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Brandon Rhea (born March 7, 1989), nicknamed Jedimasterbac, is a Star Wars fan fiction author, website administrator and board manager. He publishes his fan fiction works on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, TheStarWarsRP.Com and TheForce.Net where he serves as a System Operator at wikia,[5] Head Administrator,[4] and Fan Sites and Classic Trilogy Manager,[6] respectively. Rhea first became active in the Star Wars community in 2004 upon registering at the Jedi Council Boards on TheForce.Net,[6] and he eventually ascended to the positions of Head Administrator on TheStarWarsRP.Com and Fan Sites board manager on TheForce.Net.

Along with Wayne Lipman III and Victor Dorantes, Rhea is a founding member of an alternate universe continuity called the Alternative Star Wars Saga, which serves as a re-imagining of the Star Wars films and elements of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Major written works by Rhea include Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One and the forthcoming Chronicles of the Great War series.[7] Outside of the Alternative Saga, Rhea was a guest contributor to The Essential Guide to Force Exile,[8] having written the back story for Taelros Bac.[9]

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