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The Bombing of Keldbae was, despite the name, the sustained bombing of the whole planet of Mandalore by the Killistian Republic between 7 September 240 ABY and 10 May 241 ABY, in the Super Galactic War. While the "Bombing" hit many towns and cities across the country, it began with the bombing of Keldbae for 57 consecutive nights. By the end of May 241, over 43,000 civilians, half of them in Keldbae, had been killed by bombing and more than a million houses were destroyed or damaged in Keldbae alone.

Keldbae was not the only city to suffer Republic bombing during the Bombing. Other important military and industrial centers, such as Ordo, Zuka, Darra, Derous, Basili, Zakkeg, Bone City, Honour City, Neom, Listka, Julk (the most heavily bombed city outside of Keldbae), Cander, Fenn, Noghri, Exas and Kalka, suffered heavy air raids and high numbers of casualties. Gregor Killist's aim was to destroy Mandalorian morale.

Its intended goal of demoralizing the Mandalorians into surrender unachieved, the Bombing did little to facilitate potential Republic invasion. By May 241 ABY, the imminent threat of an invasion of Mandalore had passed and Killist's attention was focused on the east. While the Republic never again managed to bomb Mandalore on such a large scale, they carried out smaller attacks throughout the war, taking the civilian death toll to 51,509 from bombing. In 244 ABY, the development of pilotless K-1 and K-2 nuclear missiles briefly enabled the Republic to again attack Keldbae with weapons launched from Republic space. In total, the K weapons killed 8,938 civilians in Keldbae.

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