Bryn Fulcron: Origins is a novelization of Bryn Fulcron's time during the Yuuzhan Vong War. It is of a fairly long length, though the author has stated that it is enjoyable if readers have the time.


Chapter 1: The Family FulcronEdit

[Month: 7-Day: 14-Year: 25-ABY Time: 1143]

Bryn Fulcron opened his eyes in a flash. The world was black around him. He could tell he was dreaming. Dreaming or not, this vision before him was frightening. There lay his mother, his father, his aunt Kirana, his father's friend Lando and his wife Tendra, and dozens of other familiar faces, all dead. The only other living person he could see was his younger sister Bryt, weeping softly next to her mother's body.

A chill ran down Bryn's spine.

Who could have done this?

His question was answered within seconds. Three large, armored figures walked into Bryn's vision. One of them, the largest and most gruesome, barked orders to the others in a harse, guttural language Bryn didn't understand. The two smaller warriors, for that's the only thing they could be, walked towards Bryn, while the leader turned towards his little sister.

Bryn shouted at his sister to run, but she stayed glued in her spot, refusing to leave her parent's bodies. Bryn panicked, and attacked his pirsuers. They easily stopped him cold, holding up by his shoulders. Bryn struggled as the larger warrior approached his sister. The warrior kept his eyes locked on Bryn, smirking slightly.

As the warrior lifted his foot in the air for a deadly crescent kick, Bryn heard a voice in his head. It was a regal, kind sounding voice that was reminiscent of his father's.

The best offense is a good defense, young one.

Bryn's eyes snapped open. He smelled sulfur and burning flesh. He got to his feet in a flash, diving out int o the night. The refugee camp his family was staying at had been overrun by strange lizard-like creatures. Bryn would've guessed they were the Yuuzhan Vong, but he knew those to be the creatures in his dream.

He had lived on Dubrillion his entire life until six days before. Under oreders of Planetary Administrator Lando Calrissian, every citizen of Dubrillion and Destrillion had been evacuated before the Yuuzhan Vong arrived. They had fled to the rural planet Dantooine, where they had maken a last stand against the invaders. Bryn had been excited when the Jedi had arrived to help.

Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Leia's children had arrived to assist the refugees. So had the legendary Rogue Sqaudron, and from what Bryn knew, Leia Organa's youngest son and Luke Skywalker's wife Mara were on the planet too. He had always wanted to be a Jedi like his grandfather Obi-Wan Kenobi, but his father had always prevented. There had been many arguments between the two, but now Bryn just wanted to find his father before the worst happened.

He careened around a corner, almost running into a group of misplaced Snivvians. He spotted the blue glow of a lightsaber, wondering if his father had retrieved Obi-Wan's old ones. Bryn ran into the clearing, seeing an attractive red-haired Jedi dueling one of the gigantic warriors from Bryn's vision. Not knowing what to do, but always willing to help, Bryn sprinted to the right side of the clearing, out of the Yuuzhan Vong's vision.

The woman noticed him, but surprisingly she nodded quickly at him, acknowledging his help.

Funny, she didn't seem like the type Bryn thought to himself as he rounded a destroyed tent. He could see two magled forms inside of it.

Trying to shift his mind off the dead, Bryn stopped within meters of the Yuuzhan Vong. The older womna, taking the initiative, feinted towards the warrior, causing him to step right into Bryn's reach. Bryn reacted instead of thinking, sweeping the alien's legs out in a deft spin. The woman pounced, driving her lightsaber deep into the warrior's armpit before he could react.

She dusted herself off and offered her hand to Bryn.

"Mara Jade Skywalker. Thanks for the help." Bryn took a moment to notice how banged up she was. She sported fresh cuts over possibly week old scars, and she seemed...heavy, like she was carrying a great weight on her shoulders. Nevertheless, she had an aura of capability that surprised Bryn.

"I don't think you really needed it,' he smirked, and proceeded to ask her if she had seen his father. She pointed him in the direction of the command center, thinking he had fled there.

About 10 minutes later, Bryn ran into the perimeter of the command center, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the carnage.

The valley before him was filled with bodies, both Yuuzhan Vong and refugee. There were X-Wing filling the air around the fighting, and the refugee freighters lined teh canyon wall behind him, almost an unattainable goal from here. He could lightsabers in the distance, fending off hordes of the lizard-like creatures he'd seen earlier. Thinking one might be his father, Bryn started in that direction. Until a moan from the tent nearest him stopped him in his tracks.

He ran to the tent, flipping open it's edge, to find...his worst nightmare.

His mother, Terra, lay in the corner, her body arrayed in a way that did not suggest she still ahd life. His sister, Bryt, stood solemnly over Terra's body, eyes staring, unblinkingly, at her mother's corpse. His father, Kyn, sat on his haunches, one hand entwined with his wife's. He was bleeding from several deep cuts, and seemed to be slowly dying.

"Bryn," Kyn said weakly, blood splurting from his mouth. "You made it, son."

Bryn rushed to his father's side, propping the older man up. He tried to get him to rise, but the man wouldn't budge.

"Don't Bryn, leave me. Get your sister out. You two are the future." Kyn seemed to be slipping.

"Go son, and be the Jedi I never let myself be."

Chapter 2: Deus Ex SoloEdit

[Month: 7-Day: 14-Year: 25 ABY-Time: 1215]

Bryn grabbed his sister's hand, leading her from the tent. She seemed distant, almost comatose. He turned her towards the refugee freighters, commanding her to get on board. She simply stood in place, eyes unfocused and glazed. Bryn tried to get her to leave, but a harsh voice caused his blood to run cold.

The three Yuuzhan Vong warriors from his vision approached him, moving in exactly the same way. The only difference was that this time...he was ready.

He bellowed and bullrushed his attackers, leaping at the smaller two. They easily caught him by the shoulders, withstanding his wild kicks and punches. The larger one strode up to Bryt, easily plucking her off the ground. Bryn struggled mightily, and then...stopped. Everything was exactly as it had been in his vision, save the dead around them.

He closed his eyes, and opened himself to the Force. It felt like a waterfall purging away his sins. Bryn opened his eyes, slowly. Then he sprang into action.

He twisted both his arms simultaneously, wrenching his left free with a sickening pop. He felt no pain, however, and continued his spin. The second warrior, holding on to his right arm, bellowed in surprise while Bryn arm dragged the massive alien over his shoulder, crashing him into the ground.

Bryn got to his knees in a flash, delivering a precise kick to the first Yuuzhan Vong's temple, crumpling him in a heap. Without so much as checking on his shoulder, Bryn bounded towards his sister's attacker, catching the alien with an elbow to the head. The warrior, however, didn't even drop Bryt as he spun around, catching Bryn in the stomach with a vicious snap-kick.

Bryn rolled with the kick, coming up a few meters from his attacker. The alien warbled something that sounded quite condescending, and dropped Bryt. With his good arm, Bryn called his father's lightsaber to him. It landed in his hand with a smack. He ignited it and spun in one deft move, leaving a smoking furrow in the Yuuzhan Vong's chest. The big warrior bellowed and took a step back, which allowed Bryn to drill him in the chin with his right knee. The warrior crumpled to the ground.

Bryt seemed to snap out of her funk as soon as the warrior ht the ground. She immediately fled towards one of the ships, blond hair flowing in the wind. Bryn breathed a sigh of relief, and then turned to follow her. A series of guttural yells stopped him in his tracks.

Three more Yuuzhan Vong warriors were running towards him. Bryn ignited the lightsaber, waiting for them to approach. They never arrived.

Kyn flew from the tent, withdrawing a second lightsaber as if from no where. HE killed the futhestmost warrior instantly. He gestured for the other two attack him, which they did. After a few seconds, all three were dead. Bryn saw it all as if in a dream.

He heard Bryt scream behind him, and realized that the warrior he'd just felled was gone, obviously after his sister. Bryn was overcome with emotion. They were all dead.

Colonel Gavin Darklighter swooped over the refugee camp in his X-Wing. As far as he could tell, every living refugee had made it onto the frieghters. Then he noticed the boy, standing motionless near the command center. Gavin eased the X-Wing in as close as he could in gravity and tried to get his attention.

It's hard to take two people in an X-Wing, but its possible Gavin thought to himself.

Gavin attempted to dislodge his canopy to allow the boy into his ship when Catch, his astromech droid, warbled an attack warning. Two coralskippers streaked towards him at full speed, bellowing plasma at his unprotected ship. Gavin was forced to escape, leaving the boy to his fate. Nevertheless, he called in to Luke Skywalker, telling the Jedi Master about the strange, lonely refugee.

Bryn walked into the command, absentmindedly flippin on the comlink and signaling all channels.

"This is civilian Bryn Fulcron. I am the only living person at the command center." he said into the mike monotonly.

"Bryn, this is Luke Skywalker." a voice replied back, and a jolt of excitement, however small through his numb pain, raced through him.

"Master Skywalker," Bryn continued, "I am willing to stay here and make sure the Yuuzhan Vong don't claim this station. There has to be a self-destruct somewhere..."

Another voice responded. "This is Colonel Gavin Darklighter. There is no such function on that station,a nd we already evacuated all relevant data. Please return outside so we can pick you up."

Bryn barely registered what Darklighter had said. He continued to speak to Master Skywalker.

"Please, you have to let me do this." He pleaded to the Jedi Master.

"No, I won't allow you to do that, Bryn, no matter what happened to your family. Jaina, go get him." With that, Master Skywalker shut off his comlink. Bryn sat there, stunned. Somehow, Luke Skywalker telling him he couldn't kill himself made him stop wanting to. He didn't even think of disobeying. So he went back outside.

A few minutes later, a lone x-Wing came streaking down through the atmosphere, coming to a perfect landing beside the command center. The canopy opened, and a girl around Bryn's age got out, offering her hand.

"Jaina Solo," she said simply, barely taking in the carnage around the command center.

"Who are all these people?" She asked Bryn cautiously. He said nothing, just walked over to his father's body, removing the second lightsaber.

Chapter 3: The New KidEdit

[Month: 10-Day: 5-Year: 25 ABY- Time: 1250]

Sweat poured off of Bryn’s brow. He grunted as Lowbacca’s strike found purchase, leaving a small burn mark on his upper arm. Three months after his family’s massacre on Dantooine, Bryn was a member of the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. He didn’t believe it when Master Skywalker told him he had been accepted. Bryn ducked a snapping kick from Jaina then flipped up into the air and landed on an elbow from Lowbacca, which threw him into the wall of the circular training chamber.

Gasping for breath, Bryn lay on the floor, switching off his lightsaber. Bryn had been even more surprised when after a week in the Academy; legendary Jedi Master Kyle Katarn made him his apprentice. The fact that he had beaten out so many prospective students, including his new friend Tarc Rethcoe, in spite of his moderate lightsaber skills and rudimentary control of the Force, still made him wonder if he was being treated differently because of his heritage and experience.

Jaina switched off her lightsaber and glanced at Lowbacca.

“I think that’s enough for now, Lowie,” She moved towards Bryn, reaching out her hand. Lowbacca growled his approval. Or disapproval. Bryn couldn’t be sure, he was still learning Shyriiwook. Just a few days earlier, Jacen Solo had expressed his concern for Bryn being allowed to become a Jedi.

“Master Skywalker, I don’t doubt that he should be a Jedi, but this is too soon,” Jacen had told his uncle a few days before. “It’s too soon, he might use his new power in the Force and try too hard to get vengeance, I don’t want to see him fall to the dark side, but after what’s happened to him, I wouldn’t be surprised”.

“Jacen, I see your point, but I have faith that being with others his own age will help Bryn cope. He told me when we met that he had always wanted to be a Jedi, but his father wouldn’t let him. Who does that sound like to you?” Luke smiled smugly.

“Why…you, I guess, Master Luke. The only difference is that you didn’t want to be a Jedi, you,”

“Wanted to be an Imperial, Jacen”. Luke’s smug smile hadn’t faded.

”I don’t want to be a nuisance, Master,” Bryn explained.

“Nonsense,” Luke had said, offering his hand to Bryn. “Welcome to the Jedi Order”

Bryn stood up, igniting his lightsaber. He didn’t speak at all, he just gestured towards Lowbacca. The Wookiee roared in definite approval. Jaina simply shrugged. The other Jedi advanced slowly, one on each side. Bryn didn’t want to let Master Skywalker down. He would prove that he was worthy of being in the Jedi. Bryn leaped high into the air, the Force flowing through him like never before. He landed behind Lowie, planting his foot in the Wookiee Jedi’s back. Lowie flew, face-first into the wall. He was out of the fight for the moment.

Bryn landed, turned, and locked his wrists, stopping Jaina’s oncoming swipe. Jaina tried to un-lock the sabers, only to have Bryn push her backwards towards the wall. As soon as her back hit the wall, Jaina let go and drilled a kick towards Bryn’s stomach. Bryn grinned slightly, dropped his lightsaber, and grabbed Jaina’s foot, locking it in place.

“Not so fast, Jaina,”

“Why not, can’t keep up?” Jaina flipped off her other foot, nailing Bryn in the chin. Bryn left his feet, slamming into the floor.

Jaina sprinted towards Bryn at full speed, then leapt towards his prone form, elbow first. Bryn flipped, suddenly, onto his hands, meeting Jaina with his right foot. All of the wind was driven out of Jaina, and she slumped to the floor.

A few hours later, Jaina found Bryn eating alone in the cafeteria.

“Why didn’t you tell me you could fight like that,” Jaina said, sliding into the seat next to Bryn.

“Why didn’t you ask?” He retorted.

“You keep fighting like that, there won’t be any Vong left for the rest of us,”

Chapter 4: Wind ChillEdit

[Month: 2- Day: 2-Year: 26 ABY- Time: 1443]

After a few recon missions into Yuuzhan Vong occupied space, Master Katarn and Bryn Fulcron were, along with Jedi Knight Octa Ramis and Katarn’s wife, former Republic operative, Jan Ors, to a remote Republic outpost on Alzoc III. They arrived, along with the Republic cruiser Mon Mothma, above the ice- encrusted planet. Master Katarn took a ship down to the surface along with his apprentice, Ramis and Jan Ors. The ship came to rest on the single remaining landing pad on Alzoc III.

Alzoc III was a moon of the gas giant Alzoc. The planet had one native species, a sentient being known as the Talz. Every Talz had left the planet 25 years prior, at the insistence of the Empire, who set up an advanced research project on the planet. In 6 ABY, Master Katarn had arrived and shut the project down, though the facility still remained. Republic operative Minka Kisrale had sent a secure message over an encrypted NRI channel: The Yuuzhan Vong are here. Help…

Master Katarn exited the ship, a small cruiser, and walked the distance of the landing pad, scoping out the facility in the distance. He gestured the others over.

“Octa and I will go in first. Bryn, you take Jan into the control room, it should be empty,”

“Should be?” Jan and Bryn repeated at the same time.

“Hey, I’m old, I forget things from time to time,” Katarn threw his trademark smile.

“Anyways, “Kyle continued. “Octa will head down the elevator, I’ll head up. It’s a simple concept”. Bryn nodded.

Ten minutes later, with no sign of Kyle or Octa, Bryn decided he’d seen enough.

“I’m going in,” Bryn said hopping down from his perch on top of the cruiser. He and Jan headed into the facility.

“That’s the control room, there,” Jan pointed to a small door on the right side of the entrance hall. As soon as they entered, Bryn held up his hand, a signal to stop.

“Someone’s in here,” he said, eyes scanning the room for potential threats. Jan unholstered her blaster pistol, keeping it at the ready.

“Kyle?” she called out. Bryn silenced her with a look. He pointed out a strange looking shadow on the floor, a shadow that seemed to be moving.

Didn’t think the Vong were that stupid

With that, Jan screamed in pain. Bryn whipped around to see Jan, with an amphistaff protruding from her stomach, and a Yuuzhan Vong standing behind her.

“No!” Bryn yelled, and sprinted towards the warrior, lightsaber held high. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior backpedaled, Jan still impaled on his amphistaff. He was going to try to keep her in between him and Bryn.

Over my dead body Bryn thought, and leaped high into the air.

The warrior threw his amphistaff, and Jan, down to the ground. She screamed in pain. The warrior whipped out a different amphistaff and engaged Bryn. They parried and ducked, exchanging blows left and right. Bryn locked his leg around the warrior’s ankle and snapped it in two.

The Yuuzhan Vong barely flinched, and instead pummeled Bryn in the face. Bryn rolled with the punch, and came up with his lightsaber slashing in an upward motion. The beam of energy left a deep cleft mark in the warrior’s chest, bringing the alien to its knees. Bryn glanced over at Jan, still losing blood at a rapid pace.

This has to end, now. Bryn thought, and use the Force to throw a console at the warrior. It caught him square in the face, and he was thrown into the adjacent wall. Before the warrior could get up, Bryn sprinted to him and slammed his lightsaber pommel under the alien’s chin, knocking out a few of his teeth. Before the Yuuzhan Vong could react, Bryn spun around, igniting his lightsaber and decapitating the warrior.

Bryn switched off his lightsaber, and ran to Jan, who was going into shock. Bryn tended to the wound as best he could, but without proper medical attention, Jan could die.

“Don’t…let me d-die…get Kyle” Jan said as she lapsed into unconsciousness.

Chapter 5: The Cave InEdit

[Month: 2- Day: 3- Year: 26 ABY- Time: 0656]

Bryn sat on the floor of his ice cave, fiddling with his lightsaber. He stole a glance at Jan Ors, resting as peacefully as she could in her condition. The more Bryn thought about it, it was a miracle they got out alive. Master Katarn showed up mere minutes after Jan passed out form the loss of blood.

As they took her back to her transport, Kyle explained the situation. Minka Kisrale, director of the Alzoc Mission Project and the only Republic operative on the planet, had sold out her planet to the Yuuzhan Vong, turning it into an advanced recon position for the invaders.

Octa had found her first, and after a vicious fight, had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong for sacrificial uses. Kyle, seeing it all take place, had decided to regroup with his apprentice. The master and apprentice, after leaving Jan, now stabilized, in the transport, snuck back into the facility and broke Octa out, killing Kisrale in the process.

While attempting to flee, their transport was shot down by the Yuuzhan Vong. Only by clever usage of the Force were Bryn and Kyle able to get Jan and the injured Octa out. Octa had healed by the end of the day, but Jan still needed medical assistance.

That’s why Kyle had headed back up to the crash site in order to salvage supplies and a transmitter. He had been gone almost an hour.

Bryn glanced over at Octa Ramis, standing guard at the mouth of the cave. He had never really talked to the older Jedi, though he was impressed with her fighting skill.

“See anything?” he quipped.

“Nothing yet,” Octa replied, her tone as cold as the ice around her.

“Wait, I see him” she said, her tone seeming to lighten. “He seems fine, just a little...”

“Weary,” Kyle finished, entering the cave and shedding his cloak. “Though I’m happy to report that Mothma is still in system. They’re going to send a Rogue Squadron pilot to help us out here.”

“Who?” Bryn and Octa wondered at the same time. For the first time since they landed on this hellhole of a planet, Kyle smiled.

“Jaina Solo”.

Bryn was happy that someone as skilled as Jaina was coming to help, but he was worried that not even her prodigious piloting skills could defeat an entire Yuuzhan Vong battle group. Bryn started to say something, but Master Katarn cut him off.

“You can go be her welcoming committee, Bryn, just be careful” Bryn nodded and sped out of the cave.

Jaina Solo used her radar to navigate her way down to the surface, the planet’s never ending blizzard kept visibility near zero. Her astromech droid warbled a warning over the intercom as she settled down in the snow near Master Katarn’s last known position.

“It’s fine, Sneaky, I know what I’m doing,” she said as she unbuckled her flight straps. As soon as Jaina’s feet touched, an explosion threw her to the ground. Colors blurred at the edge of her vision, and she stumbled to her feet, igniting her lightsaber. Jaina’s head was swimming, and she couldn’t see her attacker.

Her vision clearing, Jaina could make out a form in the distance as she plodded through the snow. As she got closer, she could hear the sounds of a lightsaber.

“Hello?” she called out, unsure if it was Master Katarn. With that, a tall boy of around 15 walked into view, holding a blazing blue lightsaber in his hand.

“Bryn!” Jaina exclaimed. “What happened here? Where’s Master Katarn?”

“He’s at the cave, watching over Jan, she got hurt pretty badly.” Bryn said “Let’s go.”

Jaina nodded and they left the way he came. Jaina noticed a couple of dead Yuuzhan Vong on the way.

About three fourths of the way back to the ice cave Jaina noticed something else coming out of the fog. She turned around to ask Bryn if he saw anything. As soon as she did, something slammed into her chest, and knocked her out cold.

Chapter 6: The MaulerEdit

[Month: 2- Day: 3- Year: 26 ABY- Time: 0716]

The monster was massive. At least 10 feet tall, it was built like a landspeeder. It threw Jaina into a snow bank, saving her for later, after it finished off Bryn.

Bryn ignited his lightsaber and waited for the monster. The monster ran, full speed at Bryn, claws slashing, growling at the top of his lungs. Bryn pivoted off his left foot, and slashed at the beast.

It simply jumped over his swipe and clubbed Bryn in the back of the head, sending him sprawling into the same snow bank. Bryn struggled to clear his vision, his head swimming. The first thing he saw when his vision cleared was Jaina, knocked out cold mere feet from him.

I can’t let this thing hurt her when she’s done so much for me… Bryn got back up, his knees still wobbling.

The monster looked at him quizzically, its two monstrous fangs gleaming in the moonlight. It attacked.

Bryn leaped out of the way, taking off a small hunk of the monster’s arm with him. Then he pivoted, leaped again, and landed on the beast’s head before it could react. He raised his lightsaber up, intending to drive it through the beast’s skull.

The monster roared, reached up simply, and threw Bryn off of his shoulders. He slammed into a rock on the way down, and skidded to a stop in the snow. Bryn struggled once more to clear his head, but darkness was closing in…

Bryn awoke in the ice cave, a fire crackling and Jaina standing over him, smiling.

“Left quite a little mess there, didn’t you?” she smirked.

“Jaina?” Bryn asked, his head still throbbing. “What the hell happened?”

“I saved you…again,” Master Katarn said from the corner. “Everyone’s fine and I think the Mothma cleared out all the Vong. They should be here any moment.”

As much as this relieved Bryn, he couldn’t help but worry about Jan. When he looked over, she seemed to be smiling, her left hand squeezing Kyle’s.

“That’s our ride,” Octa said from her usual spot at the front of the cave. Bryn was knighted for his actions on Alzoc III.

Chapter 7: To DuroEdit

[Month: 7- Day: 7- Year: 26 ABY- Time: 1040]

Bryn opened his eyes to see a blinking red light on his communications console. He yawned, then flipped it on.

“Hello?” a familiar voice said.

“Solo? Han Solo?” Bryn replied, suddenly awake.

“Jaina’s hurt. Pretty badly.” Han continued. “She’s coming here, to Duro,”

“How badly hurt is she, and what’s important about Duro?’ Bryn asked.

“I want you to escort her down to the planet. She’s working herself too hard, and she needs another friendly face. Plus I can use all the help I can get, Jacen’s not so sure about being a Jedi anymore.” Han seemed saddened about his son’s decision to forgo using the Force.

“Yeah, I heard. Alright, Captain, send me the data and I’ll be sure to meet her there. Fulcron out”

Bryn looked over at his co-pilot, IG-18, busy downloading the transmitted data from Duro. Aside from his ship The Wampa’s Eye, 18 was the only thing of his family he had left.

Originally an IG series assassin droid, IG-18 had been recommisioned by Kyn Fulcron to be a pilot and bodyguard. The droid was on Coruscant, along with the Eye, when the Fulcron estate was attacked on Dubrillion.

As soon as the data had finished, Bryn flipped control over to IG-18, then got up and walked out of the cockpit. He needed some rest, especially if what he’d heard about Duro’s reclamation project were true.

No money, no communications, a corrosive atmosphere and an uncooperative government. That’s enough trouble for 10 Jedi, let alone 3. And two of us are incapacitated. This should be rich…

A few hours later, Bryn slowly maneuvered the Eye next to the Republic Medical Frigate, Starry Night, and his communications console bleeped again.

He gave 18 control again, and then flipped it on.

“Attention Wampa’s Eye, this is Major Harthis, commander of the Night. Lieutenant Solo has requested that your ship be the one to ferry her down to the surface.”

“Alright, Major, bring her over as soon as it’s docked.” Bryn replied.

A few minutes passed until Bryn could hear banging, and cringed when he heard a grating sound.

“Never can dock without dingin her up, can we 18?” Bryn said, although he knew 18 couldn’t speak. He checked the ship one more time, and although he picked up as much trash as he could, it was evident that a 16-year old boy lived in the ship. He straightened the collar of his tunic and held his chin high.

Regardless of what some in the galaxy would say, his family still retained some nobility.

He deactivated the hatch lock and waited for this Major Harthis to make his appearance. The hatch swung open, and Bryn finally saw her.

Jaina walked in, unsure of her surroundings. She wore a black mask of some kind, and walked with a discernable limp. Bryn hurried over to help her through the door.

“You know as well as I do that I don’t need the help. So unless you want a broken arm, I’d put yours down.” Bryn smiled, and then stepped aside to let her through.

Jaina hadn’t even taken three steps when her leg gave out and she crumpled to the floor. Bryn caught her halfway. She didn’t need her sight to see the gawking smile on his face.

“Don’t you even laugh, Bryn” Jaina said, although she herself was chuckling. Bryn could tell it hurt her to do so.

“So this is the ship Obi-Wan Kenobi’s grandson calls home?” Major Harthis said, walking through the hatch.

“I’ll admit, I’ve seen worse. What does she do past light speed, 0.8?” Harthis continued, eyes coming to rest on the hyperdrive.

“0.6” Bryn confirmed, quite proud of his ship. Major Harthis walked over to Bryn and handed him a clipboard, containing all of Jaina’s injuries and treatments.

“Wow, Sticks, crash much?” Bryn said as he flipped through the clipboard, peering at the file on Jaina’s eye injuries. “Says you should heal in a few weeks. That’s good.”

“Bet you I’ll be 100% in two,” Jaina said, and from what Bryn could see of her face, he was starting to agree.

“I’m inclined to take that bet, Solo. What’s your wager?” Bryn chuckled. “Hmm…how about your ship versus mine?” Jaina asked.

“Lieutenant Solo, I don’t believe Colonel Darklighter would approve of you losing your own ship on something so trivial!” Major Harthis interjected.

Jaina crossed her arms, a very Solo expression. “He won’t know about it, Major, because I won’t lose.”

Bryn simply laughed, then saw the Major off. Once Jaina was situated, he undocked from the cruiser and blasted towards Duro’s surface.

Chapter 8: Settlement Thirty-TwoEdit

[Month: 7- Day: 11- Year: 26 ABY- Time: 1102

Bryn sat down at the table, scanning the cafeteria for any sign of Jaina or Jacen, who had been quite surprised when Bryn stepped off the ramp. He was originally angry at his father for failing to mention that Bryn was coming, but his anger subsided after mere seconds, when he saw his sister.

Now, a couple of days later, Bryn and Jacen had still never had an opportunity to talk like Bryn knew Han wanted them to.

“This seat taken?” a shapely young Ryn asked, motioning to the empty spot on the bench. Bryn shook his head.

“It most certainly is!” a voice boomed out. This particular voice had been one that Bryn was learning to dislike. Randa Besadii Diori, the settlement’s resident Hutt. “We don’t serve you kind here, Ryn!” the Hutt bellowed, his tail swishing into other beings around him, knocking over a couple of Vors.

“Funny, Randa, how no one else seems to share your viewpoints. You’re outnumbered, my friend”.

Bryn made sure to lock eyes with the Hutt, a useful intimidation technique his father taught him. The Hutt simply blinked, refusing to give Bryn any kind of advantage.

He had learned that when he tried to recruit Bryn into his “all-Jedi squadron” the day before.

“I wouldn’t expect these creatures to know anything of the galaxy, they’ve never seen it, young Human” Randa snarled.

“It’s alright, I’m used to it. I don’t want to be a nuisance” the Ryn scooped up her tray and started to head away.

“No, you stay right there. I’ve only been here two days, but I’m tired of seeing this over-grown sewer rat give orders to everyone.” Bryn stood up and locked eyes with Randa once again, who reared up to his full height. Many of the refugees stopped what they were doing, aware of the explosive situation around them.

“Never insult a Hutt in my presence again, filthy Jedi scum!” Randa flipped the nearest table over, scattering refugees like rats. But Bryn was already committed to seeing this through.

“That might be difficult, considering how large your species is,” Randa whipped around, sending more refugees running. The massive Hutt seemed too angry to reply, he just simply turned around and slithered out of the cafeteria.

Bryn bent down, helping up one young Human girl who had been knocked down.

“Thank you,’ the young Ryn said, as she reclaimed her seat at the table. Bryn gave her his food and left.

One day, that Hutt is going to bite off way more than he can chew. I just hope I’m there to see it.

The next day, strange moth-like creatures invaded the dome and began ripping it down. Bryn helped assist by herding refugees onto the first transport from Gateway. After they arrived at Gateway, Bryn opted to wait instead of have his head shaved. He then helped the Ryn dig their tunnel under Gateway in case the Yuuzhan Vong arrived, which, like always, they did.

Chapter 9: What Goes Around...Edit

[Month: 7- Day: 14- Year: 26 ABY- Time 1350]

Bryn stumbled as another blast shook the administration building. As soon as Jaina, Jacen and Leia had left to try and use Leia’s mining laser on the Yuuzhan Vong, Han comlinked Bryn and asked him to trail them.

Now, around 15 minutes later, Bryn was walking through the lower levels when he felt Jacen’s Force presence deepen.

Looks like someone’s not afraid anymore Bryn thought as he stumbled into the room under Leia’s office. The first thing he noticed was the smell coming from the dead Hutt in the corner.

Bryn began to smile when he heard rusting in the doorway behind him. He leapt into the shadows, peering out from behind a large desk. Two Yuuzhan Vong warriors entered, obviously there to move Randa’s body. Bryn figured he would wait until they were moving the Hutt to strike. To his surprise, the aliens easily lifted up Randa’s body.

There was a sudden crash, and the entire building shook. Bryn looked out the window in time to see a large Yuuzhan Vong crash into the ground outside. The two warriors in the room immediately panicked and started to bark at one another. This alien outside was obviously important.

Good job Jacen. Bryn waited for the warriors to drop Randa, and then he used the Force to levitate the body. The two warriors stopped before they exited the room, then turned and stared at the floating Hutt in surprise. Before either one could react, Bryn flung the body into them, full-force, killing them both instantly. Smirking, Bryn left the room to look for Jacen.

Instead he found another Yuuzhan Vong, this one some kind of priestess, hobbling through the hallway a story above. He killed her and followed the trail of blood outside….

Bryn, panting heavily, caught up with Jaina and Jacen while they were struggling to take their injured mother through a fast-moving stream. Bryn leapt across the water, landing opposite Jaina. He reached out his hand and pulled her to the surface. Once there, they both pulled up Jacen and Leia.

Bryn didn’t ask any questions, he just ran farther down the trail and commed IG-18.

“18, bring the Eye to my position.” 18 acknowledged, and Bryn sat on his haunches, waiting for the Solos.

A few minutes later, as they were closing in on the Falcon, Bryn stopped, pointing out two monstrous forms in the distance.

“Go, get to the Falcon, I’ll stay here and hold off any reinforcements.” Bryn said, unhooking his lightsaber.

“Alone?” Jaina asked, oblivious to the barking aliens closing in on their position.

“I’ll be fine, Jaina, go! Now!” Bryn shoved her down the path after Jacen. He ignited his lightsaber and attacked the first wave of Yuuzhan Vong, killing three before the leader deemed him a threat.

The alien directed his troops to surround Bryn, attempting to flank him. Bryn wouldn’t have any of that.

He leaped over the closest alien, stabbing downwards as he did. The warrior crumpled in a heap. Bryn spun and locked blades with the commander, who tried to hold him in place for the others to kill him.

They struggled for a few moments, Bryn deflecting errant thud bugs with the Force, until he heard the whine of a repulsorlift behind him.

Bryn leaped out of the way as IG-18 fired the Eye’s main cannon into the mass of Yuuzhan Vong. The blast knocked Bryn out.

When he came to, Bryn could smell burned flesh. He tasted copper. He could barely see, and the world seemed to be spinning around him. Bryn barely remembered killing the Yuuzhan Vong commander in a flash of rage.

Bryn barely had time to catch his breath and get his bearings before the wall before him exploded, and one of the gigantic creatures the Yuuzhan Vong were using as demolition appeared, bellowing its rage at Bryn.

Bryn summoned every last bit of energy in him and used the Force to leap as far as he could. He landed on a partially demolished building some 100 meters away, much closer to the Falcon.

The giant beast slammed into the building Bryn was on, threatening to knock him off the top. The building, however, wasn’t so lucky. It toppled, with Bryn on it, straight towards the monster. Bryn waited until he could see himself in the beast’s eyes, then he leapt off of the cascading rubble, landing behind the creature.

He noticed one of the Ryn-made tunnels near him, and began to head for it when he heard an explosion.

IG-18 had piloted the Wampa’s Eye straight at the beast, using its mass to hold it down. Within seconds, the other beast had arrived; using is whip-like body to rip large gashes in Bryn’s ship. He remembered that IG-18 had a removable memory core, so he took off towards the Eye at full speed. Bryn sprinted up the side of an adjacent building, flinging himself over the edge before the giant beasts noticed him. He made it.

Two minutes later Han Solo noticed a shape coming out of the shadows near the Falcon. He prepared to shoot it, not willing to take any chances with his wife in the state she was in. But Jaina stopped him, stating “It’s Bryn!"

Bryn was singed, cut and had a concussion, but was little worse for the wear. He had in his hand a memory processor for an IG series assassin droid.

A few weeks later Lando Calrissian, in appreciation for Bryn’s help at Duro, re-built his ship with IG-18’s processor in the ship’s AI, essentially making IG-18 the ship. Bryn made Nyanni, the young Ryn whom he had defended from Randa, his apprentice, because she was Force-sensitive. Bryn stayed on Coruscant for the next month, healing and training his new apprentice.

Chapter 10: SernpidalEdit

[Month: 2- Day: 5- Year: 27 ABY- Time: 0903]

Bryn watched as Jaina slapped Kyp Durron in the face for betraying her. He couldn’t blame her. He was still surprised that she hadn’t slapped him, considering he too had known that the supposed Yuuzhan Vong super weapon at Sernpidal was actually a worldship. She seemed more surprised that he was there.

He had been masquerading as Lensi, a Duros pilot and one of the few survivors of the battle. Later, after Jaina had retired to her quarters, Bryn stopped by to see Kyp Durron.

“Master Durron?” Bryn asked as he knocked on the older Jedi’s door. He was surprised to see Jaina waiting for him, still apparently angry to be in the same room as either of them.

“Welcome, Bryn, and thanks for your help in the battle. Had I known that a Jedi of your caliber was flying with us, I would have simply attacked the worldship head on.” It didn’t take a Jedi to hear the sarcasm dripping from Master Durron’s voice.

“And what’s that supposed to mean, Kyp?” Jaina scowled.

“Well it’s obvious. This kid’s only been a Jedi for a year, and he’s ALREADY a Knight? He must be more powerful than any of us. Or maybe it’s just the fact that Obi-Wan Kenobi is his grandfather, maybe THAT’S why Master Skywalker has seen it fit to not only-“

“Damn it Kyp, you asked me in here to help you explain to Bryn why he almost lost his life on a lie.” Jaina retorted, her anger rising.

“Actually, Jaina,” Bryn said, speaking for the first time,” Colonel Darklighter told me what it was right before the battle.”

“And you still went?” Kyp said, intrigued by the prospect of a possible ally against Jaina. “Why?”

Bryn swallowed, hard, and tried to think of a good way to phrase it. His eyes drifted towards Jaina.

“Bryn?” Jaina asked, staring at him as if she’d seen him for the first time. “You went for me, didn’t you?” A small smile crossed her lips.

“Thanks, Kyp, this has been most productive. By the way, I quit!”

Kyp glared at Bryn and Jaina as they left the room. This isn’t over, he mouthed at Bryn.

Outside, Jaina turned and hugged Bryn. His breath caught in his throat.

“You didn’t have to do that, Bryn.” She said, releasing him. “But thanks. “

Chapter 11: EosEdit

[Month: 4- Day: 8- Year: 27 ABY- Time: 1340]

Bryn watched as Nyanni and Tarc Rethcoe sparred. In the past six months, the young Ryn’s skills had improved drastically, so much so that Bryn was considering requesting that she be Knighted soon.

Her style was subtle, such that even an experienced duelist would have trouble seeing all of its finer parts.

Tarc Rethcoe, one’s of Bryn’s friends and fellow Jedi Knights, on the other hand, was a subtle as a charging Bantha. He used broad, powerful strokes to overpower his opponents.

Not to say he was a muscle-bound moron, however. Tarc was one of the Jedi’s stealthiest. There wasn’t a facility in the Republic he couldn’t break into. Tall and striking, Bryn thought Tarc could've starred in a holo drama if he'd wanted.

Then we'd never hear the end of it Bryn smilied slightly.

Bryn looked up into the clouds of the planet Eos, the peaceful plains planet he had brought Nyanni to so she could complete her training. Tarc had volunteered to come along.

Bryn noticed a strange cloud in the sky, one that reminded him of his home on Dubrillion. With that, Bryn lapsed into sleep.

Even after a year, Bryn could still smell the burning duracrete; still hear the screams of his mother as she died. This, more than anything, is what kept him going in the war and what kept him up at night. Today, his dreams were plagued by the monstrous Yuuzhan Vong from Dantooine, the one he was sure had killed his sister. It seemed so real, almost as if…

Bryn snapped awake. This was no dream. The Yuuzhan Vong were here. He looked to the west, and saw a legion of troops advancing towards their position. Someone had ratted the Jedi out. Again.

Bryn called for Tarc and Nyanni to hurry onto the Eye II. Tarc got on first, racing to the lone quad gun. Nyanni was cut down by thud bugs mere meters from the loading ramp.

Bryn yelled in anger, and leapt out to her, deflecting more thud bugs on the way. Nyanni looked at him.

“Just go, Master!” she pleaded, somehow rising to her feet. The young Ryn raised her right hand, throwing Bryn into the ship and closing the ramp on him.

“NOO!” Bryn screamed, pounding on the steel. A beeping sounded from IG-18’s communications monitor.


“No, we’re not leaving her there, 18” Bryn began to cut his way out of the ship, when Nyanni’s voice rang inside his head.

Go, master. You already saved me. You have so much more to do…

Bryn stopped, and began to cry. Although he was 6 years younger, Bryn had begun to treat Nyanni as a little sister, showing her the ropes about being a Jedi. He was proud of her, more than he would ever admit. But he had failed her now, when she needed him the most…

Two weeks later, on Coruscant, Bryn was, along with many other Jedi, in attendance when Anakin Solo unveiled his plan to strike at the heart of the Yuuzhan Vong Voxyn clones, Myrkyr.

Bryn went against most of his peers and did not volunteer for the mission, saying it was too dangerous, and the mission required more senior Jedi. He felt that without solid leadership, the squad would be destroyed. This seemed to hurt Anakin, endangering their friendship together.

The last words Bryn ever said to Anakin Solo were “Don’t come crying to me if you get yourself killed”, words he would soon come to regret.

Bryn was on Dac when Coruscant fell, and he didn’t arrive in time to help at all. He followed the Solos to Hapes, where the strike team had fled to. What he found when he arrived there would forever change his life.

Chapter 12: The Dark Side of ManEdit

[Month: 1- Day: 5- Year: 28 ABY- Time: 1620]

Bryn followed his Hapan escort down the alleyway, his eyes barely registering the faces around him.

Anakin is dead. Jacen probably as well. I don’t even want to know what state Jaina is in…

“We’re here. Docking Bay 11, where the Millennium Falcon is said to be docked. May you have great luck on the rest of your journeys.” The guide bowed and walked away.

Luck... Bryn thought, and then laughed to himself, if only to keep his mind off of the other thought that had been at the back of his mind since he heard the news;

Would things have been different if I had gone?

“Yes, they would,” Luke Skywalker said, just now approaching Bryn.

“You would probably be dead along with him. You two have always possessed the same fiery competitive flair. You can’t blame yourself for anything Bryn; it’ll only weaken what strength you have.”

It made sense to Bryn, but now there was a more pertinent question to ask.

“How’s Jaina?” he blurted out, quite aware of her presence in the Falcon, apparently fixing something.

Luke shook his head. “Not sure. Since her brother’s death Jaina has closed herself off from anyone, even me. I’m worried she might be slipping into the dark side.”

“I should talk to her,” Bryn replied. “I might be the only person who knows what she’s feeling.”

Luke nodded knowingly. “Go right ahead, Bryn.”

Bryn gave his condolences to Han and Leia before he entered the Falcon’s spacious docking bay.

“I’m just getting a few things, mom, I’ll be out in a moment…” Jaina trailed off when she turned and saw Bryn, not her mother, in the doorway.

“Certainly is a lot bigger than the Eye, isn’t she Sticks?” Bryn moved closer, trying to get a gauge on Jaina’s emotions. He could find none. That worried him.

“Don’t call me that, Bryn. Sticks died on Myrkyr. I’m just Jaina Solo, Jedi failure…”

“Jaina, you’re not a failure, you’re on of the best pilots I know. I can’t think of another Jedi who could have kept the other Jedi together like that. It’s amazing you guys even made it back at all.”

Bryn edged closer, trying to put his hand on Jaina’s shoulder.

She scooted away, turning her back on him at the same time. “You weren’t there, Bryn. They didn’t even trust me to fly the damned ship, let alone lead anyone anywhere.”

Bryn concentrated, trying to find the source, any source, of Jaina’s pain. She didn’t seem to have any. Jaina started to continue, but Bryn cut her off.

“I’m only trying to help you, Jaina, like you helped me after my family was killed. You have people around you who love you. You should let them”

Something dark stirred in Jaina’s eyes. “I should LET them, Bryn. Who are you to tell me what to do? What if I don’t want to be loved right now? What if I’m not the one who needs help?”

With that she stormed out of the Falcon, leaving Bryn much angrier, and no less confused.

Over the next few days, Bryn tried to avoid Jaina, or at least keep their conversations to a minimum. He watched her as she slid further into depression, until one day, he snapped.

Two guards tried to stop him as he went to see the Queen Mother, Teneniel Djo, who was dying of a mysterious ailment. He killed one of the guards, and severely injured the other. The Hapans, particularly former Queen Mother Ta’a Chume, wanted him executed. Only by the intervention of the new Queen Mother, his friend Tenel Ka, was his life spared.

He was banished from Hapes forthwith however. He didn’t speak to Jaina before he left, although Master Skywalker talked him down before leaving the planet in a huff. He told Bryn not to worry about Jaina, that she would come around on her own terms.

After he left Hapes, Bryn calmed down considerably. It was then that he realized what had happened to him. Jaina, in a refusal to deal with her grief, had been subconsciously feeding her negative emotions into Bryn, making him an outlet for her pain. Before Bryn could consider this further, his comm. console bleeped. He flipped it on.

“Master Fulcron? This is Tarc Rethcoe. Are you on Hapes?”

Glad to hear his friend’s voice again, Bryn answered quickly.

“I’m just about to leave. And you don’t have to call me master, Tarc,”

Tarc laughed, a sound that improved Bryn’s spirits profoundly. “No, I suppose not. I just wanted to let you know something.”

“Anything, Tarc. What is it?” Bryn replied.

“I hate you. I have always hated you. It was because of you that I fell to the Dark Side. I just wanted to let you know that.”

Bryn was stunned. “WHAT? What does all of that mean? When did you turn to the dark side.” Silence.

“Tarc?” Still no answer. Bryn quickly commed Master Skywalker, asking what he thought of it. The venerable Master had no clue that Tarc had even fallen, although he called this revelation “intriguing”. Bryn was starting to regret ever coming to Hapes.

The next day, Bryn had still not left the Hapan system, waiting to see if Jaina was willing to open up to him. She didn’t of course, but the Yuuzhan Vong were more than willing to share, having just arrived to take over the Consortium.

While Bryn was contemplating leaving the system and the Hapan government to its fate, Queen Mother Tenel Ka contacted him and rescinded his banishment, allowing Bryn to land on Hapes, refuel, and fight in the battle if he wanted.

Bryn agreed, and was the battle’s ace, shooting down at least 10 Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers. After the battle, while resting on Hapes, Bryn received another mysterious message from Tarc Rethcoe.


Bryn was gone within the day.

Chapter 13: The Big KillEdit

[Month: 4- Day: 11- Year: 28 ABY- Time: 0745]

Bryn, along with his Jedi companions, Jorallen, Corran Horn and Tahiri Veila, landed on Malastare, a boggy swamp of a world, nefarious for it’s involvement with the Hutts.

Bryn, effectively leader of the mission, was instructed by Master Skywalker not to kill Tarc unless he was left with no other choice. After sneaking/fighting their way throughout a small Hutt facility, the four Jedi entered the throne room, home to Farja the Hutt, sister to Randa Besadii Diori!

“Welcome, esteemed Jedi. Let it be known that even though the Jedi had abandoned us, they are still welcome in our halls.” Farja began, her transparence more apparent than Corran’s lack of telekinesis.

“That is…good to know, thank you for your hospitality, Farja.” Corran Horn replied, a slight smirk on his bearded face. Jorallen remained quiet, while Tahiri shifted nervously. For good reason, Bryn noted, because the room was quickly filling up with guards.

Bryn’s eyes darted around as Farja started to speak.

“Noting the rather horrible fate my brother Randa befell; do you know anything of his death, young Jedi?” Bryn realized she was speaking to him. She had to know.

“I know that Randa died like a warrior, taking out many Yuuzhan Vong with him.” Bryn told, rather honestly. Farja seemed to smile. “But that doesn’t change the fact that he was loud, bigoted, and not to mention a fool.”

Corran, Tahiri, and even the normally stoic Jorallen all laughed, which only served to anger Farja more.

“I should kill you where you stand, Jedi-slime!” she bellowed.

“Farja, watch yourself” a familiar voice called out from the background. Out walked Tarc Rethcoe, familiar smirk replaced with a sneer, eyes full of hate.

There was no denying it now. Tarc had fallen to the dark side.

“Tarc, why did you do it? I thought you liked Nyanni?” Bryn questioned, lightsaber now unhooked.

“It was nothing personal against her; I just hate you, Master Fulcron.” Tarc sneered.

“Why? What did I do to you, Tarc?’ Bryn was becoming quite annoyed with Tarc’s mind games.

“Why? You dare to ask me why? I’ve been a Jedi my entire life, and no one ever saw it fit to make me a knight. What’s so special about Bryn? He’s a spoiled farmer brat!” Tarc’s anger was almost palpable.

“He cares, Tarc. He’s a good person.” Tahiri Veila spoke up for the first time since they had landed. Bryn shot her silent thanks.

It was good to see her begin to heal after Anakin’s death. Bryn knew they had been close.

“I’m sure he cares, Tahiri. That’s why he didn’t accompany the strike team. He was afraid his precious Jaina would see him for what he is. A pretentious, useless, poster boy.”

Bryn ignited his lightsaber, angrier than before.

“Bryn, no!” Corran shouted. “Remember what Master Skywalker said!”

“Yes, Bryn, listen to Horn, he’s knows when he’s in over his head. He practically lives it.” Tarc’s insult seemed to sting Corran, and he faded into the background.

“You actually think you can defeat me, here, with all of these men under my control?”

“YOUR men?” Farja spoke up. “I control these men, they are all mine to cont" she was cut off as Tarc plunged his lightsaber into her back, spilling dark blood all over the throne. The soldiers stopped, unsure of what to do.

“Kill them” Tarc ordered, and the guards complied. Dozens of Rodians, Gammorreans and Nikito leaped from their perches, running at a full sprint towards the four Jedi.

Bryn held his ground, and killed the first 5 Rodians with a sickening ease. Like it or not, he was still perilously close to the Dark Side…

Corran, Tahiri and Jorallen spread out into flanking positions, each taking on a group of soldiers. Tarc had disappeared.

Bryn decapitated 2 more Nikito, then turned to help Tahiri with a couple hulking Gamorreans. Before he got there, however, he noticed a small boy standing alone in the corner. He rushed over to him.

“Hey kid, what’s your name?” Bryn asked, fighting off a Rodian with a vibro-axe.

“D-Denzel” the child stammered, obviously frightened of the carnage unfolding in front of him.

“Can you find your way to the docking bay, Denzel?” Bryn asked, after flinging his lightsaber at an oncoming Gamorrean.

“Yeah!” Denzel replied his hopes up with the prospect of being rescued. He was obviously a slave.

“I need you to go there. Wait for me at a ship called the Wampa’s Eye. Can you do that?”

“Sure. Bye!” Denzel called as he ran from the room.

“That’s providing you make it out alive, Fulcron!” Tarc yelled while plunging down from the rafters. Bryn pivoted and caught Tarc’s strike on his blade. As strong as Tarc was, Bryn was just as strong, and faster. This fight wouldn’t last long. Tarc knew that.

So why was he continuing to fight? The answer was soon apparent.

After a small flurry of parries and blocks, Tarc leaped away from Bryn, landing next to an occupied Tahiri. She didn’t see him.

“TAHIRI!!” Bryn called out, reaching out as if to stop the oncoming strike. It was no use…

Chapter 14: SacrificeEdit

[Month: 4- Day: 11- Year: 28 ABY- Time: 0805]

Jorallen stepped in front of the strike, which was powerful enough to take off his right arm. He barely made a sound as he fell to the floor, writhing in pain.

Tahiri turned around to catch a boot in the face from a still-advancing Tarc. Bryn finally reached the fight.

He grabbed Tarc from behind, hefting him above his head and delivering a punishing drop to the concrete floor below. Tarc seemed to be knocked out. Bryn grabbed Tahiri by the hand and Corran hefted Jorallen’s prone form, and the Jedi, along with the young orphan Denzel, left Malastare for good.

After participating in the doomed Battle of Borleias, Bryn journeyed to Eclipse, new home of the Jedi Order, to see if fences between he and Jaina could be mended.

He found her exercising in the workout room, and patiently waited for her to finish.

“Care for another round?” Bryn asked casually, unsure if Jaina wanted to speak to him.

“No” she responded sternly, and Bryn’s spirits sank. Then Jaina turned around, beaming at Bryn for the first time in months.

“You’d kill me, but I’d love a walk”. Within a matter of moments, their friendship had been repaired.

A few weeks later Bryn was contracted by New Republic Intelligence to be an advanced scout on the Peace Brigade capital of Ylesia.

He stayed there, doing recon on Thrackan Sal-Solo, for two months, until the New Republic, lead by Kyp Durron, arrived to liberate the planet. The attack was somewhat successful, although the Peace Brigade had unexpected Yuuzhan Vong assistance. Bryn was knocked unconscious during the fighting.

Kyp Durron, of all people, rescued him. Kyp, never one to hold a debt, told Bryn that the rescue was “all the payment you’re gonna get” for his services on Ylesia.

A couple weeks later, Bryn ventured with Han and Leia Solo, Jaina, Jag Fel and Tahiri to Galantos. While the Solos were busy tampering with an election, Bryn followed the path of a strange pendant purposefully left for the recovering Tahiri Veila.

He was beginning to grow close to Tahiri, he didn’t want to see her hurt again. Bryn returned to his room after a fruitless search throughout the city. There was a message waiting for him.


There was a set of coordinates along with the message. There was no doubt who it was from.


Two hours later, without telling Jag or the Solos, Bryn was at the designated coordinates, which turned out to be a heavily populated park. Bryn scanned the area for any hint of his former friend. He thought he saw a lightsaber igniting at the corner of his vision.


He looked to his right. Nothing.

Growing frustrated, Bryn prepared to leave, when Tarc’s voice came from under the park bench Bryn had just been sitting on.

“Thank you, Bryn, for coming here. Now, there is only one question that remains…” Tarc paused, probably for dramatic effect.

“Who do you want to die first? Jaina or Tahiri?” Tarc laughed, manically, before the recorder detonated, sending a small plume of smoke into the air.

A few citizens stared, curiously, at Bryn, who had realized just how badly he had been duped. He took off, full speed, in an attempt to get back to the hotel…

Chapter 15: Arkoan FaiEdit

[Month: 11- Day: 4- Year: 28 ABY- Time: 1231]

Bryn careened around a corner, almost slamming into a service droid. He paid it no heed. Bryn scanned the corridor in front of him. His heartbeat starting to rise, Bryn wondered where Jaina was…

He found his answer around the next corner. He ran into Jaina, face first, knocking over the empty serving tray she was carrying. She had obviously just come from Tahiri’s room.

“Jaina…you hurt?” Bryn panted, out of breath from his desperate run.

“I’m fine…Bryn what’s wrong?” Jaina grabbed Bryn by the shoulders, letting him catch his breath.

Bryn’s eyes widened. “Jaina…where’s Tahiri?”

“She’s…she’s still in her room. What happened?” Jaina looked concerned, scared even.

“Tarc…he’s here.” With that, Bryn ran for Tahiri’s room. Jaina followed. Bryn kicked open Tahiri’s door. A tall figure stood over her bed, menacing. Bryn shouted and tackled the figure. The man spun around, putting his hands up in defense.

“Bryn, stop!” Jaina yelled, pointing out who it was Bryn was about to hit. It was Jag.

“Can I help you?” Jag said, pulling himself up off the floor. Bryn helped him up, then apologized.

“Are you alright, Bryn?” Jaina asked. Bryn explained it all, from the mysterious call he’d received to the message in the park.

“Bryn, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would Tarc come here?” Jaina said. Jag didn’t look so sure.

“Wait, Jaina,” he said, speaking for the first time.

“There was a man here earlier. He didn’t look like Rethcoe, but he gave me this”. Jag produced a small datapad. It was encrypted. “He told me to give it to you.” Bryn accepted the datapad, wondering what was inside.

Bryn tinkered with the small device over the next few hours, never able to figure out the encryption. Maybe the specialists in the NRI could figure it out. Shrugging, he pocketed it.

The next day the Solos and co. fled Galantos, following Tahiri’s lead to Bakura. Bryn stayed in the Falcon while the others visited the planet.

Bryn then accompanied Jaina to break out Malinza Thanas. When Jaina was “captured”, Bryn fled, shadowing her for the rest of the night.

After Jaina was captured by Salkeli, under order from Deputy Prime Minister Blaine Harris, Bryn chased him down. Using a stolen landspeeder, Bryn chased down and defeated the Rodian thug, preparing to take Jaina back. He had put her into the backseat of his speeder, and ignited the engine when he was struck in the side of the head by a large flimsiplast trashcan, knocking him out cold.

When he came to, Bryn was looking into a strange looking mask. He recognized it from E-2P1’s stories of Revan as an ancient Mandalorian battle mask.

“Good, you’re awake.” A muffled voice said from under the mask. “Who…wha..?” Bryn said, a massive headache coming on. He moved his hands, only to find them bound.

“My name is Arkoan Fai. I work for Master Rethcoe. You would know that if you were competent enough to decode my datapad. I am here to kill you. There is nothing more to be said.”

The Mandalorian, Arkoan, flipped Bryn onto his side, where he could see the raging torrent below. Salkeli, the Rodian, popped his head into Bryn’s vision, and spat on him, cursing in Rodian.

“Take her now” Arkoan told Salkeli, who nodded. Salkeli gave Bryn a parting shot, a kick to the ribs, then walked out of Bryn’s sight. Bryn could hear his landspeeder started up, and he began to struggle.

“Jai…na” he wheezed, unable to breathe.

“She’s the least of your worries, now, Jedi scum!” Arkoan kicked Bryn in the back, sending him into the torrent below.

Bryn landed with a splash, and immediately kept his head below water. He could see Fai waiting at the surface for him to come up. Unfortunately for Arkoan Fai, Bryn knew a few Jedi relaxation techniques.

He simply waited for 5, 10 minutes, until Fai gave up and walked away. Bryn then exploded from under the water, his lungs burning. He treaded water for a few minutes, then swam to the side. Concentrating, Bryn called his lightsaber to him, where it had been lodged in a sewer grate. Bryn used it to free himself, then leaped from the raging canal.

This isn’t over…he thought, anger filling him.

The next day, after walking back to the Falcon, Bryn arrived at the ceremony to inaugurate the Ssi-ruuk’s new alliance with the Bakurans. He spotted Han and Leia, asking if they had seen Tahiri or Jaina.

When they asked where he had been, he simply replied, “making some new friends,” which caused Han to laugh and Leia to sigh.

He found Tahiri, passed out from her ordeal to de-activate the bomb planted there by Blaine Harris. Arkoan Fai was standing over her, making sure the bomb went off. Bryn confronted him and defeated him, but the Mandalorian (who was a Force user) fled, and Bryn was left with a bomb.

Tahiri re-woke and created a Force bubble, saving them both from the devastation. Bryn assisted in the rescue and cleanup efforts afterwards.

When the Ssi-ruuk launched their not-too-surprising attack a few minutes later, Bryn jumped into the fray and killed 3 of the ravenous aliens.

He suffered a dislocated shoulder and was held hostage by the Keeramak, until Lwothin assassinated the Ssi-ruuvi leader. Bryn fought alongside Jaina, defeating the Ssi-ruuk once and for all (hopefully). He followed Jaina in pursuit of the true enemy, Prime Minister Molliere Cundertol. He attempted to fight the cyborg Prime Minister, only to worsen his injury. He spent a few days recovering, then left on the Falcon with Jaina and the rest.

Chapter 16: AdmittanceEdit

[Month: 2- Day: 3- Year: 29 ABY- Time: 1612]

Bryn assisted the Solos on Esfandia too, and he suited up for the battle on the icy planet’s surface.

He, along with Droma the Ryn, rescued Jaina after her suit had been breached and brought her back to the base. Bryn waited there with Jaina as she caught her breath. There was something he had to tell her, and now was the perfect time.

“I...I love you, Jaina. I’ve always loved you.” Bryn admitted, bracing himself for the worst.

“I know you and Jag have something, and Tahiri and I might as well, but I had to tell you.”

Jaina stopped what she was doing, her own emotions seeming to conflict as well.

“I…love you too, Bryn. Just not in that way. I think of you as more of a brother. You’re probably my best friend. It would never work, regardless of what we might feel. Jag…”

“It’s alright Jaina, I never expected anything to happen, and I just wanted to tell you in case we die.” He stood up. “

With all I’ve been through, it’s nice to know that someone loves me, even if it’s brotherly. Just remember, I’m not Anakin.”

She nodded, slowly, a smile spreading across her face.

“Now,” Bryn continues, unhooking his lightsaber. “Let’s go kick some Vong butt.”

They left the planet the next day, having saved the Republic’s main comm antenna in the Unknown Regions. Bryn seemed to be much happier afterwards.

Bryn spent the next couple of months on Mon Calamari with Tahiri, whom he was beginning to become close with. It was there that Tarc Rethcoe made his next appearance, once again threatening his old Master.

He captured Tahiri and forced her to admit that she loved Bryn, and then he mercilessly tortured her, waiting for Bryn to arrive. Bryn did, along with fellow Jedi Zekk and Rygar Frost. Arkoan Fai arrived as well, and the 5 Jedi had a two on three duel.

Bryn spun to his right, blocking a strike from one of Arkoan Fai’s two blades. The swing was hard enough to send Bryn backwards a few feet, putting him into the path of Tarc’s oncoming strike.

Zekk stepped in front of it, connecting with a right cross at the same time. The punch lifted Rethcoe off his feet and slammed him into an adjacent wall. Meanwhile, Arkoan Fai had cornered Rygar Frost, a Rodian Jedi. Rygar yelled for help, and Arkoan took off his hands.

Bryn watched as his fellow Jedi writhed in pain. Bryn snapped. He unleashed a peal of Force lightning at Fai, nearly killing the big Mandalorian. Only Zekk’s interference stopped him from killing Fai.

“That’s not the Jedi way!” Zekk yelled, and Bryn apologized for nearly losing control.

Arkoan Fai, surprised by this new development, revealed that Tarc told him the Jedi killed all of their prisoners.

Bryn realized that Tarc had fled, once again, to parts unknown. With that, Arkoan Fai pledged himself to the Jedi, and Bryn brought him before the council. Fai was accepted into the Jedi Order.

Chapter 17: The End of All Things to ComeEdit

[Month: 3- Day: 12- Year: 30 ABY- Time: 1046]

Bryn twisted to the right, taking off one of the warrior’s hands with his lightsaber. He didn’t know how these two brutish Yuuzhan Vong had gotten on to his ship, but he wasn’t letting them leave alive.

They were in orbit over the planet Selvaris, site of an Alliance rescue attempt. Bryn had accompanied Jaina and the Falcon to the planet, when these strange new fighters had arrived. Three of the strange craft had chased the Falcon away, and the others proceeded to harass the Alliance forces.

Luckily for Bryn, he had IG-18 to pilot him out of the system. They were now in transit to the Alliance planet of Contruum. The two strange warriors had jumped him as soon as Selvaris had been left behind.

Bryn grunted as the other warrior slashed his amphistaff across Bryn’s back. He took the pain then turned and kicked the beast in the face, throwing it into a wall.

They’re really good… Bryn thought, amazed at the new warrior’s resilience.

Bryn continued to fight the Yuuzhan Vong warriors for a few more minutes, finally defeating them with IG-18’s help. He then collapsed from the loss of blood.

When he came to, Bryn was in an Alliance medical bay, Jaina Solo sitting next to his bed. She welcomed him to Contruum.

“We took those…things to Cilghal” she told him a few hours later, as Bryn flexed his broken wrist.

“They were almost as fast as Jedi, Jaina. That isn’t good.” Bryn replied, staring at the window.

This war had better end, soon.

Bryn recovered and then accompanied the Solos to Coruscant, where the Alliance was attempting to take back their galactic capital.

Bryn went with Mara Jade, Kenth Hamner, Tahiri, Jaina, Jacen and Master Skywalker to take Supreme Overlord Shimmra’s Citadel.

He opted to follow Luke’s group to the Citadel, sharing a kiss with Tahiri as they parted.

“Don’t go and get yourself killed, Fulcron.” She said, smiling in his arms. “I’m not done with you yet”. Bryn kissed her again and followed Jacen.

When they arrived at the Citadel, Bryn opted to stand guard at the door as the other 3 dealt with Shimmra. He promised that no Yuuzhan Vong would get through the doorway.

None did, including the three Slayers that arrived to assist their Overlord. He waited there for the others to arrive.

As soon as they did, Bryn turned and followed Master’s Skywalker’s path, apparent by the dead bodies. He arrived just in time to see Shimmra’s body hit the ground, and the top of the Citadel blast off into space. He had elected to stay and help Master Skywalker, as much as he wanted to follow Han and Leia into the pod.

Bryn hefted Master Skywalker’s prone form into the medical bay, and then joined Mara Jade in the cockpit. He shot down three coralskippers.

The Jade Shadow rescued the Solos from the pod. Bryn was surprised to learn who the true Master of the Yuuzhan Vong was. He expressed his regret at not helping Jacen defeat Onimi, but Leia insisted that Jacen really didn’t need it.

Bryn was on Zonama Sekot with the other Jedi, and he pledged himself to the Jedi full-time. He left, Tahiri under his arm, after saying goodbye to Han and Leia.

He told them that they had been parents to him during the war, and he wouldn’t have made it without them. Masters Skywalker thanked him for his efforts during the war, saying that without him, all may have been lost. Bryn, ever the humble one, reminded everyone that Jaina, Jacen and even Anakin had been much more important.

He embraced Master Katarn, who foresaw Bryn as a leading Master in the future. Bryn thanked him, and then said his goodbyes to Octa Ramis.

Jaina and Jacen approached him on the Eye before he left, each of them thanking him for his help. He embraced Jaina and ruffled her hair.

“Is it safe to call you Sticks, Jaina?” Jaina, even Jacen, laughed at that.

He then turned to Tahiri.

“Ready to leave, sweetheart?” Tahiri kissed him, and then reminded him that the galaxy wasn’t fixed, and Tarc Rethcoe was still out there.

“I know…” Bryn sighed. “The Jedi’s job is never done is it?” Tahiri laughed as Bryn ignited the engines, blazing a trail for their love in the new galaxy.

Chapter 18: GristEdit

[Month: 5- Day: 9- Year: 31 ABY- Time: 1441]

Bryn walked into the cantina, his eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness. In the 14 months since the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Bryn had been, along with Tahiri, traveling the galaxy, doing work for the Galactic Alliance.

Now, Tahiri was on Zonama Sekot, helping the Yuuzhan Vong cope with their new surroundings. Her absence from his life left a hole in him, one that could not be filled.

Nevertheless, Bryn had come here to check reports of a dangerous bounty hunter. Not surprising, considering the planet he was on.


Bryn took a seat near the door, wondering if his contact would show. After a few tense minutes of being stared at, Bryn noticed a tall, shaggy haired Human walk through the door. He immediately saw Bryn and took the seat opposite him.

“You are the Jedi?” the Human said in a deep voice.

“If I am?” Bryn replied, just as smoothly.

“Follow me, please” the Human said, in a voice that was as warm and inviting as the caves of Hoth. He showed Bryn the door, and followed him out.

Bryn could feel the sights of a blaster on him.

Why do they insist on dying? He thought casually. As soon as Bryn was out of sight of the door, he could feel the Human, obviously an assassin, begin to pull the trigger.

Bryn smirked, and then whipped around, taking off the thug’s gun arm. The Human screamed in pain. Bryn hefted him up by his collar, using the Force to make the man direct him to where his employer was.

The man led Bryn to a smaller cantina, one filled with deathstick smoke. Bryn could barely see a shadowy figure in the corner, one who seemed to be waiting for him.

Bryn threw the thug to the side, where he lay, whimpering. Bryn walked, slowly, to the booth where the shadowy figure was waiting. He sat down, slower still, checking what he could see of the room for apparent booby traps.

He noticed a strange looking symbol on the wall behind the shadowy figure. He couldn’t quite make it out.

“Welcome, Jedi Fulcron. Do not think of me as fool enough to believe that my friend Jasno here would be enough to deal with you.”

The man gestured over to the thug whom Bryn had relieved of his arm privileges, now calmed down enough to shoot a stare right back.

Suddenly, Bryn felt a surge of Force energy from the man, Jasno. He was a Force-sensitive!

“I have been watching you for quite some time, Bryn. Ever since that unfortunate incident on Dantooine…” the man did not seem very apologetic.

“Stow it, friend. Tell me what you brought me here for.” Bryn was becoming quite annoyed. He had seen his share of pointless diplomacy from his father’s business associates.

“Patience, Mr. Fulcron. I need not spoil everything now. Just know that I am watching you…” The hair on the back of Bryn’s neck prickled up. He whirled around, drawing his lightsaber.

It was too late. Bryn felt a prick in his neck, and realized that he had been poisoned.

The last image he had before passing out was of Jasno holding some kind of blow gun in his right arm. The one Bryn had taken off just minutes before.

Bryn awoke with a start, the putrid smell of rotting food in the air around him. He was in an alleyway.

He took a mental inventory. All seemed to be fine. His lightsaber was still at his side. That was all he really needed.

Bryn wondered who the shadowy figure was, and why he had been watching him. He focused inward, trying to remember the room in his mind’s eye. Suddenly, the strange symbol he had seen earlier snapped into focus. A broken circle. Where had he seen that before?

A couple days went by, Bryn’s search fruitless. He had to find Jasno and see what kind of Force power the man possessed. Some would call him cold-blooded, but the last thing Bryn wanted was unchecked Force- users running rampant across the galaxy. Bryn had to either convince him to join the Jedi or kill him. There was no other choice.

Bryn’s comlink beeped, IG-18’s signal that a message was waiting for him. Bryn hurried back to the Eye.

Jasno was waiting for him there. Bryn stopped, unsure whether or not Jasno was here for peace or war. Jasno waved to him sheepishly.

“What are you doing here?” Bryn asked. “Where’s your master? The one form the Offworld Corporation?”

Jasno seemed startled that Bryn had figured out who he worked for. The Offworld Corporation, a company owned by his grandfather’s old enemy, Xanatos, still existed due to its charitable nature. Master Skywalker had even commended the Corporation on its philanthropy during and after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.

“He’s not here, he fired me. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to knock you out so soon.” Jasno didn’t look very concerned about his newfound unemployment. “You…can feel things, like me?” he asked, his eyes full of wonder.

“You can use the Force, Jasno. Come with me to Ossus. We’re starting to build a Jedi Academy there. We could use any Force-sensitives we can find. Maybe you could be a Jedi”.

Jasno hesitated, unsure what to say. “Alright” he finally conceded. “But we have to leave, right now.”

“Why?” Bryn asked. Jasno simply pointed. A group of men were advancing towards their position, waving vibro-axes in the air. They apparently had a bone to pick with Jasno.

Bryn ran into the Eye, immediately dropping the quad gun and ordering 18 to shoot if shot upon.

He offered Jasno a seat, then began to start the ship’s drive. The hair on his neck prickled again, and this time Bryn couldn’t even turn around. The world slammed into blackness.

Bryn awoke to a face that was utterly familiar to him. He realized it was the man fro the bar, Jasno’s former employer.

“Well, Mr. Fulcron, I must admit that you caught on a lot faster than I had hoped. It seems you truly are Kenobi’s grandson, after all.” The man was slowly applauding.

“Who are you?” Bryn asked, his arms and legs still numb from whatever toxin had been injected in his system this time.

“My name is Xavier Omega.” Bryn was surprised by the man’s honesty. “Your grandfather, Obi-Wan Kenobi, killed both my father and grandfather.”

“You’re Granta Omega’s son, then?” Bryn replied, feeling starting to come back into his extremities.

“Yes, I am. I am a principled man, Bryn, unlike my forebears. I have no qualms with the Jedi. In fact, I would gladly aid them in construction of their new temple. Under one condition.” Xavier stood up to his full height.

“And what would that be?” Bryn asked.

“I want you out of the Order. Now.” Omega demanded.

“Not gonna happen, friend.” Bryn could feel up to his elbows and knees. If he could just keep Omega talking, he could…

“You could what, Bryn?” Xavier interrupted. He unfurled Bryn’s lightsaber, igniting it and holding it up to the captured Jedi’s throat. “Use this?”

“I have a proposition for you, Bryn. “You and I duel. If you win, I leave you alone. If I win, you quit the Order. And by quit the Order, I mean you die!”

Bryn stood up, feeling finally returning to his arms and legs. They still felt numb.

“18?” Bryn asked. “Eject this trash.” When no confirmation beep sounded from the speakers, Bryn turned around. Jasno sat in the pilot’s seat, a dry humorless smile on his face.

“O, I forgot to mention that Jasno would be privy to our duel as well, Bryn. If you refuse to fight, he’ll kill you on his own. He’s always had the power to.”

With, that, Jasno walked over to Xavier, kneeling down in front of his master.

“Why, certainly, Jasno.” Xavier swung the lightsaber down, full force, into Jasno’s right shoulder, taking the arm clean off. Jasno barely grunted, and within seconds the arm had regenerated, this time with a lightsaber in its clutches.

“Jasno can regenerate his arm holding whatever weapon he chooses.” Xavier smiled slowly at Bryn. “Now it’s two on one. You have no chance, Fulcron.”

It was Bryn’s turn to smile now. “Looks like you’ve got me all figured out, Omega.” Bryn palmed a hidden button on the back of the pilot’s seat.

His spare lightsaber, the one formerly used by his grandfather, shot out from its hidden compartment between the seats. Bryn caught it and thumbed it one before either of his opponents could attack. He twirled around in an elaborate defense pattern his father had taught him long ago. He had called it Soresu.

Both his opponents advanced towards him, holding their blades in a high attacking pose. Bryn planted his foot on the back of the co-pilot’s chair and leaped off, twisting and flipping past both Jasno and Xavier. He landed behind them, in a much easier position to defend. His opponents exchanged glances, then advanced on him again.

This time, Xavier stopped short in a classic feint move. Bryn simply stepped inside his defenses, delivering a lightning quick elbow under Omega’s chin. Then he snapped his right leg behind him, catching Jasno square in the chest.

Bryn had to end this fight without bloodshed. Omega was a good man. Jasno simply bounced off the bulkhead, barely phased form the powerful kick. Bryn, smirking to himself, delivered a much stronger kick to Jasno face, which finally took the big man off his feet.

Bryn stopped to catch his breath, and felt the burn of a lightsaber on his neck.

“It’s over Fulcron, don’t try it.” Xavier said. Bryn could barely see his face, and what he saw of it was covered in blood from Bryn’s elbow.

Bryn concentrated, hard. Xavier didn’t know that Bryn had installed a fail safe inside his own lightsaber, one he could trigger with the Force. He activated it.

The lightsaber switched off, for maybe half of a second, but it was all Bryn needed to sweep Omega’s legs out from under him, sending the lightsaber skittering across the floor.

Bryn hopped up to his feet and parried a strike from Jasno. Growing frustrated, Bryn knew what to do. He slipped inside Jasno’s defenses and took off his arm, again. Jasno howled and fell to the floor. Bryn brought his pommel down on Jasno’s head, knocking the big man out cold.

Bryn stood up, facing Xavier for the first time in the fight. Xavier dove for Bryn’s lightsaber, but he merely pulled it to him with the Force. Xavier stopped and bowed deeply.

“I have been beaten. I concede to you. You shall never see me again” Xavier backed away, slowly. Bryn looked out to viewport. They were just leaving Tatooine’s atmosphere. When he looked back at Xavier, the older man had taken a seat near the airlock.

“I don’t know what to do now, but I have to arrest you.” Bryn said, finally switching off both of his lightsabers.

“Well, then, I guess this has to happen. Nice to know you Bryn.” Xavier punched the release for the airlock. He was immediately sucked out.

Bryn, fighting the air gushing past him, clawed his way across the floor. His hands came loose. His grandfather’s lightsaber flew out of his grasp and into the vacuum. Bryn grabbed the chair Xavier had just been sitting on, using it for leverage.

Bryn began to lose his grip. He thought of Tahiri, of Jaina. Of Jacen and the Solos. He didn’t want to lose that. Not without a fight. Bryn began to pull with all of his might, even with darkness settling at the corners of his vision. He slipped a little farther into the darkness. He let go.

A hand appeared, pulling Bryn back into the ship. Bryn looked up. It was his grandfather, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Bryn would have gasped, if there was any air left in his lungs. Obi-Wan pulled Bryn back into the ship and sealed the door, offering Bryn a breath mask.

Bryn put it on, letting the air flow back into his lungs. After a few seconds, the darkness at the corners of his eyes vanished, and his grandfather was revealed for who he truly was.


“Sorry about that. He was waiting on the ship before hand.” Jasno offered Bryn his hand. Bryn took it cautiously. Any man willing to help his enemies that quickly was either a liar or a Jedi.

Bryn didn’t think Jasno was the latter.

“You were talkin about takin me to the Jedi Academy?” Jasno looked almost hopeful. “That sounded nice. Let’s do that.”

“I don’t know, Jasno. You can’t just walk into the Jedi Order.” Bryn realized with a start that you could, then changed his words. “They have to accept you first.”

“You think they would?” Jasno asked.

Bryn smiled slowly. “Well, if you’re with me, you’ve got a shot. 18? Set course for Ossus.”

Two days later, Jasno T’kata was accepted into the Jedi Order.

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