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Bob, you were a great apprentice. Now, your Knighthood is coming.
Aiddat, prior to Bob Shinmertarpi's Knighting.

Bob Shinmertarpi was a New Republic commando and later a Jedi of the Praxeum on Yavin 4.

New Republic careerEdit

Bob was born on Dahvil in the Rayter sector, seven years before the Battle of Yavin. In 15 ABY, he left the planet to join the New Republic.

After military training, he became a SpecOps commando. Bob did several missions, both solo and as part of a squad. Eventually, his extreme precision and apparent luck eventually got the attention of the Jedi. In 24 ABY, tests showed him to be Force-sensitive.


Bob chose to join the Jedi. He was made an apprentice of the newly Knighted Aiddat, a Gran from Malastare. The pair went on many missions and fought in several battles in the Yuuzhan Vong War. In 26 ABY, Bob and Aiddat fought in the Battle of Eniam, in which Aiddat was shot down and presumed dead. He then became the apprentice of Aiddat's friend, Okl Qe'lad.

Four years later, after the war, Aiddat was discovered to be alive. Bob resumed his apprenticeship under his old Master. In the following years, their missions focused on restoring order to the war-torn Galaxy.

In 33 ABY, Bob and his master were sent on a mission to Malastare. As they were not given the required support from the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the mission was only a partial success. However, the mission was helpful to the rebuilding of Malastare's economy. To them, the mission resulted in the official acquittal of Aiddat's banishment and the promotion of the two Jedi to Master and Knight.

While in the New Jedi Order, Bob started a family. One of his descendants was the Imperial Knight Sir Otto Shinmertarpi.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Bob's first master taught him how to use two lightsabers in an acrobatic, evasive fighting style. Okl taught him stealth and mental manipulation. As a result, his fighting style was a combination of Aiddat's and Okl's: vicious attacks and fast dodges along with subtly influencing the mind of his opponent. Bob wielded two blue lightsabers. He and Aiddat humorously referred to them as the Blades of Bob, a near-recursive acronym.

Behind the scenesEdit

Simply "Bob" was the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy character name of one of the author's best friends from Middle School. The friend used the Kyle model, which is why the author gave him a background as a New Republic commando.

Bob Shinmertarpi's last name is a combination of "schnell", apparently a translation of "quickly" into German, scimitar, a kind of sword, and rapid.

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