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Bombing of the Republic Senate built

Clone Wars


22 BBY


Galactic Senate building, Coruscant


Separatist sympathiser killed, the Senate increases its defences

I did conduct the bombing of the shuttle dock, I did it in order to help, shall we say, "persuade" you to take the right course of action, the course of action that will restore peace, and freedom, I warn you, make peace with the Confederacy, and give it the recognition it rightfully deserves, or more bombs will swiftly follow! You have 12 hours to send a message to the Separatist Parliament on Raxus Secundus and declare your desire for peace, if these demands are not met then a significantly larger bomb will go off! I am monitoring your communications, so don't try any funny business!
—The Separatist sympathiser anonymously taking credit for the attack, and giving his demands to the Republic Senate, in an open communication to the Senate.

The Bombing of the Republic Senate building was an attack on the Republic Senate building in 22 BBY by a lone Separatist sympathizer named Michael Kannick. The Separatist sympathizer, who was a member of Ben Larmak's Republic Diplomacy Party, believed the Republic was to blame for the war, and that the Confederacy of Independent System was right in leaving the "corrupt, bureaucratic, decadent and tyrannical Republic", the lone bomber, posthumously identified as Michael Kannick, had expressed increasing despair and lost of faith in the Galactic Republic in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, as the Republic began to stagnate.

Michael's faith began to be restored after he heard the messages of charismatic former Jedi Count Dooku, Dooku also believed that the corrupt and bureaucratic Republic Senate was betraying the Republic and wasn't fit to rule the galaxy, to Michael Kannick Dooku was a patriot willing to do whatever was necessary to restore the former glory of the Republic.

Michael Kannick viewed Dooku's Confederacy as a clean, fresh start for the galaxy, a new chance at a galactic government which truly believed in freedom and self-determination, rather than exploiting planets for their wealth, or lack thereof, through taxes and trade tariffs.

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