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“The power of a Majesty, in the palm of your hand.”
—Common crew tag line for the Brocan-class Destroyer

The Brocan-class destroyer was designed as a support vessel for the Majesty-class battle Cruisers, yet proved to be a formidable weapon on its own.

Development Edit

As the Wolatarian Navy began to design the Majesty-class battlecruisers, the Brocan destroyer was proposed as a support vessel. The vessel was designed for suppressive fire against enemy vessel, while the larger battlecruisers reloaded. However, turning testing of the first production model, it became clear that the weapons afforded to the Destroyer were capable of dealing out as much fire in the same period of time as the larger battlecruisers. In a brief war with a pirate faction, which had a Republic-class Star Destroyer and dozens of other capital class vessels, ten Brocan-class cruisers cut the pirates apart in less than an hour and devastated a planetside base with only one loss. This proved that the smaller, and less expensive vessel was an effective weapon and production was doubled.

Technical aspects Edit

The six rail cannons, fired a combined 240 shots a minute, giving the same devastating firepower of a battlecruisers, in half the size. The vessels, based off century old designs of Wolatarian Spika cruiser, was an extremely effective design for anti-capital attack and planetary bombardment. The were painted in a dark gray check pattern, making them nearly invisible against the background of space. Over fifteen hundred were built in the years leading up to the second Great War.

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