology in exchange for the Talcite crystals Andrew possessed. Andrew made the deal and received Zacklan shields, cannons, wormhole generators, and medical device schematics and prototypes.

Fighting the EmpireEdit

I wish I could see old Pruneface now.
—Andrew Makal

CC-19 was wanted in every corner of the galaxy for "crimes against the prune" as CC-19 said. His fleet ransacked Imperial bases and performed hit-and-run attacks on armadas. The Freedom Fighter would create a wormhole for all the fighters to flow through then close it. The fighters would appear suddenly launch all their torpedoes and leap back through the wormhole the Freedom Fighter had just generated. After the first few attacks many started calling the fleet the ghost fighters as they would appear and disappear extremely fast.

The war on ZzufEdit

CC-19 had been patrolling the space of Kashsykk when suddenly a large vessel (though nowhere near the size of his ship) left hyperspace. For a moment time stopped as each commander looked at the other. The storm then broke loose as the Phoenix Storm opened fire upon the Freedom Fighter. The Freedom Fighter unleashed all of its firepower upon the ship. To the gunners’ amazement the ship was healing after every hit. While only repairing one square meter every five seconds it was enough to stretch the battle for a long period of time. Both tried to toy with each other, but were amazed to discover each other equal strategists. CC-19 countered every strategic move Zzuf made and barely managed to hold back Zzuf's technological feats, a first for him. Zzuf then fired a molecular turret on the Freedom Fighter and then for some reason left while leaving the ship with minimal damage. Afterward, CC-19 designed the Liberation-class Warship to defeat Zzuf.

Personality and traitsEdit

CC-19 was known for his humor when casual and determination in the heat of battle. He thought out his tactics carefully, sometimes. The reason that he never lost a battle he personally commanded was because no ever knew what he was going to do next, including himself. He thought of the idea of using tractor beams to throw asteroids at the enemy, creating a field through which he could fire at the enemy. His ultimate plan would be put into action when the Emperor was killed.

He had bases established in many key locations (e.g. Fondor, Kuat, Bespin); each was going to liberate the planet they were positioned at. These bases remained in use for the various reasons. However, before the plan could be launched, the Emperor was killed and the Death Star destroyed. He often sent pictures of Imperial Star Destroyers being destroyed to the Emperor (or old pruneface as he called him) to infuriate him.

He was also known for never quite seeing eye to eye (figuratively and literally) with Commander Fuzz as Fuzz disapproved of Hedgepig hunts. They also had very different styles of tactics.

Appeard inEdit

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