The Bothan League was an interplanetary alliance, consisting of a number of worlds.

Origins Edit

The Bothan League was founded in 1,344 ABY, when the worlds of Bothawui, Kothlis, Moonus Mandel, Kamino, Rodia, Ando and Falleen agreed to form an interplanetary republic. A chancellor was elected every four years by the members of the Senate. Each world was represented by two senators. As time passed, the League expanded, as many new worlds joined, including Geonosis, Gamorr and Naboo.

Conflict with The Core Edit

In 1,400 ABY, the Core Systems Alliance and the Bespin Treaty Association formed a partnership. Bothan Chancellor Lopp Fey'la slanted the events to make it seem like the CSA was attempting to take control of the galaxy. Using this as a case for war, Fey'la began building up the Bothan military and formed an alliance with the Muun Federation. In 1,402 ABY, Fey'la used his agents to provide misinformation to the CSA military. The result was an attack on the Bothan base of Gamorr, starting a new galactic conflict.

The Bothan War Edit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Bothan War

Despite a valiant effort, the Bothan League and Muun Federation would be on the losing side of the Bothan War. Toward the end of the war, in 1,405, Chancellor Fey'la was assassinated on Naboo. The new leader, Devw Korkska would briefly continue to fight but would then surrender. (Korkska would then resign after an armistice was signed, bringing in a more moderate government)

The League in the Universal Republic Edit

After signing the Treaty of Kooriva, which ended the war, the Bothan League became a founding member of the new Universal Republic.

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