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Brock Rockford was a former Mandalorian commando turned criminal leader. He was the head of his own organization, the Dark Army.


Brock was the son of a famous Mandalorian warrior who fought and died in the Mandalorian Wars. Wounded in battle, and left bitter and disenfranchised at the war's end and the seeming destruction of Mandalorian Culture, Brock fled from his people. Instead, he decided that he would form his own army, one that would destroy the Republic and the Jedi that had nearly destroyed him.

Moving through criminal circles, he began to recruit other criminals and mercenaries to his cause, slowly forming an organization that he naked the Dark Army. As it grew, Brock began to better define its goals; he wanted to use the army to demonstrate his power and his abilities, and to take revenge on his enemies. In essence, the army became an extension of his own desires.

Building up strength, Brock began to work more openly. His force began launching random attacks on isolated worlds and settlements, engaging in seemingly pointless battles. At the same time, he began to recruit more openly, personally seeking out new members for his organization. Brock did not care who he found, as long as they were willing to follow him.

This mode of thought would eventually prove to be costly to the organization. In 3,950 BBY, he approached the assassin, Vergamin, to see if he wanted a position under him. Brock was impressed not only with Vergamin's mighty weapon, but also the skill and expertise with which he used it. Seeing Vergamin, he believed that the man had the qualities that he so desired. Approaching Veragamin, he discussed matters with the assassin, indicating how much he appreciated his skill and how he wanted to use it.

The two retired to a more private venue to discuss matters further; however, a dispute arose over matters of commitment. Brock wanted full-time commitment, whereas Vergamin was just looking for a chance to use his weapon. As each wanted different things out of the other and they were not able to come to an agreement, they went their separate ways.

While Vergamin was content to put all this behind him, Brock was not as forgiving of the man's rejection. Angered at being denuded, Brock decided that he would hunt down and destroy Vegamin, and dedicate the entire resources of the Dark Army to the task if needs be. He challenged Vergamin to a duel on his homeworld of Place, a challenge that the assassin readily agreed to.

The resulting duel did not go at all as planned. Brock was easily outmatched, and his attempts to call in reinforcements failed. As a result, one of the Dark Army's modified MISB freighters was destroyed, while Brock's own personalized starfighter was badly damaged.

Despite this setback, Brock continued to pursue Vergamin and the Manly Militia, slowly wearing down the resources of the Dark Army and alienating his supporters with each defeat. By 3,940 BBY, the Dark Army was in ruins, most of its resources depleted and most of its members dead or having left. Even then, Brock refused to admit defeat.

He challenged Vergamin to one final duel, which the assassin agreed to. Grabbing as many weapons asp possible, Brock enthusiastically headed to meet his foe. However, en-route he was arrested by a Republic Peace Officer for carrying an unlicensed weapon, and imprisoned when he refused to pay the fine.


Brock was tall and heavily built, with rippling, well toned muscles. He had short, spiky black hair and dark green eyes. More distinguishably, he sported a large scar across his back, as well as a smaller one across his right eye, both legacies of his harsh early life.

He typically preferred dark colors for anonymity when in public. Typically, he wore a black shirt and dark pants, as well as a long-sleeved red jacket with a hood. To conceal his identity and avoid suspicion, he usually walked around with the hood up and wearing mirrored goggles to conceal his eyes. He always carried a weapon, regardless of if it was appropriate for the situation or not, and was not afraid to let people know that he does.


Brock was born and raised to fight, a fact that he has never sought to conceal. A former Mandalorian, war was about all he knew for the early part of his life. As a result, he preferred to resolve situations through the most direct approach possible, being to fight. He is not one to refuse a challenge, and never backs down, seeing it as a sign of weakness. His sense of personal pride was such that he cannot tolerate even the slightest of perceived insults. If confronted with a problem that he could not solve, he would keep hammering at it until he defeated it.

His personal pride manifested itself in other ways; Brock was a criminal and head of an outlawed organization, and yet was not afraid to admit it. He would gladly promote his organization, even going to the point of proclaiming his leadership of it in public to total strangers. He felt confident about the Dark Army and its strength to the point of inviting people to try and stop him.

As the leader of the Dark Army, he was constantly seeking out those with certain qualities that he feels could be most useful to him. He was convinced that, out there, is a man who would be just right for him; one who would share the same needs, the same desires and the same feelings as he would, one who would become his partner for life. To this end, he spent many hours looking for that one man who would be the "right one" for him.


Originally trained as a Mandalorian soldier, Brock was skilled with a large variety of weapons. While abandoning the traditional Mandalorian armor, he chose to carry a large arsenal of weapons on him at all times. Typically he carried at least two Blaster pistols, a Vibrosword and, for emergencies, a Flechette launcher.

Brock was a qualified starfighter pilot. He possessed a heavily modified Aurek starfighter named Black Doom that he often used to spearhead attacks.