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Bothan Legacy was the flagship of the New Galactic Alliance commander Nill Sor'fel. The Bothan-Class Assault Cruiser was a legend among the NGA for it's many modifications and its amazing captain.

Originally a retired cruiser from the Ultima War, Bothan Legacy was salvaged by NGA commander Nill Sorfel who heavily modified it to be one of the most fearsome ships in the NGA fleet.


One of the most advanced assault cruisers in the entire NGA fleet, the Bothan Legacy was a key player in many battles during the Ultima and Terrifa war.

Though a relatively small vessel, Nill equipped it with many more weapons systems including 2 light proton cannons. With its modified hyperdrive, Bothan Legacy could catch up with most ships. Even the speedy XJ-Viper had a hard time staying ahead of Legacy.

Later during the Crusader War, Legacy was equipped with a gravity well generator.

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