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Bulpussian wolf




Height of average adult

2 metres

Average length

11 ft

Average wingspan


Skin color


Hair color


  • Exoskeleton
  • Three rows of teeth
  • Slit like nostrils
  • Long faces
  • Cat like eyes
  • Double jointed legs

Bulpussian wolfs were bipedal carnivores native to the planet Bulpus.



Bulpussian wolfs had long faces, slit like nostrils, three rows of needle sharp teeth and cat like eyes. Their bodies were slightly hunched over and they had long lanky arms with sharp claws on both fingers and toes. Their legs were long and bird-like and they had longer tails which were used for balance. They had exoskeleton-like bodies and were surprisingly quick and agile.


Their favorite prey was Meku, and the occasional Grigonian. They disliked Armadillos because of their bony armor, but ate them if nothing else was available. They often hunted in large packs normally consisting of twelve to thirty-six members. They often snatched prey away from the forests as quickly as possible. Despite being ambush predators, they would attack and fight in the open if it pertained to territory or the right to mate. It was not uncommon to hear of Grigorians who went missing in the night because they had left their windows open. Hutts often captured them and used them as attack beasts to keep away rivals and assassins.

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