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Bren Kantrell was born on Kuat to a wealthy merchant's family, though Bren did not have the skills necessary to run a business. His parents shipped him off to Carida to serve proudly in the Galactic Empire. His life at Carida was tough, as the strict military order cramped Bren’s relaxed attitude. At Carida, however, he discovered his tremendous talent at marksmanship in all forms, and trained and distinguished himself among the students there. He studied for two years at the academy, to the age of twenty-one, before he had enough of the hard-core Imperial brass there.

One night, he skipped out of Carida, smuggled his way out on a transport, and left the Empire for good. He worked largely on backwater worlds… Nar Shaada, Tatooine, Ord Mantel, and a few core worlds if a client was there, as a gun for hire. And quite a gun he was. But as his warrants and bounties started to accumulate, and that bugged Bren. He applied for a semi-permanent job with this new “Phantom Squadron” and was accepted


Bren was said to have been easy-going, though he could sober up very quickly. His easiness hid a confidence that seemed to many to be unshakable.


Bren carried a group of primary weapons with him at all times, those being a sniper rifle, a standard rifle and a pistol. He also carried electro-binoculars, an auto-turret and a seeker-droid. His had a personal TIE Interceptor called the Sniper's Song.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bren Kantrell is the black sheep of Imperial_Hammer's Hall of Fame. Although played in only one game, this character has been folded into a passing reference in other games. The character is unique in that he's the only skilled Fighter Pilot of Hammer's characters, and has an uncharacteristically laid back / slackerish attitude. Its because of his uniqueness and position within the games that propels this character into a heralded spot.